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  1. I shouldn't have to do them at my age. Anyway, things not going too bad. Running progressing, martial skills going well. Someone commented on my improved stances and movement the other day.
  2. If I had to guess. I'd say it was the exams.
  3. So I went out for a 5 miler on sunday, no problems in terms of aches, pains, form, but the titting ice all over the roads made me think about refining my skating technique.
  4. Is gotten a bit better one this week actually, which is nice. I just do them movement by movement, try and keep all the subtleties in line and away I go.
  5. I don't usually struggle with mindfulness, but this week my head just ain't sticking in the right places. I shall plug away at it some more.
  6. y.werin

    dbexx's Challenge

    Also, Lou, who shares the appreciation I have of a really muddy Parkrun. And you should really try parkrun. it's free!
  7. y.werin

    dbexx's Challenge

    Me!!! I'm forming the triangle with being in South Wales.
  8. y.werin

    dbexx's Challenge

    I used to live up in Sheffield when I was at uni. Really enjoyed running/cycling out in to the peak district. I also went on a day trip to Rotherham once, which I appreciate is entirely irrelevant to the discussion, but it amused me. Ah, the good old days.
  9. So basically, I'm running thrice weekly, originally at progressive distances, but after further reading i've decided to run for progressive times. The two runs in the main body of the week are shorter (25mins in the first week up to 50mins in the week before last), whilst the weekend run is longer (45 at the start, up to about an hour 40, hour 45 in the week before last). As for improving my form, etc, i'm looking at kinetic revolutions 6 week prog. The Week So Far So anyway, the distances have been pretty low this week, which means no struggle on that front, but with all the glute strengthening exercises on top of the running, my arse is fucking killing me. Kata is proving a slight issue; I'm getting the practice in, but for some reason I'm really struggling to get my mindfulness on whilst I'm doing it.
  10. I do enjoy parkrun, although ours in Newport is habitually a boggy slip and slide.
  11. Us gnomes are geniuses at corporations.
  12. Tei: I have some calf warm ups and a bit of dynamic stretching, plus I'm still using the OS resets. I also have a sort of joint mobility complex that I like to do sometimes. Lou: this will be my fifth half, but it's been a few years... Mostly I'm just working with a progressive distance schedule, but I have a different focus each week for improving my running form. Technique this week, pair next week (i haven't checked what weeks three to six consists as of yet). I won't be running for a time, because I'm not built for speed (but if I hit two hours I'll be fine with that).
  13. So this challenge is pretty simple really, and has two (simple) parts. Part 1 I shall do my nidan kata. They shall be done mindfully. My aim is daily. Part 2 I shall train for the Newport half marathon (which happens on March 1st). I shall be looking on improving form and thus (hopefully) reducing my tendency towards injury. Training is three times weekly. I am also following the 6 week course on improving running form from kinetic revolutions. That's it. Simple.
  14. Suppose I should sum up. First three weeks very good, slipped a bit in the latter three, bit still got it mostly done. Part 1: definite A. Part 2: that's a B. Part 3: a B- for that (but a little info later). Part 4: was abandoned following various people's concerns, so I'm writing it out and not counting it as unsuccessful. What have I learned? Well I've been exploring movement and I feel more... joined up, I suppose. Also, on Friday (21st) I held my longest ever freestanding handstand (a whole 10 sec). I'm liking the OS stuff mor and more; it's now my standard workout and a frequent mourning and evening loosen up. Also, on Friday, I was told that I'm being put forward for my Nidan. Anyway, points allocation (which I always forget how to do and have to check the faqs again, so tell me if I've got it wrong). Con (OS): 5 Str (AF): 3 Dex (HS): 2
  15. Yeah, doing good. Just neglecting you guys a bit, still looking after myself!
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