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  1. Grats on wedding and recovery, i am currently going through a very similar situation. i slipped a disk that is pinching a nerve, did it exactly 2 weeks before my wedding day my doc has given permission to do light exercise but it doesn't seem like enough or the few things that i do seem to cause my pain to flair up. do you have any advise on some of the exercises that you did outside of the doctors office?
  2. I just want to thank you ahead of time for any advise you can help me with. I am doing my best to not feel defeated. March 2015 i slipped a disk that is pinching a nerve that caused issues with my left leg, i have been doing physical therapy and very very low impact work outs that don't seem to be helping at all. I am not sure if the low impact workouts i am doing are messing with me more or not. i can do squats, half jacks or silly jumping jacks, pushups, and basic stretches just fine. I have been doing slow walking blurpies but they hurt every time. i want some form of cardio or workout
  3. Made healthy egg salad sandwich!!!.. too bad it all fell off my bread :(

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    2. Steppinon D'Arrows

      Steppinon D'Arrows

      Why do you ask, Barfly? Is WandererCorliss Paleo or something?

    3. Barfly


      Just giving her a hard time :)

    4. WandererCorliss


      went paleo - then to clean eating to now eating bread :o NOM NOM NOM

  4. I am looking for alternatives, i tend to have very high fatty foods, and i am trying to get it under control. My favorite foods are cheese and peanutbutter/ nut butter - - (not mixed together ewww.) but after reviewing how i eat i realized my fats are pretty high up there and i have already cut down on the portions, now looking to add some new foods that i may not have tried yet.
  5. Down to 1600 should be fine i am just a little shorter than you. Though if you feel like that is too much of a cut for you at the beginning, a good way for you to cut down your calorie intake is to eat half of the normal serving size you are used eating at first and then slowly substitute healthier alternatives that will drop more calories without even realizing it! Grats on walking for 5 minutes now! keep up the good work!
  6. id sat take 10 -30 second break, get a drink of water or BCAA's if you use them and then go back .. or incorporate another move in between to give your arms a small break.
  7. Hello all!!!! I am looking to try some new things and my brain has currently went into shut off mode! I would love to know what some of your favorite and go to snacks are? I am currently looking for snacks that are less than 3g of fat per serving... also sadly.. i am allergic to blueberries, blackberries,pork and pistachios .. so i am open to any other suggestion! i plan on going shopping and give it a try!
  8. Cookies and cream frosting failed.... moving on to lemon meringue frosting

  9. I have been getting boxed cakes, adding 1 cup egg whites and 1 cup water and 1 scoop protein powder and it comes out great!! i plan on trying 1.5cups egg whites and .5cup water with protein powder and cake mix to see if it will work and have super high protein.. so far my first way comes out to be chocolate cupcakes with 19g protein for less than 100cals each.
  10. Cant wait to make protein frosting to top my protein cupcake i made!!!!

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    2. WandererCorliss
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      You are trying to kill me!! :P but no.. its devils food cake made even more devilish!!!! chocolate cupcake 90cal 16g Protein!!! say what?!?!?!?!

  11. Ms.Dash has a nice line of salt free seasonings. I like to try out different things with them, someday's i use lemon pepper or tomato basil or extra spicy to my chicken. i get ground chicken and add garlic and Italian seasoning to the meat and make my own baked chicken meatballs/patties/mini meatloaf. though if you don't mind trying out new things get one of each of the seasoning you like or intrigue you and with your chicken take 1 and cut it up into equal parts and make your own taste testing. and see what strikes your fancy.
  12. My "need" for snacking is non-existent. thought i think being caught up on the word "snack" and for having a "snack drawer" is just to make sure that i have healthy foods around in case i get hungry, also i share food with people i work with. I always have my meals pre-planed, sometimes i change my mind and want to substitute something out. with the drawer i will have options handy that will fit into my macros for the day. Also i am accident prone so if i drop my food on the floor i am not going to hit up the vending machine or order food from a place when i could choose some food availab
  13. today i picked up 100 cal packs of roasted almonds, quest bars, and i am in the middle or researching different RTD drinks and other meal/snack/cereal/protein bars and see which ones i would have decent macros.
  14. Last night i looked up some websites that advised some suggestions: "1. Bare Apple Chips-These totally curb my sweet and crunchy cravings all at once. They are completely organic and have no added sugar. I found them at Home Sense and basically bought out all their inventory. 2. Seapoint Farm’s Energy Blend-I have to thank my Mom for this Costco find. This really does give me energy and when I need a “real†snack to tide me over this definitely does the trick. Plus I love dried edamame. I usually portion this out into bags otherwise I would eat the whole container! 3. Popcorn-My go-to s
  15. It would have to be ready made. i don't have a kitchen at work, there are fridges but people seem to like to take other peoples food so i avoid putting anything in the fridge unless i want it to get taken.
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