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  1. Man, it's been a few years since I was on Nerd Fitness. I think the last time I posted was in 2011 while I was in Iraq. I loved this site and giving out advice but when I got in shape and I redeployed it kind of fell by the wayside. Kind of feel bad becasue Steve Kamb gave me a t-shirt for the forum participation and promoting NF around the various units I worked with in the Army, but once I redeployed family and regular American life took over. Anyway, I'm still in the Army only I'm a Captain now and I have had a daughter to go along with my son. The reason I'm coming back is despite t
  2. My 3 favorites are: TRX Push-ups Reverse crunches with my feet in the straps and my palms on the ground in a modified pushup position. Inverted Rows hanging from straps.
  3. Find a way to confront her and tell her this story...meaning tell her it doesn't feel like it ended right and you need closure. If you are still friends then you must still talk. If she disagrees and cut you off then you don't need to be friends and time heals all wounds, you are better off without her, etc., etc.
  4. Even with this research, I've never seen any very strong and muscular people have bone problems. On the contrary the lifting and impact of exercise cause tiny fractures in bones that calcify and make the bone stronger. Usually bone breaks happen when weak, inactive people try a brief quick strenuous movement. But why not supplement calcium with you protein just in case? I know the shake I drink has 10% of my recommended calcium intake per serving. Even UFC fighters which require a lot of protein to combat the muscle breakdown of their training have extraordinarily strong bones. Does prot
  5. Been all over the freaking world in the last 2 months but I have finally settled down back home in Hawaii. It's good to be home and I will be able to get back in to the community.
  6. Awesome! Firefighters, like Soldiers, have the power to tear the shirts of females off with just a glance, it is an incredible power so use it wisely.
  7. Where does your seat sit relative to the pedals. If your seat is to low you may be straining your knees to much. On my Diamondback mountain bike the shop set me up and it feels like the seat is way high but they said it is the most efficient placement. Then again I a 6 foot 3 inches tall.
  8. I advocate for full fruit, not juice. Even the all natural stuff because juice is just empty calories with vitamins. At least with full fruit you get the benefit of the filling fiber. After drinking juice your blood sugar will crash from the fructose even in natural fresh squeezed juice and then you don't have the fiber back up to maintain. But if you are not trying to lose weight then you have much more leway. However, I wouldn't say fruit is bad, because its nutrients are plentiful. But in our day and age vitamins are readily available so I would say fruit is unecessary. I have gummy vit
  9. I'm getting out of this dump called FOB Warhorse soon so my internet usage will be cutting back. I am so looking forward to internet that can push over 1Meg, let alone the 15meg I will have at my house. Anyway, over the next 40 days I will be training the incoming unit and hopping around Iraq, then moving on to Kuwait, then a transition in Europe (can't tell you where specifically but will post something once I'm leaving Europe), and finally home in Hawaii. So I will try and get on at least once a day but as time goes on it may drop to as little as once a week. Just an FYI because I know you
  10. I counted calories for about 2 months and covered all of the bases on what I normally ate. Now I don't count calories because I have a general idea of what everything I eat has in it. Plus I don't drink calories...period. That is a staunch rule of mine, not even milk. But anyway its personal preference. Now I can look at an egg white an know in my head its about 20 calories or that my omelet is about 400 calories. It makes you more aware especially if you know that white chocolate chip cookie is 190 empty calories. If you do count use a website like myplate.com a subsidiary of livestrong.
  11. That reminded me of one of my favorite articles of all time...see below http://www.mwkworks.com/onsheepwolvesandsheepdogs.html
  12. I think the characters are more pronounced in their mannerisms in the book then the show. Probably to make it more realistic I suppose. The hound has had very little in the story line in the show but in th book he was already a big deal. I really hate Joffrey's face and not because I hate Joffrey but because the poor kid they picked has a very punchable face. I guess they did that on purpose. Is it me or did it seem like Bran woke up to fast. I remember in the book it seemed like forever that he was in a coma. Maybe its just because I was reading it and not watching it. I will say this
  13. Good article about squats. His language is pretty bad though...just a heads up. http://www.t-nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/when_it_comes_to_squats_easier_doesnt_work
  14. The Army tape test is for people that do not fall within the required hieght to weight standard of the Army. At 6'3" the Army requires me to be at 212 lbs. I weigh 244 lbs. as of my last weigh in. This means I am 32 lbs overweight. But since this test does not factor in large framed or muscluar people they came up with the Tape test. It is just a standard BMI test that they convert to extimate body fat. They measure your neck at Adam's apple level against your waste at belly button level. The problem is there are soldiers that can pass the Army PT test but fail the tape test b/c 1. they have a
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