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  1. I work in a diesel engine distribution warehouse. I'm the junior engineer there which means we get an engine, and the customer wants a certain setup, so I design the brackets, wiring harness, and pretty much anything else that gets bolted on, then I build it, test it, and certify it. The picture is the current engine I'm working on, and 8.8 liter, 250kw generator. The radiator is taller than I am... I fuckin love it.
  2. Nearest window was the phone and it tastes so good...
  3. Well... things can get a bit crazy. Especially if fire and fireworks are involved, and if there was a way to let you inside my head, you'd totally get it.
  4. Work... yes... work. Working on a diesel engine that stands as tall as I am, and my job is to get it running, design and build a wiring harness for it. Today.... it ran, not I just gotta get a controller to run it.
  5. Meetup.com, you could look for a fitness group or something more specific like hiking or rowing. There's a section in here that is broken down by region. There's a couple ideas...
  6. My bad...that was the CNF page picture. This on should work...it's the same picture on my page... https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10211157175233402&id=1478048303&set=a.10208835380109975.1073741826.1478048303&source=48&ref=m_notif&notif_t=like
  7. Ok...those are cool. None here due to lack of funds and time...next year though.
  8. What made me smile... https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10211156628499734&id=1478048303&set=gm.927147230719312&source=57&ref=m_notif&notif_t=like Yeah...that's me, finally back at it...
  9. Cross country to powerlifter here...I ignored the scale, I would use it for BF percentage, but never really paid much attention to the weight since I knew that was gonna go up...
  10. Hurricane party at my place, I'll have the drinks, Matthew is bringing the fun. https://weather.com/storms/hurricane/news/hurricane-matthew-united-states-impacts
  11. Why the fuck would you think of us? :-D
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