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  1. WEEK 6! Time for the results. I'm actually pretty happy with what I've accomplished in six weeks despite the injury. My routine was all over the place but at the very least it planted the seeds for action. Next challenge the routine will be consistent.
  2. Been experimenting with push-up variations. Still hurts :*(
  3. Was busy every morning last week. Finally had a day off to upload some progress pics. Update on the pushup situation: I had thought initially the pushup may be a good way to challenge myself without agitating the shoulder injury. When you are doing hundreds it negates any benefits. My wrists and shoulder are quite sore. Henceforth, I will be throwing the pushup challenge and instead make it my goal to eat a calorie restricted diet (2000 daily) and SWEAT everyday.
  4. Doesn't look like much of a gain in this pic. Strangely, my shoulders are feeling broader. We'll see what next week brings.
  5. Week OVER Man did I feel sick yesterday. 1) On Saturday had some super greasy food. 2) On Sunday performed three hours of Aikido. NOT A GOOD COMBINATION and definitely not one I will be repeating any time soon. Anyway here's a pic. Can definitely see torso is a bit more sculpted.
  6. Have revamped my goals. Have tapered back on the walking as it was not sustainable. I am interested to see how this changes things. Not sure which profession I am now though... 18ck: Downloaded that podcast and will listen soon.
  7. Hahaha, yes! The Natural Life Food Company will make a killing! An hour on the treadmill can and does get boring. Here's the thing: My province is extremely flat and there is pretty much zero inspiration to walk outdoors. In fact, placing a treadmill in front of a picture window would be about as stimulating as walking outdoors. Many people hate treadmills because they visualize long, tedious walking (like I'm doing!), but the truth is I LOVE to run on a treadmill. The best fat loss ever incurred was the result of saying "eff it" and sprinting on the treadmill. I had read some studies about incline walking being good for fat oxidation and decided to give it a shot in a controlled environment. I'm realizing however that if it's boring it will be ineffective. As such I may shorten times or revamp goals entirely. I don't necessarily believe sprinting/running/jogging is better than walking, but I do believe when you enjoy something you will do it consistently and see results.
  8. Wow! You guys ever lifted on an injury? Turns out they really, really suck. Not too long ago I had injured my right shoulder performing a barbell pullover. These are great for isolating lats but can pop your shoulder out of the socket if you go beyond the appropriate range of motion. Fortunately it's nothing chronic (so far as I know) and the pain has been going away steadily. This evening I thought I would ease into chest exercises with some basic pushups. What a difference! Whereas I once could do fifty repetitions, thirty was my ceiling. Not bad by modern fitness standards but still a stark reminder to lift with proper form and weight.
  9. Moar pics guys Stomach muscles slightly more revealed so that's a plus. Here's an anecdote about my morning routine: Sometimes these walks get pretty boring. The truth is I prefer running on a treadmill. Today I was bored enough to power up my 3DS and play Pokemon. Was training some 'Mons when I ran into this guy: That's a 'Shiny' Pokemon. Players have a 1/8192 chance of encountering one. Captured that sucker in one toss and saved my game twice just to make sure he was there to stay.
  10. Would not have pegged you for 45. Your exploits make me feel very inspired, and also, very crappy by comparison.
  11. PPL POSTING OMG Guys... I caved today. Had the most delicious four-cheese fettuccine and chicken with my parents tonight (That is to say, my mom served us pasta. I did NOT eat my family). If I could choose a meme to describe it, it would be HNNNGG. I'm not worried though as wholesome living has been pretty easy thus far. Back on the wagon tomorrow!
  12. "If man made, don't eat it." -Jack Lalanne That's pretty much my guide for these six weeks and beyond. I'd ask Waldo if I could find him.
  13. Taken from day to day writing I am an associate for a popular industrial-wear chain which sells, among other things, casual and professional mens attire. Just yesterday a lady with the kind of wild streaked hair and flowery accessories you see on an avant-garde hair stylist approached me and inquired where she could procure 'high quality clothing' for her husband. As customers have frequently described our garments as 'good stuff' and 'high-end', my initial assumption was that she was referring to a mans designer suit. "Do you mean formal wear?", I asked, trying to qualify her needs. "No, just good quality menswear," she responded. The store I am employed at is recently opened. I had reasoned that she must be unfamiliar with its layout. "We actually have a number of pieces I'd be happy to show you," I explained and extended my arm towards our mens department. "No, I don't want any of your clothing," she interrupted. Perplexed, I regardless sent her to the Tip Top Tailors further into the mall in which we are situated under the pretense they had 'other stuff too.' After she and her husband had left, I reflected on this exchange, hoping she was indeed a stylist. The next time my bangs are getting a little long I'll walk into her salon (likely downtown) and ask where a guy can get a decent hair cut.
  14. Wrote a little bit. As it is a product of my level-up life goal I figured it was appropriate to share with you fine people. Ahem. Here is a story my uncle passed on to me over birthday brew. Years ago when the going rate for a bottle of beer was $2.50 Canadian, he and a friend popped into the recently opened Moxie's for a drink. "$4.50, gentlemen," said the server. My uncle looked at him indignantly. "Forget it. We don't pay double for a beer." "I'm sorry but the bottles are already open," their server responded with a sneer. After much arguing back and forth my uncle requested to speak with the manager. "Now see here," he began, "Our lips have not even kissed the mouth of the bottle." Indifferent, the manager recited the same line all his staff were trained to, "The caps are already off. I'm sorry. You cannot have your money back." Now, upon a cursory glance at my uncle you may in your heart of hearts judge him a crass individual. He makes his simple living by toiling under the sun, carrying on our family's farming tradition. Numerous tattoos, a formidable beard, leather attire, and a collection of Harley's may impress on you the notion that he rides with the Angels. The truth is he is a very patient man yet retains a natural sense of justice which has gotten him into conflicts on several occasions. Had their servers attitude been less arrogant I'm sure what happened next would have never occurred. Seemingly defeated, my uncle slammed a ten dollar bill on the table. "Okay, we'll have another round." With a smug look no doubt, the server brought them two freshly cracked bottles of Molson. As he reached for the ten, my uncle snatched it from under his nose. He stuffed the bill into his coat pocket, waited until he had the managers attention, and emptied the contents of both bottles onto the bar counter. Then, he glanced at the server and said, "Tell your manager he can't have his beer back either."
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