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  1. My plan is "fast with black coffee." It's the perfect opportunity to start incorporating IF! Worst case scenario, I got a stash of protein powder in my purse.
  2. @scatterbunn I think it's generally a good idea to go with g carb goal over carb %. You have more control that way. What is the magic #g you are considering?
  3. Week 1 Results- Goal 1- Running- A Ran 4/4 days outside Speed work on Tuesday, with results! Goal 2 Follow the Keto diet, log in MFP- B Follow Keto- A. Totally won this. Log in to MFP and by extension stay within acceptable calorie range--- Missed 2 days of tracking and went off the rails several of those days, gorging myself of delicious keto food. Will need to try harder on calorie restriction this week, of maybe introduce a single "eat as much as you want" day. Done. It's Friday. Goal 3 Meditate 10 min x 5. A Found some new guided meditations that I like, and getting back in to some old ones that I still like. Goal 4 Research business schools, apply to 1, and read "Lean In." A Made a list of schools I want to apply to and started the app for one. Took a crack at Lean In and it's not as bad as I thought it would be. Super good week one!
  4. I'm almost finished listening to the audiobook narrated by Carrie Fisher herself, and yes it's worth it. Very funny, then a little sad, then funny again. Recommended!
  5. New Halo Top flavors + The Princess Diarist = the best night ever!!! Oh yeah, and I met all of my goals this week. More on that later
  6. Hurray! So happy you're back!!!! Interested in your salted cod goal... Will expect pictures
  7. Hmmm, I might need a template too... Thanks for the idea...
  8. It would be a lot, but you could do it! This is quite a work-out! How do you feel?
  9. Lol, uh oh. At least it wasn't 5 cups, tho!!!
  10. Did some speed work on Tuesday, I think that my goal with this will be to win segment awards according to strava. This Tuesday, I had 3rd fastest 1/2 mile (9:46/mi pace) and 2nd fastest 400 m (9:19/mi). Not too shabby! 2 runs complete this week and 2 more to go. It's been raining and I've had some late nights at work this week, however I think I can do it. Sticking to the diet but I haven't done a good job of tracking because of meetings, etc. Tomorrow is a new day tho. At 4 days of meditating this week. I've been really stressed out and meditating is the perfect thing to do when I get home from work. Personal goal- started Lean In, and it's way more interesting and less dry than I thought it would be. Also, worked on business school research. Made a list of 3 programs I'm interested in, and got some questions answered about perception of different programs and what I can hope to get out of it. I feel good about progress on this goal.
  11. Uh oh! How do you feel? Problem solving, how will you prevent this in the future?
  12. I just made these: Sugar free chocolate peanut butter truffles! 1/2 c coconut butter, 1/2 c peanut butter, 3 tbsp cocoa, 2 tablespoon hemp hearts (optional), 3 packets stevia Directions: Melt coconut and peanut butter for 1 min in microwave, then stir in other ingredients. Pour in silicone mold and refrigerate. Start eating in 1 hour!!! I'm excited, will be bringing these to work today. I have a crappy meeting, but at least there'll be chocolate!
  13. @butternut These nuun tabs are my go-to. Combo of different electrolytes. They solve every problem! Sort of like duct tape
  14. I keep snacks everywhere- hb eggs, jerky, and protein powder specifically. It's a smart way to avoid the cookie stash!
  15. Very excited to have found you again this challenge! 1. What is the food your trying to eliminate out of your diet? I'm working on week 5 of the keto diet, meaning no grains, fruits, starchy vegetables (potatoes, carrots, squash), refined sugar. What I do eat: Meat, dairy, eggs, nuts & seeds, avocados, leafy greens, broccoli, any crucifer, loads of zucchini, plus going crazy with the nuun tabs as of late. Acceptable sweeteners are stevia and xylitol. Occasionally I like vodka, too. 2. What is your reason? Weight loss for health, athletic performance, look my best 3. How are you going to fight the cravings? Salt tabs and eating pure fat 4. What is it you want to gain out of cutting the food out of your diet? There's no such thing as moderation for me. I have to cut things completely out, otherwise it's 24/7 donut city. All or nothing.
  16. @scatterbunn I feel silly because I first read your post as saying "3/18" as a fraction, not a date. I know people who actually would sign up for 18 races in a year, but looking back it makes way more sense as a date. Lol. RandR in Raleigh is going to be awesome. Spring is really nice in NC.
  17. Okay, here I am! Not sure what any of this means yet, but I'm just going to jump in. For the scouts!
  18. Ah, another half runner! Welcome to the club. I think you'll fit right in here. A lot of us do endurance with some yoga and strength cross-training, so you'll find many like-minded people.
  19. I think the goal is still to apply to several schools, but there is one I can apply to quickly and the rest of the apps will be slow. I just want to get myself started, so in line with NF tradition I am doing it step-wise. I've been debating business school for a few years, and it's recently become clear that getting an MBA would be the fastest way to get to where I want to be in my career. Also, this week I discussed it with my mentor/boss and she agreed, so it's happening.
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