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  1. Because I'm hairy as f*ck I've never been one for shaving my legs, opting to have them waxed instead, but because of my health that hasn't been an option for me the last couple of years so I've started shaving them. Now I've gotten over the stubble rash bit and generally my legs look ok but there is one area that I really don't know what to do about - the bikini line. I'm not talking about what's hidden by your pants (panties?) but the superfluous stuff that can't decide if it's leg hair or pubes. Y'know, the stuff that grows out the side of your knickers and, in my case, down my thighs. Yuck! Whenever I try to shave the area around the bikini line I just end up with stubble rash and I really don't want to go on holiday wearing a bikini and for my bikini line to look like an adolescent boys top lip. What do you ladies do, and what would you advise - do I keep shaving and hope that it will calm down, do I ditch the razor and just trim it very short (which is what I normally do but I was looking for a "tidier" look), is there some magic cream that will save the day?
  2. I know this has been posted before but since there are many new members since then I thought it might be fun. I will go first... Guzzi is short for Moto Guzzi, the Italian motorbike brand. I had a deep and profound love affair with a certain Moto Guzzi back when I was a teenager. To me the Imola was the most beautiful bike ever made. On my 21st birthday my bf gave me a wooden rose with a set of keys tied to it... squeeeeee! It was a fixer-upper which as far as I was concerned was even better. I love working on bikes and you get to know a bike so much better if you've actually worked on it. I've had other bikes since but the Imola has always been the one I identified with the most. Your turn.
  3. Ok, own up. Who's a grammar nazi then?
  4. You know when you hear a little bit of a song or a catchphrase from a to show that you haven't heard in years, so long that you'd forgotten that you'd ever even forgotten it in the first place, and BAM! You instantly remember the whole thing? And then it starts to drive you nuts coz you can't remember who the actors were or how the second verse went... Well that happened to me today. The bf says to me, in a semi-singing way, "Wake up in the morning wanting some breakfast" and instantly I'm transported back to my youth and this tv ad: Which then had me racking my brain to find the real lyrics, so off I went to Google and found this: At which point I still had no fecking clue what the lyrics were and had to go and google them too. I'd love it if people would post up some old songs, or TV ads or programs (or anything else of the like) that are a real Blast from the Past. I though it would be quite fun to see or hear all those oldies that we'd forgotten about. Anyone want to join in?