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  1. I'll be back! I can't reply right now because my brain is mush from painkillers/exhaustion. I don't have any advice really but I understand what you're saying and wanted to say hello.
  2. Yeah, the battle log is a great way to track your progress and you can make it how ever you like. Like Wobegong said, if you want to just make notes of your lifts, that's fine, if you want to turn it into a journal that's fine too. Have fun!
  3. Yeah, it can still be a minefield, huh? Dont stress about joining in the chatter too much, you can still benefit from just reading other people's posts and soaking up the information/knowledge that's being shared. For me, the challenges are where I think people get the most support. If you think you would want to join in (you set your own goals so it's not like there's pressure to do any specific thing or go faster than you're comfortable with) then have a look through the challenge forums. You can see what other people are doing and get ideas. Some people go the whole hog and write their challenge thread "in character" which might appeal to you? if there's anything I can help with, now or in the future, then give me a shout. I can be a bit sporadic on the forum, sometimes I'm not around for a week or so (health issues) so if I don't respond then just shoot me a pm.
  4. I saw your post this morning (GMT) and was going to reply but then life got in the way and I haven't been online since. Sorry. I wanted to comment because I have been through a loss too. I lost my husband four years ago, though i know that it must be very different to losing a child. If you can see my signature there is a link there saying "Make life rue the day" which explains my situation at the time of writing it. I honestly can't relate to your situation as mine is/was very different but what I wanted to say is that this community is AMAZING and I'm sure you will find the support you need. I know that it made a huge difference to me, I wouldn't have been able to cope with a lot of the stress and such (it bit me in the ass at around 6 months) if it weren't for the friendship and support that I found here. Is there any practical help/advice I can give you in terms of getting you set up to use the forum? Anything you're not sure about, e.g. the guilds, 4 Week challenges, creating your own character, your Epic Quest etc, etc. Just ask and I will be happy to help. How you actually use the forum is up to you, you can start a Battle log and use it to track your progress, you can take part in challenges, or you can simply soak up information and use it to improve your workouts/eating etc, or just hang out in the Chat Room. It's totally up to you. Honestly, let me know if there's ANYTHING I can help you with. Guzzi
  5. Ugh! Yeah, boots! I've always loved high boots (below the knee, but that's still high to me) but I was never able to get any that would fit around my calves. I think with me it was because I did a lot of walking when I was a teenager and lived my life in hiking boots. Even now that I've lost a ton of weight I still have (to me at least) funny shaped calves. It's like the muscles at the bottom of my calf (near the ankle) are over developed compared to the large muscle - the gastrocnemius. (Wow, thank you spell check! I could not have spelled that right, Hell, I didn't even know it's name! I had to google it in the first place!) On the subject of pictures... you might have seen that you can add pics as attachments, though the file size has to be minute! If you want to add pics then the best way is to either upload them onto a file sharing site like Photobucket or Flkr and link to them (they embed automatically) or use Tapatalk, a forum app. It lets you add pics direct from your phone without needing to upload them first. If you want to insert pics or gifs from the internet then you can use google images, click "view image" then copy and paste the URL, again the forum embeds them automatically. It took me an age before I figured that out/was told about it.
  6. I have no idea how to create an actual poll (feel free to enlighten me if you can) but I recently got new glasses and I wanted some honest opinions about which look best, the new ones or the old ones because I'm just not sure that I really like the new ones. I'm not going to say which are which, I don't want to sway anyone's opinion, but I will point out that the ones on the left don't have the anti-glare coating which is why you can't see my eyes so clearly in that pic. Please don't let that turn out huge Let me know what you think.
  7. So, after seeing a video someone on here shared recently I wanted to share some of my own photos with you ladies. One was taken a couple of months ago, and the other two were taken over the course of the last week. First off, this is one of my progress pics from May and the pic from last week. And then I took this one yesterday... (I've put this one in spoiler tags to spare anyone's delicate sensibilities seeing as it's in my underwear. "Glamour" shot it ain't but, y'know. Now personally I'm thinking that I look pretty darn good in this last photo but hold your horses before you go offering any "congratulations for losing all that weight in two months" malarkey, because you probably think that the photo of me wearing black is from May... It's not. The pic of me wearing black was taken last week, and the reason I wanted to share these with you is to show how much bloating and water retention can affect you (or me at least). Both the progress pic in May and the photo from yesterday show me with what looks like a flat stomach and yet in the pic from last week I look pregnant! (I felt it too btw!). It's not that I am bloated in this pic because of my monthly cycle or that I've eaten a shit-ton of food, it just came out of nowhere. Probably something I ate that I'm not even aware causes me problems or some such thing. It was just because it was such a difference that I got my bf to take the pic. I really didn't think it could make THAT much of a difference though. This is the video that I was talking about, you really should watch it. Every woman suffers from bloating at some point. We've all been there, you're going out, try on a dress, then look down and realise your belly sticking out past your boobs. But it happens to everyone, honestly. Personally I lived with bloating (and crippling stomach pains) all my life until I cut bread out of my diet, since then it has been drastically reduced but I still get the odd day where I feel like I've swallowed a kettle bell. Who else suffers from this, and does anyone have photographic evidence that they're willing to share?
  8. I know this has been posted before but since there are many new members since then I thought it might be fun. I will go first... Guzzi is short for Moto Guzzi, the Italian motorbike brand. I had a deep and profound love affair with a certain Moto Guzzi back when I was a teenager. To me the Imola was the most beautiful bike ever made. On my 21st birthday my bf gave me a wooden rose with a set of keys tied to it... squeeeeee! It was a fixer-upper which as far as I was concerned was even better. I love working on bikes and you get to know a bike so much better if you've actually worked on it. I've had other bikes since but the Imola has always been the one I identified with the most. Your turn.
  9. I'm a big believer in the power of positive thought. I do genuinely believe that perception is reality, "With our thoughts we make the world." is more to me than just a nice quote. It sums up what I believe to be true. We can all make our world a little bit brighter, just by spending a little time focusing on something that brings a little joy into our lives. Positivity, just like smiling, is infectious, so I thought it would be nice to start a thread purely to Spread The Love. I think Thumper's mother got it wrong. Or at least didn't take it far enough. If you can say something nice, then pipe up and say it! I found this article by chance whilst reading about foam rolling (of all things) So I'd like to ask you guys to share some of your experiences. What has made you smile today? Has someone given you a compliment? If they have, don't be shy about it, wear that compliment with pride, feel good about it. Or do you have a happy thought that you'd like to share?I guess I should really go first, but all of a sudden I can't think of anything to share.... I'll be back to post shortly, but in the meantime if anyone wants to jump in and get the ball rolling, be my guest.