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  1. Guzzi

    Eat. Move. Rest. Tanktimus Takes Care of Himself

    I think all you folks are wrong, you’re clearly talking about cheese toasties. Grilled cheese is bread, toasted on one side, with melted cheese on the other. And it’s cooked under a grill (or “broiler” for you yanks).
  2. Guzzi

    Guzzi gets her Yogi on

    It's Ranger Time!* *Except that I'm closed to Park Ranger Smith than anything else! Doh! This challenge I'm taking my inspiration from Yogi bear Goal 1. Be smarter than the av-er-age bear. I managed to scrape through the first module on my uni course but I'm now drastically behind on my second module. This isn't through lack of ability, but simply that I've really struggled to make time for studying. In order to get back on track then I'm going to have to make this a real priority over everything else. Realistically I need to dedicate 5-6 hours a day to achieve this one of my biggest obstacles has been thinking "there's no point starting studying now because I only have an hour...." For the purposes of this challenge I just need to do something every day, even if it's only 30 minutes, that should help me psychologically. Goal 2. What's in those pic-a-nic baskets? I need to shed some of the extra poundage I added at the start of the year so that my clothes fit me again. I am going to continue with 5:2 fasting and work on getting my nutrition back on track. For me this means not eating bread (at least not leavened bread) and focusing on eating a wider variety of foods. I will be taking part in a plant-based PvP which should (hopefully) cover that aspect so I will be focusing on tracking my fasts in here (but possible with food pics). Goal 3. Hurry up Boo Boo, time's a-wasting! I've spent too long in hibernation and now it's time to get my Grizzly on! I have lots of brilliant ideas I want to achieve but I'm making little progress towards them right now. I need some more structure to get some gainz! I want to work on push-ups, because I suck at them, and I'm going for a daily dose to grease the groove. Right now I need to do incline (or even wall) push-ups but I'm hoping that by the end of this challenge to be able to do at least 10 proper knee push-ups. I'm going for a similar goal with squats to try and get the movement pattern for low bar back squats. These are being done with a broomstick, not any weight, just to get the movement. Both exercises can be broken down into small numbers of reps throughout the day so it's not actually as much as it sounds. Strength train 3x per week Yoga 3x per week 100 push-ups daily 50 squats daily
  3. Guzzi

    New Rules - Deffy #51

    Bahahahaha! Sorry, that came out wrong. What I meant to say was “Sorry to hear you are under the weather, I do hope you feel better shortly.” Honestly.
  4. Guzzi

    RedPandaOne reporting for duty

    Well, you have more worktop space that I had in my caravan so you should be good, lol! One of my staples for lunch at work was simply a steam-baggy of mixed veg with some cherry tomatoes, a source of protein (usually chicken or fish) and a dressing of some description. This is an easy option than you can change up day to day depending on which veg or dressing you use. I used to batch cook meat (using different marinades) them freeze them in individual portions so that I just had to grab a portion from the freezer whenever I needed a quick easy lunch at work. Another good option is on is to make pulled pork in the slow cooker (crockpot). Pork shoulder can be very cheap (way cheaper than chicken!) and it’s so easy to make! I’ve tried dozens of different recipes for making pulled pork but tbh the best method I’ve found is just to use a couple of bottles of good quality BBQ sauce. I use one bottle to cook the pork in, then, once the pork is cooked I drain off the liquid and add the second bottle of sauce. You might get away with just one bottle if you’re cooking a smaller piece of pork. I find pulled pork to be very versatile, it goes with a salad, makes awesome wraps or pittas (especially with salad and chilli mayo), you can serve it with rice etc. One pot meals like chilli, stews/casseroles, or bolognese that can be portioned out are awesome too. You can also add a TON of veg into them. If you have the freezer space then I highly recommend opting for frozen sliced veg (onions, peppers, mushrooms etc) because they save you time and money. I can share some recipes with you if you want?
  5. Guzzi

    Eat. Move. Rest. Tanktimus Takes Care of Himself

    Aw, sorry to hear that man.
  6. Guzzi

    GoodDoug goes hunting dinosaurs, again

    My life is complete now!
  7. Guzzi

    Rinna gives up........something.

    Geez! You said you got snow and I assumed it was like one of those days when it tries to rain but ends up as wet slushy snow that melts by the next day. 10” is nuts!!!! Snd that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I don’t touch energy drinks! She probably felt like crap for the whole day too. Well done! If you can survive all that without giving in to temptation then you can do anything! (I think the snow alone would have sent me over the edge!)
  8. Guzzi

    Eat. Move. Rest. Tanktimus Takes Care of Himself

    Oh no, what happened? I was away for a couple of weeks so missed a bunch of stuff. Last I heard you had your offer accepted.
  9. Guzzi

    [Sloth] Eat Pizza, Be Awesome, Repeat

    I have this issue right now too, my sleeves are all too tight because I’ve grown Bingo Wings again. Life sucks sometimes!
  10. Guzzi

    fitbyforty's first ranger challenge

    I’m in!!!
  11. Guzzi

    GoodDoug goes hunting dinosaurs, again

    I was really hoping for at least a gif of a dinosaur dancing or something!
  12. Guzzi

    RedPandaOne reporting for duty

    Following!!!! I might be able to offer some advice for the work dinners, our cooking facilities at work (back when I was working) consisted of just a microwave and a kettle! What cooking implements do you have in your kitchen (job, oven, broiler, slow cooker etc) and do you have much space in your freezer?
  13. Guzzi

    Tracking Sleep

    @JustCallMeAmber Thanks got the response. Wow, you get so much more sleep than me! I couldn’t find the ‘benchmark’ thing, but i did find more info about how it records sleep. Apparently if your Fitbit tracks your heart rate then it can show you your sleep cycles.... I’m using a Fitbit Flex 2, which doesn’t have that function so the data is less accurate. I actually do have a Fitbit that does measure your heart rate so i might try wearing that for a few nights to see if it gives me more information.
  14. Guzzi

    Tracking Sleep

    Does anyone else track their sleep (using an activity tracker) and would you be willing to share your sleep data? I am really struggling with tiredness right now and I think it’s the volume of deep sleep vs restless sleep that’s the issue for me. I’m in bed by 10:15 - 10:30 each evening, which is the time that leads me to getting off to sleep quickly and easily, but my sleep data looks like a Tesco’s barcode. It would be really interesting to see how other people’s sleep compares. I will try to post some pics of my sleep record but Tapatalk has been playing up and refusing to upload my images for some reason....