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  1. What did you think of stranger things?
  2. Citizenship... How exciting!! Hope you get it!
  3. Agggg gaddddd. Got a trade show this week-- No time for workouts. Also, been eating and drinking a lot with colleagues. And yet, through it all... I somehow lost a pound. Potentially burning more calories than my Fitbit would have me believe. Or maybe just dehydrated!! Btw, my man got me a fitbit for our anniversary. I have other pedometers, but this one brings it to a new level. I really like the app. Currently challenging some fun foagy friends. Boss got me a standing desk. Means I need to switch from heals to real shoes. Bought some Clark's; they look like ass. Will need to get used to looking uggo at work. After today, I'd like to get serious about my diet. Big Macs are not diet food, nor is the tequila drink called "El Diablo!" I must amend my ways.
  4. Same here, will have to check out that podcast!
  5. What I Talk About When I Talk About Running. I really love that book. [emoji3] I listen to many podcasts, so I'll just give you my top three with favorite episodes. 1) Invisibilia-- Show about what makes us human. Favorite episode is called "Computer or Human" and explores the first wearable technology, the precursors to Google Glass, that were developed in the early 90's. The capabilities were pretty impressive, considering dial up modem, giant battery pack, etc. The wearers called themselves "The Borg," and made it a lifestyle. Not related to my avatar! [emoji6] 2) S Town-- A seven episode true crime murder mystery about an antique clock restorer, set in the rural south. It has everything you could want in a story: An immersive hedge maze with buried treasure, spectacular chemistry experiments performed by total amateurs in a shed, hicks giving each other tattoos, suspense, intrigue, comedy, tragedy... The works. 3) Love and Radio-- A study of the intersections of science, culture, and sexuality. Many interesting episodes, but my very favorite is "Doing the No No." It's an interview with an artist whose work involves genetic manipulations using plants, animals, and his own DNA. The discussion is around the ethics of developing "queer humans" with zebra stripes and octopus tentacles in a world where the technology to create perfect designer humans already exists. It's pretty fascinating and I don't want to give too much away, so I'll leave it there. What about you? Favorite podcasts? [emoji4]
  6. Bullet journalling... had to look it up. Really like that idea! Thanks for the suggestion.
  7. Hi, Fuji. Yes, I agree-- Running can be boring. If you feel okay running with earbuds, I usually listen to "pump up" music on shorter runs (Bon Jovi, Kesha, Michael Jackson etc) and on longer runs enjoy podcasts and audiobooks. There are so many good ones. I believe Murakami might even have some audiobooks available... anyhoo, if one of those things sounds good, happy to give you additional suggestions. Some runners don't listen to anything, and just focus on form, breathing, and speed. Also, changing up the route can make it interesting. Just a few more options for you to try.
  8. What are you training for? You could look up some drills to practice. Otherwise, maybe Fuji has some ideas?
  9. With my new powers of thread stickifying, I was planning to make you guys an awesome, awesome mini challenge. Now, I see the scout numbers are down to three, and I'm just not sure. I might do something silly with no real commitments necessary. We'll see. Goals... Raiding... Yeah. I'm trying to figure out the raid with friends in Destiny 2, and we're not very good, so it's taking tons of time, patience, glimmer. Raiding kind of stinks. I keep telling myself, this is supposed to be fun! It's like the marathon I ran a few weeks ago in that I will feel accomplished once it's completed. But right now, it feels like dying, in part because I actually am in the game. Needless to say, my other goals are wanting. Today was the first day I tracked food. Nothing much to report there. Cleaning is going well. I'm not following the schedule to a tee, but I'm hitting all the main activities. The workout schedule is just fine. Enjoying some nice, leisurely runs and gym workouts. Oh, and my speed is improving without much effort, which is great news! Been skipping the yoga, so I'll try to do more of that next week, and certainly as soon as I finish the raid, of course.
  10. Do you? What types? Mine is pretty boring... Cleaning and working out. Blah. Should have put something wacky in there.
  11. Ain't food tracking swell? You notice all the things.
  12. Here's the schedule I allude to above: Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Workout Bikeride Run Run Elliptical Run Yoga BW-Legs/core Yoga BW- Arms/core Weights Yoga or Rest (make up) Cleaning Laundry Litter Box Kitchen Litter Box Trash Vacuum Bigger Cleaning Projects Vacuum Vacuum Bathroom Bathroom Litter Box Kitchen Trash
  13. GOAL 1: Clean. I made a schedule, but it's a little ambitious... but who ever said goals were easy. No one. GOAL 2: Work out, according to the schedule. GOAL 3: Calorie counting 1600-1800 per day, + 100 g protein.
  14. We are the borg. You will be assimilated. Sorry, I just had to say that!
  15. When I saw that I couldn't stop laughing, so up it went. It also happens to be the same body builder in Post #1. Not sure what his name is!
  16. And the winner izzzzzz: @WhiteGhost with an impressive score of 85 points!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woah, pony! With special commendation to @zenLara and @CourtnieMarie! Thanks to everyone else who participated. See ya next time.
  17. This is my idea for next challenge: Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Workout Bike ride Run Run Elliptical Run Yoga BW-Legs/core Yoga BW- Arms/core Weights Yoga or Rest (make up) Cleaning Laundry Litter Box Kitchen Litter Box Trash Vacuum Bigger Cleaning Projects Vacuum Vacuum Bathroom Bathroom Litter Box Kitchen Trash I need structure because while training for the marathon, I got in the habit of eating crazy amounts of food and carbs. Basically, my plan is to structure everything, including exercise and cleaning, so I can truly relax during down time. I've been "beta testing" this schedule and so far, so good. After a week of the cleaning schedule, my house is cleaner than I've ever seen it. It's really nice. Next, I have to figure out my food plan for the challenge. Might go with a basic calorie limit, or might do a whole 30. Still have to think about that one.
  18. Okay, not sure what was going on but I updated the spreadsheet for you to give ya 6 session points for the week. You are currently leading the pack with 85 points! That is very impressive!!! Let me know if I got it wrong, and I'll change it for you.
  19. What!! Wow! Not sure about the spreadsheet issue. I'll look into it...
  20. Woah!! That really stinks, I'm sorry! You got to run one up north! Too rainy to have fire here
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