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  1. Thanks and I completely agree. I went on a two week food bender at the end of may and quit working out and my wife told me it was very obvious that my mood completely changed when I stopped.
  2. I'm Tell (yes that's my real name), 29 year old web developer living in a tiny North Central town in Texas. In high school I was pretty athletic and have always felt like an athlete but I let my body go and I'm trying to get back. When I was a power lifter I was up one rep max of 335 lbs bench, 495 deadlift (500 was a mental thing I couldn't push past) and a 485 squat. Even at those relatively good numbers for a 220 lb power lifter in high school I was "fat". Always had the love handles and a paunch. I now realize it's because I was eating crap. It didn't bother me that much because I wa
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