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  1. Thank you for saying that! I was doing option 2 and thinking, why is this so hard?! Glad it wasn't just me.
  2. Kinda quite in here. How's Week 4 going for everyone? I just did Option 2, and... Heck, it was hard. But I loved it.
  3. Hah! Exactly. Triathlon sounds interesting. Definitely going to take a week off, at least, before committing to any goals. Taking it easy.
  4. Fu-jay! I just found your thread... Let me know how it goes with permanent residency. Pretty cool!
  5. Finished the marathon!!!! I've officially finished 5 half marathons and 1 full marathon this year! New question: Now what?
  6. Week 4 - Collect All the Points Happy end of challenge, everyone! This week we're giving points away like candy. If you have fallen behind, there's still time to get biiiigie points. I have posted 3 options, each with different "session point" values. This means if you haven't participated much yet this challenge, you can still make the podium. And if you've done an incredible job following along and keeping up, there's no resting on your laurels-- You still have to work hard. Mwa ha ha ha haaaa! Option 1: 5 Minutes (+ 1 session point) If you are sensitive to grating noises, I recommend muting and putting on your own music. Option 2: 10 Minutes (+ 2 session points) Option 3: 15 Minutes (+ 3 session points) Some very unique variations there. That's it, everybody. Enjoy!
  7. Glad everyone seems to be enjoying the video. Keep it up! I have to admit... I haven't done it yet. I need to get my abss in gear.
  8. Week 3 6 Minutes Nothing too funny this time. Hopefully a good workout, tho:
  9. Everytime I think about writing in my challenge I want to complain about something related to fitness or my job, but instead I'll talk about something fun- Destiny 2. Soooo much fun! I'm making many friends and killing it at pvp. Only at 274 so far, but who knows... There's a nightfall session on Saturday with some of my favorite pals, and of course I won't plan to raid, but I'll just find myself in one. That is pure high level sheeeet. Now, if only I could find the perfect shader for my space ship... Bah! Who has time for that?!
  10. Oh my gosh, you actually tried it. You get major props. That is awesome, lol.
  11. Yeah... I have no idea... I feel that everything I see from the 80s is sort of like that. My perspective may be skewed due to what survives and makes it to modern streaming services, but because it was also a completely different world back then, I'm willing to believe in the most bizarre version of 80's reality. Also, it's funnier that way.
  12. Okay, I'm getting the picture. Well... I think the right thing to do is add a sort of warning/disclaimer to the post, which I did. Also, I think everyone should get a free point for the week. So if you're seeing this, add a free point to your total. Get your free point!
  13. Hahahaha. I think it's a real workout video from the 80's! People were weirdos back then. You're winning, by the way. 25 points! Wow.
  14. Week 2 Videos! Option 1: Hard Abss (8 minutes) You might either need a weight, a "tin can," or a heavy shoe for a part of it. Also, there is a little extra fun PVP moment at the end. Plank versus... ah well, I wont spoil it for you. Option 2: 80's Abss (0-3 minutes) WARNING: This video may contain suggestive content, or the opposite. We can't decide. View at your own risk "That is terrible. The hair doesn't help." - My SO Bonus points if you actually do the exercises instead of watching the video and giggling for three minutes, like I did. Annnnnnd... Even if you do laugh the whole time, that's still an ab workout, right? For the books!
  15. I'll update with a video by the end of today. Since Destiny 2 dropped I have to admit that my priorities have not been focused on abs. I'll be back with a video soon.
  16. Thanks... You just gave me a great excuse to NOT run on a treadmill... Lol. I've found they make me shin-splinty. I'll use a treadmill out of desperation, but I'm not quite there yet.
  17. Great to have you back! Sorry you've had such a rough couple of weeks. We kept the abs challenge going if you want to jump back in.
  18. Yeah, a treadmill! That's a pretty good idea. Thanks!
  19. Week 1 Option 1-- Standing Abs (5 minutes) Too easy? Grab a weight, a milk jug, or a small child. Option 2-- Abs of Steel Program 3 (10 minutes) What can I say... I love Tammy. Also, I think this is a good workout for tansverse abdominous. The deeper abbbzzzzz.
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