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  1. Hey all, sorry I dipped on the group. I hit a lovely medical snag in my 6-week challenge. I'm not allowed to get my heart rate up or lift anything over 10 lbs (do you know how frickin' light 10 lbs is?! was it always that light? what happened?!) for a wee bit until I'm cleared again. So, I didn't want to drop my challenge but since I can't do 2 of my 3 goals, I'm out. Kick ass everyone, and have a wonderful rest of your challenge!
  2. Wolverine says "You better hit your goals today. No excuses! Now go do it!"
  3. Right now I'm on Sex Lives of Cannibals. I have a wish-list of books a mile long though. Any suggestions?!
  4. My fella and I are about to embark on a very new and toasty journey into Bikram yoga. We're exited to try to tap into our inner Druids but also a little terrified. Is there anything we should know/do/bring/not do/wear? Part of the fun with this is that I'm Hobbit enough for the two of us...but add to that the love child of a Dwarf and a Viking...and you have a wide, furry beast of a man in him. We don't want to frighten off other students or die looking like a soggy pretzel, so what advice can you give us?
  5. Cleveland peep here. You Columbus and Cincinnati folks seem to have us beat!
  6. Day one down without a hitch, and on to the second. So far, I have dodged the Peace, Love and Little Donuts in the break room. I also have a nice lift session planned for my lunch. Nothing gets out the "Office Drone Blues" like lifting heavy things, grunting and sweating a bit. Awesome job! It gets easier every time (well the invisible weight on you does...hopefully the physical weight never gets too easy!) KEEP IT UP EVERYONE!!!!!!
  7. Thanks everyone! It's been a combo of paleo/whole30/old fashioned butt busting in the gym. If I can do this, so can all of you. Keep it up awesome folks! Huntress - I can totally relate to that. Although I always loved that so many of the Feminist icons who preach body love have small, tight bodies themselves.
  8. Hello District 12. This is my first go-around with the challenge, but I'm looking forward to beasting-out, getting ripped and quietly reading (A girl needs some well rounded goals. They can't all be about squats and deadlifts!) Have a great start to the challenge everyone! May the odds be ever in your favor!
  9. Main Quest: To become the ripped, beast-woman I am on the inside. (think The Hulk... if happiness made him transform) Goals: Complete my three gym workouts per week. Eat primal every day. Walk, sprint, jog, hike or bike outside for at least 30 minutes every day. ​Life Quest: To put down my cell phone/turn off the computer and read from a book every night before bed. Why am I doing this? I need to learn to make myself a priority and appreciate myself.
  10. You know you're on the right roll, and not the jelly roll, when you take a "selfie" and post it, right? This morning, I was feeling smug and decided to take a self portrait in my large living room mirror and was AMAZED at what looked back at me. Normally, I'm the strong feminist nerd. I majored in Gender Studies and am quick to spout off "body love" and "self appreciation" quotes with the best of them. But, let's face it, you know when you're not healthy despite what weight you are. When you don't feel like the optimal you, there is no body love because you're not showing your body love a
  11. Hey all, I'm a bit late joining the conversation, but I started Whole30 June 1st. I just finished the not-so-happy-nap phase. Oh dear God (or Goddess or Flying Spaghetti Monster) did it SUCK! I had to lay down while doing dishes. DISHES! Who is that tired that they can't finished washing?!?! This isn't my first go-around at the rodeo either; last time I had the joy of having the flu when I started so I skipped the hang-over, sleepy, angry and other 7 dwarfs stages. However, this time I have the pleasure of meeting them all on my way. Anyone have any killer recipes they've tried so far?
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