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  1. Guzzi

    Get a life Guzz! (Take 2)

    Arrrrrrgh! The forum are my post! Now I have to write it all out again. I’m not writing the whole thing again, here’s a condensed version. Thursday Update 1. Get organised I had plans for the day so the schedule was blank. 2. Get moving Did a different yoga class to normal but didn’t enjoy it, tried a workout in the gym but it kicked my ass so I abandoned ship before I killed myself for days to come, and went for a walk in the evening. Forgot to take my Fitbit off charge in the morn so no step data for the day. I’ll have to adjust my weekly goal to reflect the fact that there’s only 6 days instead of 7. Classes - 1 Total - 4 3. Get to bed Went to bed around 10:15 and the lights were out but no meditation. I got up by seven so Yay, Bonus Points!!! Minutes late - 0 Total minutes late - 15 Bonus points - 10 Total Bonus Points - 140 Friday Update I felt like I’d been run over by a train or something yesterday. I basically abandoned my studying and my exercise class and just flaked on the sofa for the day to see if a complete day off would help. Unfortunately I’m still exhausted today. I’ve obviously been doing too much and it has caught up with me. It’s frustrating because I’m hardly doing anything really, and I have the desire to do so much more, but you just have to accept where you are right now and work with what you’ve got. There’s no point wishing it were different, because it’s not. Frustration might as well be fear, and we all know where fear leads... 1. Get organised Nope! Did nothing yesterday! Well, almost nothing. I did do poop patrol but didn’t wash water bowls, I’ll do that today instead. 2. Get moving Cancelled my exercise class and sat on my ass all day watching movies (Arrival and The Shawshank Redemption if you wanted to know). Steps for day - 4,261 Total steps - 49,039 Classes Total - 4 3. Get to bed Yup, in bed by 10:15 with relaxation- 10pts Woke up at 6:30 - 10pts Bonus points - 20 Total Bonus points - 160
  2. Ooooh, check you out Sexy Lady!!! I find that I’m hungry between meals right now no matter how much I eat. I *think* it’s better if I eat smaller meals at mealtimes and factor in some decent snacks in between. I long for the day I start lifting properly again and can eat ALL THE FOOD!!!
  3. Guzzi

    GoodDoug: 80's training montage

    Made me think of this
  4. Guzzi

    A JessFit in motion stays in motion

    Oooooh! Nice fabric! Do you have a pic of the patter you can share?
  5. Since I opened this thread talking about tatie scones I thought I’d share a video of how to make them (though it doesn’t require a video, they’re the most simple thing ever!) I'm hoping someone will share a good vid of how to make “biscuits” now...
  6. Ok, so this is not training related at all, but it would be interesting to hear other women’s perspectives on the sexism and unconscious bias they experience every day. I recently posted in the Smite thread about going to a shop to buy some fishing rods for the kids and the guy serving spoke only to my bf, who knows nothing about fishing and was only in the shop with me because we were in town together. Now, this isn’t the greatest crime ever committed, but it happens All.The.Fricking.Time. Men constantly turn away from me to answer my boyfriend when I’m the one who asked the fricking question in the first place! It’s got to the point that my bf is starting to look like a rabbit caught in the headlights every time it happens. You can see him sweating and thinking “I have nothing to do with this conversation, leave me alone, talk to her coz she’s getting mad!” The thing is that my bf was totally unaware of it happening to begin with, he’s only aware of it now because he’s had it pointed out to him, and I’m sure that 99% of the men who do this are totally and utterly unaware of the impact of their actions, but that’s the problem. Unconscious bias/sexism is the hardest to fight because the offender has no idea that they’re causing offence therefore there’s no reason to examine or change their behaviour. Another common experience is when when people ask me “Don’t you mind Colin having all these snakes in the house?” when the reality is that many of them are mine, but everyone assumes that they must be his. I mean, a woman can’t possibly like reptiles, huh? So ladies, what form does the unconscious bias/sexism take in your life?
  7. You gotta add vinegar! Preferably malt vinegar, coz it’s the bomb!
  8. Guzzi

    new challenger: squeakyvalkyrie

    Dude!!! That’s mental! I never knew such a thing even existed. **internet high-fives all round**
  9. Guzzi

    Random Thoughts of Randomness

    Reminds me of the story my physio told me about the monkeys in a cage with a ladder and some bannanas.... He used it as an analogy for how things are done in the NHS (no, not with monkeys and hoses *sigh*)
  10. Guzzi

    Low(er) Calorie High Protien foods

    This site has quite a few recipes that contain a decent serving of protein but less than 500kcal per portion.
  11. I love that all the girls in the first video are wearing trainers, but the two dudes both perform the routine wearing killer heels.
  12. Guzzi

    From The Ashes - Part 2

    I hear 19:5 is thrusters and chest to bar pull-ups, you were close!