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  1. Hope you guys have found success in the creativity side of things...these last two weeks have picked up a bit more for me as far as actually spending time on drawing (i'll post some things later...got to find the camera first ><) I think the only thing that I have SUCKED at is waking up on time, everything else seems to be in place, the working out, eating well (enough..i have cooked a dozen times or so and can usually make good choices...haven't had soda in weeks!) and the drawing are going good...it's just the damn alarm... So, with two weeks to go, i really want to get that part of my challenge under control...the spreadsheet, by the way, has REALLY helped. Next week I'm going to print out my motivations and tape it somewhere so the first thing I do when I hear my alarm is go (get out of bed) and read it aloud to myself...i'll see if that helps >< wish me luck! How has everyone else down on the art side of things?
  2. Haha, i feel the same way! I don't have goobs of time either (got to spend that on my creative life quest afterall!) I think the group spreadsheet is a good way to follow our group's individual goals, but as far as the general population, there's no way! Also, i have found that i haven't updated my own thread very much, but I like keeping up with the group's spreadsheet
  3. Sounds perfect and fits right into my Life Challenge (which i have been failing at this week), it will definitely help to have a social obligation behind getting it done For me personally I don't want to have a daily minutes goal, but a weekly goal instead. I draw and some days the creativity and passion is there and some days it isn't. This week I will work on getting 1.5 hours done on drawing and see how easy/hard it was. Thanks for the inspiration!!
  4. For fantasy, my best guess was it had to do with Victorian Renaissance revival at the turn of the century laying the groundwork (Conan and other older fantasy stories) for Tolkien in the 50's. We owe so much to the Victorian Renaissance movement, hell, the 'medieval calligraphy' that is used so frequently in graphics is a derivation of Victorian revival, which is a derivation of the original stuff. I like the minutes idea as well, it's definitely easily measurable.
  5. Time to report on progress! Goal 1: A hit and miss, i am 2 for 4,counting today (waking up sucks XO)...I'm really trying to get enough sleep...hopefully I can keep this up! Goal 2: 4/4!! Keeping up with the workouts Goal 3: This one has been the mostly nebulous, since I'm not always in a position to cook for myself everyday. So I have decided to give myself full credit for days I cook and full credit on days where if i don't cook, but make smart choices at EVERY meal, then that fulfills the challenge.
  6. I did It didn't really phase him, in fact he found it more funny. He's used to me being a little mean in the mornings. I LOVE the spreadsheet and I'm looking forward to seeing the mini-challenges!
  7. So this is my first day during the challenge where I successfully got out of bed without hitting snooze (fyi - IT SUCKS), I managed to do it, but my boyfriend decided that when my alarm went off was the perfect opportunity to kiss me good-bye for the day. I'm was pretty pissed for having to get up to begin with, so his interruption in my personal hell wasn't welcome and I let him know that It's amazing what excuses the brain comes up with to try to get the body back to bed...oh well, one day down, many more to go Love the idea for a community google-doc, by the way!
  8. My calligraphy is based off of medieval manuscripts..i'm part of a medieval reenactment group and we give out certificates based off them. So, yeah I have totally studied the paleography a bunch (although not enough in my mind!) and am specifically focusing on the gothic hands (13th-15th century-ish). For my answers: 1) my enemy is: my nighttime and morning self - I love staying up late and am constantly looking up things, watching movies, etc...to the point where I don't get enough sleep and then I can't wake up or oversleep an extra hour or so. It's really bad and a very deep, ingrained habit that I really want to break. By oversleeping I pretty much destroy the first half of my day and am so tired that it's a struggle to get through the morning >< 2) I am 2/2 on my fitness goal so far, but the holiday on Monday didn't help and I screwed up my morning again today My diet goal is going pretty well, I didn't cook for self yesterday, but I made good (non-evil food) choices, so that has to count for something 3) My new plan is to post something in the morning, as a motivation to get up and DO something...so my request for you all is to have patience, as my posts may be a little zany and unhappy as I adjust to a new sleeping routine
  9. I played the new Tomb Raider game for inspiration on the eve of the challenge - even in her origin story she is a force to be reckon with. Evil cultist never stood a chance. TO ANYONE READING THIS WITH A FIRST CHALLENGE: GOOD LUCK and KICK-ASS!!!
  10. Good luck! If you get addicted to pull ups you can get one of those bars that hangs in the doorway, good motivation and within easy reach
  11. Your level of organization is awesome! I am gluten free myself, after a while I just started looking at pastries, pasta, etc. as 'not-food' (it's tough when I'm hungry though Good luck!
  12. Hey everyone! I am twitchii and this is my first challenge. I'm very new to the site, but I love the goal of this guild, as I hope to keep up my creative pursuits while completing my challenge. Here's the link: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/39684-first-step-to-finding-my-inner-laura-croft-twitchii/ I am 26 years old and am currently spending a lot of time in the bowling alley. I do a number of tournaments a year and try to be as competitive as possible. Just recently I started up two leagues a night and want to stay physically fit enough so I can practice on the weekends and bowl during the week. I know bowling doesn't seem that tough, but it can be easy to screw up your shoulder and back in the long run. With that, I want to stay creative. I'm getting more into drawing and I have done a lot calligraphy (here's my deviantart page if anyone is curious >< http://ismey-the-nimble.deviantart.com/), cheers!
  13. MAIN QUEST: Become the bad-ass, tough and healthy woman that I know is within me. It all starts with a proper foundation and that's what this first 6 weeks is about - build a proper fitness/health foundation and establish the habits that will allow me to achieve it. GOALS: * Wake up and get out of bed, without hitting snooze -This will be so incredibly difficult, that I'm nervous about even setting it up as a goal. I want to get better sleep and this is the foundation for the workout goal (I workout in the morning) * Keep this workout schedule (I have semi-kept this for the last week and a half so I think I can do this physically, it's just a discipline thing for this challenge!) - Monday - Light yoga/core circuit - Tuesday - Beginner bodyweight circuit - Wednesday - Core circuit - Thursday - Light yoga/stretching - Friday - Beginner bodyweight circuit - Saturday - Rest - Sunday - Beginner bodyweight circuit * Cook/prepare one healthy meal everyday (doesn't have to be perfect, but I eat out a lot now so I need to get in the habit of eating food from my fridge and not from a restaurant). LIFE QUEST: The idea of a 'tough woman' in my mind is someone who isn't just physically strong, but is well-balanced. I love art and creativity and really want to be a better artist. * Do a little bit of my art everyday - This can mean reading something, drawing, calligraphy, anything that contributes MOTIVATION: It's amazing how quickly a fitness schedule changes when you aren't a student anymore. I was that kid who did sports all through school, every season; volleyball, biking, swimming, etc. Now that I'm in the 'real world' I can't keep a schedule, I have tried fitting everything into a day and end up doing NOTHING. It has seriously affected my diet, sleep and exercise schedule. Now I'm getting to the point where the smaller injuries I have are adding up. Top that off with an inconsistent schedule and my back/knee pain isn't going away easy. I need to start back to the basics and be able to sleep well, eat right and work out smarter. One of the inspirations is related to my newest sport interest, Kelly Kulick was the first woman to win a PBA title (a major no less!). This is an amazing feat as women are at a physical disadvantage in bowling (means we have to be smarter ). In order to get to the title match she had to compete in the PBA tour, the first women ever to earn her way in. It's definitely a level of badassery that I want to achieve one day.
  14. wrong thread, moved to the Nov11 challenge
  15. I am looking for advice/recommendations on setting up a general weekly workout plan, but with a focus on getting better for bowling (i know, not that impressive, but i don't want to screw anything up while trying to workout ><) I bowl on Monday/Thursday and I'm not sure when to incorporate workouts. I want to do a general bodyweight/strength training workout at least 3x a week, but i also want to a lower-key yoga routine and possibly some core training too. It's just that i don't know what type of intensity i should try to do the day of my bowling leagues (i don't want to be so tired that i can't do well throughout the night). I was initially thinking of this type of schedule: Sun - strength Mon - (bowling) light yoga Tues - strength Wed - core Thurs - (bowling) light yoga Fri - strength Sat - rest any suggestions?
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