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  1. Kick logic to the curb and do the impossible! WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!?!

    1. AshPS


      whoooo hooooooo!!!!!! Our Hero has returned!!! :D

  2. Yo! Welcome to the Brigade Ninja! If you love Gurren Lagann then I'm sure I don't have to explain our mottos and outview on life bahahaha! Believe in the you who believes in yourself and you'll do great I'm sure of it!! If you can't do that then believe in the me who believes in you!!! Even if that fails, well you know the rest! It's time to get to work on week four ladies and gentlemen!! We aren't done with this challenge yet!! So get your asses into gear! We've still got a ways to go until we've shown this challenge and everybody just what the Dai-Gurren Brigade is capable of!! Don't forget to keep shouting! WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK WE ARE!?!!!
  3. Haha it definitely has to be something you want to do! I am most certainly in a less roasted condition now. Haha thanks buddy! I did! I've already cooked the Yellowfin and the Mahi Mahi! Wahoo is on the menu for tonight! Sharks do yeah, same as snakes haha. Thanks for the rawrs Kiwi! Haha this made my day, haven't checked this thread in a while! Couldn't do it without you Ash! Thanks, it's passed and with minimal peeling. My nose caught the worst of it and blistered pretty good. It's all done and over with now though! So as far as my goals go, I had a pretty shifty week three. Work has been keeping me extremely busy and anytime I get a period of downtime something seems to come along and ruin it. This week's ruiner was a typhoon and I lost power for a couple of days. Another typhoon is on its way but it's a tad smaller so hopefully the power stays on. It's time to saddle up and get back on the horse for week four though. I ain't falling behind again! AFTER ALL, WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM!?!!!
  4. Haha that's about all I do too Elbow Yeah it said to do it for points but seeing as I don't have anyone to compete with I just changed it to Max Effort haha. Also, sorry for the lack of updates recently guys, work's been a bitch and a half and then some lately. Luckily though I went out on a Marlin Trolling Charter yesterday and got myself nice and crispy in the sun so I earned a couple days off work to come and catch up with you guys! So here's a break down of how things are going so far: Zombie, Run! Was doing great until I got burnt everywhere yesterday so that's going to kill it for this week pretty much. Made considerable progress on Tuesday's run though with my new duration time to beat being 16:45! Woo! Tooth Scrubs Doing pretty good, I had a weird day with this one on Wednesday. I forgot to brush them immediately when I woke up so there was one point off, but I never went to sleep that night and I brushed my teeth that day around midnight. Then I left 3 hours later for my fishing trip, so I'm not sure if I should count points off for this one since the brushing at midnight kinda played both roles of 2nd cleaning Wed/1st cleaning Thurs since I never actually went to sleep. I dunno, I'll let you guys decide I guess. Food Burnings None yet this week but I've got something in the works. Food Tracking Still perfect scores here! Japanese Lessons Only one point off for this one. I got back from my fishing trip late last night around 10PM after having been out on the boat since 4AM so I was pretty exhausted. I brushed my teeth and passed out that day. Other than that though, still perfect scores here! So my awesome friend/buddy/NFlifesupport Ash has been doing an amazing job checking up on me and making sure I'm doing well. So in return, I managed to snag some pictures (I never take pictures for anything) of my fishing trip! I only caught one fish (a Wahoo) but it was the biggest one! We didn't get any Marlin because the water was too clouded with white-wash and they were short-biting. The Captain and Deckhand even called us crazy because we told him we were fine going out fishing in 8-10ft sea swells haha! All in all it was a good, if not long and exhausting, trip. I landed one 40lb. Wahoo and hooked a 6ft Thresher Shark, didn't land it though for safety reasons, sharks will thrash a lot and will bite even after they're dead. My buddies landed a couple (smaller) Wahoo and a Mahi Mahi and some football-sized yellowfins. I'll try to steal some of their pictures as well soon enough if you guys want anymore.
  5. Based on years of watching cartoons, I'm not sure bananas would've been the better choice for non-slippage bahaha! Still, sucks to hear about your injury! Do what you can and keep pushing forward! You got this shit!!
  6. Getting them gains in Ash! Looks like I'll have to keep on my toes to match them! For every max pound of gain you get will be every second I'll have to increase my run time, so looks like ten seconds this time! Bahahaha!!! Keep killing it buddy! You're getting it and then some this challenge!!
  7. Did...did Swamps just make a Gurren Lagann joke? Holy shit the more you guys watch this show the more I love you guys. Damn straight you will! Get it Courier! Now then! Since I haven't been around too much lately I figure the most I can do is kick some asses into gear!! Since all these teams are competing for prizes let me tell you what the vets won last time around! For the Grand Prize, I handed out a $50(USD) gift certificate to the NF store to the grand prize winner, followed by three $25 certificates to the other winners! So I better see some goddamn A's out of these teams if I'm going to be giving team prizes this time around bahahaha!!! LET'S GET IT IN FUCKING GEAR BRIGADE!! LET'S SHOW THIS CHALLENGE AND THE FORUMS!!! LET'S KICK LOGIC TO THE CURB AND DO THE IMPOSSIBLE!!!!! AFTER ALL, WHO THE HELL THE DO THEY THINK WE ARE!!???!!!!
  8. Haha thanks, we'll see about the momentum though. Thought I had it last time and I ended up burning out. Week Three and Four will be my critical periods during this challenge! Ask and ye shall receive! Today's been pretty meh, I didn't do a run today so I could have a two days off for my legs, or so I thought haha. I did the CrossFit WOD instead today which consisted of the following: Three rounds of: Wall-ball, 20 pound ball, 10 ft target (Max Effort, 1 Min) Sumo deadlift high-pull, 75 pounds (Max Effort, 1 Min) Box Jump, 20" box (Max Effort, 1 Min) Push-press, 75 pounds (Max Effort, 1 Min) Row (Max Effort, 1 Min) In this workout you move from each of five stations after a minute.The clock does not reset or stop between exercises. This is a five-minute round from which a one-minute break is allowed before repeating. Except I totally forgot about the minute break so ended up doing these back-to-back-to-back by mistake lol. Was not fun. It balanced out though since I ended up not doing the rows because the machine was in the opposite end of the gym and after doing the exercises back to back I wasn't exactly in raring form to go row for five minutes max effort. Other than that though I came in about 200 calories under my unofficial goal of 2231 from IIFYM so that was an added bonus. Got all my tooth scrubbings done and I'm almost done with Unit 1 out of 4 for my level 1 Japanese woooo! So all in all, a pretty good Week Two, Day One! For my Brigade peeps: Sorry I haven't been more active in following you guys around, especially my buddy Ash! Work's been pretty crazy and my sleep schedule has become nigh non-existent. Once things level out again I'll try and catch up with everybody! My humblest apologies! Just know I'm working extra hard trying to kick ass out here to make you guys proud since I'm not around as much!!!
  9. Haha I put the D in there because if you read the grades down it spell "BAAAAD" now bahaha! Thus, a "bad pun", thus the D! lol Thanks for the praise guys! Mucho appreciated!!
  10. Wooo! Way to kill it like always Ash!!! Now let's get a repeat for week two!! This challenge obviously doesn't know who the hell we are!!!!
  11. Haha anytime! anytime! Thanks for the congrats! Haha yeah, I'm a fan of go big or go home, apparently that shows in my runs lol. So yesterday's run was actually enjoyable! I love running in the rain so that was the first bonus, enough so that despite my calves hurting I decided I would try a new route and see where it took me. The Zombie Mission had very little left to it when I started so it finished up in the first few minutes and went to Radio Mode where they talk a bit and then just play whatever playlist I have loaded so that was nice in of itself. To paint a picture of my route you have to know that where I'm staying is located about 3/4 of the way down a hill. You go left to go up the hill and towards an interesection on the main road. You go right to go down the hill and come to a road that you can go either right or left on. Normally, I go up the hill to the intersection and just run about wherever. Yesterday though I went down the hill and made a left onto the road, this lead me to a 4-way stop. At this 4-way stop are three relatively flat roads and one road with a steep incline (talking like 40-45 degrees here) all the way back up the hill. Feeling ballsy I ran up that bad boy (a good 4 minutes of my run.) much to my calves dismay. Cresting over the top of that hill though felt so damn good. From that point on it was relatively flat and I just started running around aimlessley again. Now I always finish at the intersection I normally start at when I go up the hill instead of down it, so when I found a street towards the main road I made sure it came to that intersection. I don't know how I always find a street that leads there when I run around but I do. Anyways, I was at about the 12 minute mark when I turned onto the street. I figured at my current pace I could reach the intersection in two minutes, which would put me well over my 13:05 mark. Thinking this I just kept pushing myself to that intersection. Turns out though I'm not as fast as I think I am and it took me 3 minutes putting me at 15:03 for my run time haha. So that's my tip for anybody trying to break duration run times now lol, pick a landmark you know will take you past your time and just run to it bahaha. Then of course, on my walk back down the hill to my place I took the opportunity to jump in every puddle I found. Why? Because I'm an adult and no one could finally tell me not to, that's why. Bahahaha! Onto today then! Everything has gone fine up until about ten minutes ago when I went to go grab my running shoes only to realize...they were still wet. So, now at 0040, I have no running shoes to run in and they're probably going to spend an hour in the dryer. By that time it'll be ~0140 and I already know a run ain't happening at 2 in the morning. So for this week, I'll have a total of one hit on my goals. Not too shabby if I do say so myself, plus I think my legs will thank me for not running 4.5+ cumulative miles three days in a row. So since it's now technically Monday over here, here is Week One's summary! Zombie's, Run! 3/4 - B Tooth Scrubs! 14/14 - A Food Burnings! 1/1 - A Food Tracking! 7/7 - A Japanese lessons! 7/7 - A Overall Grade: A Pun Grade: D
  12. Yo!!! Another straight A day for me! Even accidentally increased my run time by two minutes! Woohoo 15 minutes! I might post some more details about the run itself later as it was actually a fun one today but for now I'm tired so I'll leave it at that!
  13. I'm going to start recording everything in dozenal just to mess with you now bahaha!
  14. Nikopol - City of Victory The ground below my feet elevated Instinctively programmed there for me No thoughts, my visions clear not too complicated I'm here because you're here (You've got a problem now) The speck of fear grows in your eyes You'll meet your death in no disguise It may come as a small surprise There will be no compromise for you No problem can't be solved temporarily Then soon it gets forgotten that you exist Sounds echo underground nauseating I'm here because you're here (You've got a problem now) The speck of fear grows in your eyes You'll meet your death in no disguise It may come as a small surprise There will be no compromise for you Nikopol derives from the Greek "Nikepolis", which means City of Victory. You're the same as me Yeti! Most people can't handle our existence! Which is the reason we must continue existing! Ours is a life of trials and tribulations unmatched by the normal circumstances of others!! It is for that reason we must excel and prosper!! It is through that prosperity that we'll meet people like Ash and Swamps and the rest of the NF and it is for that reason we'll push on through our rock-bottoms to come out stronger and better for it! After all... WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK WE ARE!?!!!
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