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  1. But which Royal family? ^^That's a disgusting UK tv show called The Royle (pronounced royal) Family
  2. Hey! Welcome on board. There are a few BJJ peeps hanging around, probably lurking in the "Monks" section. Have you managed to find your way around the site alright? Just ask if there's anything you think you wanted to know more about.
  3. Well look at that, you really do learn something new every day. I had never even heard of that but it's good to know that I'm not alone. Cheers Wobbegong!
  4. Sir, I salute you! That is very impressive indeed, anyone who pukes and keeps going is a true die-hard.
  5. Ugh, yeah! Buying all that stuff is such a PITA when you first start, and it seems like no two recipes use the same stuff! But once you've got a selection in your pantry it gets easier, and a lot of herbs/spices can be swapped for others rather than buying a whole new set every time, you'll soon find out what they taste like and which ones you like. Some of the basics I always keep are vegetable stock; a range of herbs and spices; jars of ready chopped garlic, ginger and chillies in vinegar so they last ages; balsamic, red and white wine vinegar; dijon and wholegrain mustard; tomato puree; tinned tomatoes, beans, and coconut milk: flour and cornflour; frozen chopped onions, peppers and mushrooms, they're so handy for when you don't have fresh, or just can't be arsed to chop (and they're cheap too!); pasta and rice rice including micro rice, you get lots of really nice flavoured micro rices and they can be ready in just 2 mins; and lots others but those are the ones I probably use the most (or used to when I was able to cook). Not much then, huh?
  6. Haha! That made me smile, which considering I have The Dreaded Lurgy (aka - a cold) is pretty good going, lol!
  7. Courtesy your friendly neighbourhood RandMart King David rode a motorcycle. We know because the Bible says "His Triumph could be heard throughout the land." Did you hear the creator of auto correct died? May he restaurant in peace. Q. Which is the most curious letter A. Y
  8. Wow, this I have to see! Now if only I had netflix...
  9. Wt...??? Where the heck are you? That makes me sound positively progressive! I only made Colin wait for 2 months before things got heavy, we were long distance but if we'd been living closer (I would like to think that) I would have waited about the same time. Mind you, I can't really say what I would or wouldn't do since I have no past experiences to go by. Standard practice in this country is the other way around - 1. meet stranger in a pub whilst you're shit-faced (aka drunk, to anyone outside the UK) 2. swap saliva and possibly phone numbers 3. text each other furiously and suggestively 4. wonder what each other looked like because you were too drunk at the time to remember 5 - things can go one of two ways from here (i) meet up, get drunk and have drunken sex OR (ii) the guy/girl suddenly stops texting for no apparent reason leaving you wondering what happened 6 - again there are two possibilities (i) boink like rabbits and just hope to God that you actually have any interests/beliefs/aspirations in common (ii) realise that even though you shagged him/her last night you aren't really interested so stop texting without any apparent reason and hope they get the message. I can't say what goes on as far as internet dating but if the experiences of a couple of my friends is anything to go by then it's roughly the same. A male (ex)friend of mine has around 13 women on the go at any one time, he even keeps a notebook of when he spoke to each one last and what each one knows about etc so that he doesn't get caught out. I don't know/want to know how many of these he is doing more than just talking with, that was the last conversations I had or am likely to have with him. **shudders** Exactly, we all have very different needs and wants, what works for you might be Hell for me, and vice versa. I have a friend who's in a non-sexual relationship right now, although that's her girlfriend's choice not hers, and she would really like that to change. She's holding out because she says she'd rather be with her sans sex that without her completely, but I think it will split them up eventually. Personally I don't think I could have a nonsexual relationship (not that I can actually enjoy sex right now, hooray for pain and discomfort!) because of the feelings of physical and emotional closeness that come with it. I find it to be very bonding. Which I guess is why I like to be sure that I like the person before getting to that stage. Amen to that!
  10. I know this has been posted before but since there are many new members since then I thought it might be fun. I will go first... Guzzi is short for Moto Guzzi, the Italian motorbike brand. I had a deep and profound love affair with a certain Moto Guzzi back when I was a teenager. To me the Imola was the most beautiful bike ever made. On my 21st birthday my bf gave me a wooden rose with a set of keys tied to it... squeeeeee! It was a fixer-upper which as far as I was concerned was even better. I love working on bikes and you get to know a bike so much better if you've actually worked on it. I've had other bikes since but the Imola has always been the one I identified with the most. Your turn.
  11. Here in the UK pulled pork is still a relatively new thing. There are tons of recipes out there but what really tastes good, and how do you cook yours? Everyone post whatever you you use to make it whether it's grandma's secret recipe or a store bought seasoning or sauce. I'd like to see all the different ways to cook this tasty, tasty (like really fucking tasty!) dish.