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  1. Hahaha nope. I guess I'll have to incorporate them.
  2. Hey All, It's great to be apart of the community. My name is Will and I'm trying to become a Peace Officer. I reviewed a few of the articles, and decided that Warrior was my class. With that being said I have a few questions that if answered would help me out quite a bit. I already work out, and have three main weight lifting days chest, sholdres, and back. I'm at about 185 pounds and I basically have what is known as the "Snack pack" and I'm looking to get rid of that, but at the same time trim down on even more body fat located on my chest. 1.) What would be the best diet for me to get on? 2.) How should I structure my cardio days? I usually run a mile after lifting on my three days on and off. 3.) Does anyone know of a simple leg work out that I could get into the groove of? Thank you guys so much. And I think I'm going back to play Dragonage right now.......peace. -Will
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