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  1. Focus on some bodyweight training. If your Krav classes will be anything remotely close to mine, you will be doing a lot of pushups, situps, squats and more. Like Forge said, you're probably not going to be kicking any ass right away. Give it your all in training. Where I train, there are some people (both male and female) who aren't willing to put in any effort when training, forcing everyone else to go easy on them. You do not want to be "that guy/gal." If you're exhausted and can't go any harder, that's fine, but don't hold back (within reason of course - puking means you've gone too far
  2. Challenge Report! Goal 1 (Martial arts): I did very well on this goal, and have achieved 100% every week except the last one. Final grade: 83% = B+ +0,75 DEX; +1,5 STA; +1,5 CON Goal 2 (Bodyweight workouts): I didn't do so well here, lots of missed workouts... Final grade: 41% = C- +1,5 STR Goal 3 (Pushups): I didn't achieve my goal of a 100 consecutive pushups (I went from 61 to 80, which is less than I expected, but is still an improvement.) The program I followed had me do 3 workouts a week. I did 12/18. Final grade: 66% = C+ +0,5 STR; +1,5 STA Goal 4 (Univeristy a
  3. Aaaand I'm back. Sort of. I've been very sick from last tuesday up until yesterday, and thus I've done nothing fitness related. In other words, this week was a bust. Not happy how this turned out, but at least I'm feeling better now.
  4. Hello and welcome! Krav Maga is one of the best workouts I've ever done - and it's also great for self defense. And you'll get to those 100 pushups before you know it!
  5. Friday, day 33 Today I was supposed to do a 100 pushups in a row. 80 were done... Coming week I'll be repeating week 6, hopefully making it this time...
  6. Monday, day 29 WMA. Wednesday, day 31 Pushups, week 6 day 3. Friday will be the ultimate test for this goal! Thursday, day 32 Bodyweight workout. Finally again! Krav Maga.
  7. Week 4 recap Goal 1: Martial Training 1x Week Western Martial Arts: Done! 1x Week Krav Maga: 200%! +1x Krav Maga Exam: Passed! Goal 2: Strength Training 0x Week Bodyweight Workout: 0% Goal 3: Pushups! 2/3: 66% Goal 4: Training the mind Decided to join the army instead. Crappy week, apart from the martial arts.
  8. Today: week 6, day 2 of the pushup challenge, or in other words: 248 pushups today! 102 lbs * 248 = 25296 lbs moved! 21420 + 25296 = 46716 lbs total.
  9. It was for my P1, which I passed!!!! Very happy right now! Of course, everything else this week went.... craptastic, but oh well, I made the test. In short... Friday, day 26 Krav test! I passed! After a year of training, of which 1/2 a year was training specifically for the test, I made it!!! Happy and excited! Sunday, day 28 Pushups! Week 6, day 2. Max: 60 Furthermore, important news: I'm not going to the university. My 4th goal is now dropped! Instead, I've decided to join the military as an officer. This has been decided after much consideration, and it what I really wan
  10. Thanks for checking in! Krav's going awesome . My exam's tomorrow, and both me and my instructor are confident in my abilities, so if nothing goes wrong, I should make it. But seriously, I've learned so much there, I can hardly believe it. When I compare the me now with the me a year ago, there is an incredible difference, and Krav helped a lot in shaping that difference.
  11. Yep, currently in week 6 of the 100 pushups challenge =D I'm going to move a lot of weight that way >=D
  12. Okay, added yesterday's pushups: Week 6, day 1 Calculations: 170 lbs bodyweight * 0.6 = 102 lbs 102 lbs * 210 pushups: 21,420
  13. Hm. I can lift stuff, no problem. Let's do this. (Also, what percentage should I take for one handed push ups?)
  14. Monday, day 22 WMA. Wrestling and some knife fighting. Tuesday, day 23 Krav Maga. Wednesday, day 24 Pushups. Going very well on this one.
  15. Sunday, day 21 Pushups! Week 3 Recap Goal 1: Martial Training 1x Week Western Martial Arts: Done! 2x Week Krav Maga: 200%! Same as last week =) Goal 2: Strength Training 1x Week Bodyweight Workout: 50% I simply don't find the time to do these, and when I have time, I'm way too tired to even think about doing anything... Goal 3: Pushups! 3/3: 100% Goal 4: Training the mind Almost done, but another option has come up. I've talked with family about joining the army as an officer, and there is a chance that that's going to happen. Not sure what to do...
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