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  1. Heys, was lurking around for answers and found a thread were you asked how to balance martial arts training with weightlifting. So, how did you end up doing it? What has worked best for you?

    I've just joined a gym, started on powerlifting and a Muay Thai class, looking to not compromise the muscle gains if possible.


    1. insanity


      Well I ended up focusing on powerlifting to start since it would benefit both, and through a series of unfortunate events I've had to put everything on hold.Though things are changing now...


      When I was lifting though, I felt like I could come back and manage a class though, possibly even that same day. Seems if you eat enough and give your body time to adjust,  you should be good. 


      My plan was to lift for a while, get my body used to that, then introduce a class a week and work up. You'll probably not max out your gains, but if you eat enough and give your body a break "deload" I think it'll work...


      Gimme some time and I can let you know for sure, also feel free to come back with your own notes. :-)

    2. Aerisand


      Ohh, hope things get better for you soon!


      Feeling the increased demand for food and sleep in action for sure. Will check how the deload works and when it would be due. And I will come back with notes probably by the end of the next challenge.

      Thank you :) !


  2. So, you're back... at least for now. So, short story time.... You've possessed my phone... So I was typing up the time for some farmers market stuff I'm doing, and I punched in 10am - 2pm After I hit the - and the space after it, up in my predictive text I see "the" "you" and "Guzzi" Not really sure why, but there you be...
  3. This...had fried butter yet? Damn...got me all hot and bothered. Thought it would come up as being the place a mile from you, and I'd be there tomorrow during my errands. Oh absolutely, I might even take that pain a few times.
  4. Lol...there's a lady that does stuff like that in my vendor group. Damsel in Defense...
  5. Everything is on hold, trying to get a business up and running is proving more than enough for one person at the moment. Still trying to eat as good as I can, and an occasional trip to the gym is keeping me going, but right now the business is my priority. So your update is this... https://www.facebook.com/AngularVelocityDesigns/ :-D
  6. So... 5 days, chicken is gone, ended up being more or less 13.3 ounces per meal (Gonna need more chicken, or meat), with a total of 12 chicken meals and 4 eggs meals. Weight started at about 217 (Hovered around here) BF% started at about 29% (Also hovered around here) Weight is now 213 after eating BF% is now close to 27% 2 Workouts done, a third one tomorrow, was going to do just some basic 5x5 to get back up to my working weights and that's going well.
  7. I see how it is, you come back, make challenges, upgrade your technoskeleton, and don't tell me about it...and I thought we was friends...:-) Also YAY for upgrades, when do you get the little rocket launchers that pop out of yoy wrists?
  8. Ahhh....first thing, I'm by no means a doctor, and I don't play one of tv, or anywhere else. :-) I might try is looking at Kelly Starretts book "Becoming a Supple Leopard". He does mobility stuff, and one of the exercises might help. The specific one I'm looking at is "Gentle Hip Distraction" on page 378, if you have a book store around you can take a look. The video has a resistance band, but I do mine with a tow strap, much cheaper. Here's a short video to reference There's some other hip stuff in there, but this one basically pulls your hip straight down. Might help reset it in place... I'm not sure I would do anything squat wise if your hip isn't fully seated right, that just seems to be asking for trouble in my eyes, but again... not a doctor. :-)
  9. Good to hear... I shall carry on as planned...
  10. Question, how important is the whole "Protein 30-60 minutes after a workout?" I ask because I did my gym time today, and on my new diet that I'm trying out, I was A) still full and had an hour and a half till my next meal. If I'm still full on what I ate during the day, before my workout, would that protein and carbs be used for rebuilding muscle?
  11. What do you mean by femur too far forward at the top? I'm picturing your hip dislocated and forward and I'm sure that's not right.
  12. Second time is a coincidence...
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