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  1. Every person I teach parkour to, I always ALWAYS start by teaching them how to land, either with rolls, or a regular vertical drop. After that, vaults, then wall runs/tic-tacs. Once you have those down better, you can start doing more advanced things. I would not recommend starting off doing this outside. Try to find a gymnastics gym that has open gym nights, so you can practice in a safe environment.
  2. My goals are to get my stupid knee and foot healed, so I can start training harder in parkour again. I have my front flip down, and am working on side flips now.
  3. You should definitely exercise in addition to parkour. You should always warm up before, and stretch after. Also, listen to your body. If you don't it is super easy to get injured.
  4. I have the fortune of being able to go to a gymnastics gym. They have these octagon foam things you can use for backbends and whatnot that are the perfect height for vaults. You can set them on their ends to make them taller if need be. They are a little above waist level. I would recommend hip level to start though. I would not go straight into kash vaults.
  5. Yeah, I exercise 3 days a week in addition to two days of parkour, or at least I did until I got injured. I ramped up my activity level too quickly and sprained my knee, healed, did the same thing, and sprained my foot. Definitely work your way up. Practice the fundamentals often, and keep your body in good shape. Also www.americanparkour.com is pretty awesome.
  6. I had that same fear. It is negated if you find a group of people to train with.
  7. I try to walk around spouting one-liners, and kicking random people through walls. It is a great workout, and it keeps the streets safe.
  8. Yeah, you have to just do it. Ramp up a little bit at a time. Use the confidence you gain from pulling off something toward doing the next thing you want to try. I am coming off a 6-week hiatus due to a sprained knee caused by too much activity in a week. I am starting up again today. I didn't let fear of re-injury stop me. However, I listened to my doctor, and was nice to my knee for those 6 weeks. I have since been working out my legs to strengthen my knees better, and I will slowly ramp up my activity level. Just keep at it. You should have fear about big gaps, especially if they are above your skill level. Listen to the fear in that situation, and go to a smaller one. However, if you are talking about running up walls and whatnot, just go for it.
  9. First one is tomorrow! I am signed up for the Atlanta one in March.
  10. The components are pretty much, the actual kicking with your legs, and the arching of your back. Using your hands is easier, as you can get a lot of force from them, but after a while, you should be able to do them without hands.
  11. Being a nerdy community, most of you probably already know about this, but I noticed there is no thread. What is Run for your Lives? Run for your Lives is a 5k obstacle course, nothing special, except, you are chased by zombies! Your bib has flags attached that you have to keep safe. If the zombies get them, you are done. The first race is some time this month in Maryland, but there are many more locations next year. You can find out more at www.runforyourlives.com I am signed up for the Atlanta one on March 3rd, so if any of you want to join my little group and possibly betray/be betrayed, let me know.
  12. They are redoing the OMFG to be much more awesome. It will be back.
  13. Here is a video from the group I joined! I am the guy who looks way older than the rest of them. Also I am only in a few scenes, since I just joined.
  14. I am not a large guy. My starting weight was 171. I continued to eat whatever I wanted, but I just ate less of it, and ran 3 days a week, and started the 100 pushup challenge. Today is my last day for that before I go for the 100 in one set!
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