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  1. That's so awesome! I'm actually going to Amsterdam in December if you're into shopping, try going to a flea market. This one is apparently the best - http://www.ijhallen.nl/en/index.php
  2. Haha I feel like I'm becoming a great liar when it concerns food. Where about in Netherlands are you going to be? It's a great country! Especially for cycling
  3. Some of my foods this week can be found on Instagram
  4. Week 1, Friday. Did 10 squats while cooking. Didn't practice pushups oops. Still no sugar in my life! Week 1, Saturday. Out with friends. Got offered sugar multiple times. Had to feed one piece to the fox declined others. So difficult to be polite and decline the nice offerings. But what can I do, sugar-free adventure is getting the momentum! Week 1, Sunday. Did 90 squats... Did 3 sets of 30, in between of watching Ghost In The Shell anime that's as nerdy as fitness gets! Week 1 recap. Did 200 squats. Practiced pushups 3 times. I manage to do a couple of them now. Perseverance! Haven't had sugar for 1 week now. I'm feeling hungry less often. Food fills me up quicker. I notice I decline food offerings when I'm out with my friends. Sugary things don't really tempt me anymore. Yay! Feeling great! Let's see what Week 2 has got for us!
  5. yesterday someone bought me a caramel shortcake. I didn't even want it but I felt so evil for declining! so I wrapped it into a napkin, said I'll eat it later and gave it to a fox
  6. Hi everyone! Thought I'd check in here too. It's been about a year since I've done a challenge with NF and the Adventurers guild seems the most fitting as my main goal is to cut out sugar from my diet and do random exercises. Living sugar-free has been amazing so far but I'm a bit worried about the weekend - it's always harder to resist temptations when you're not as busy. Anyone else feels the same? Here's an advice to watch out when exercising with your precious cats: Have a great weekend everyone!
  7. Week 1, Tuesday. Rest day so not much happened here. Still sugar-free! Week 1, Wednesday. Did 60 squats. Love them! Also practised pushups. I can do maybe 5 normal pushups before I die. Also my arms are so weak. Anyone know some other good exercises for arms? Did 3x1min planks. Living sugar-free is easy because I do not have a huge addiction to it. Breaking the habit of eating treats, however, is harder. Week 1, Thursday. Rest day. Visited my favourite ice-cream place in town and only had a black coffee! Woop woop! Also, watched an anime movie Paprika. If you like weird stuff, I highly recommend this one!
  8. Hi! Thanks so much for the advice on pushups. Kneeling pushups is exactly what I did before this challenge. I didn't know that was a bad idea. Feeling so silly now! Love the bacon pancakes
  9. Week 1, Monday. -No sugar consumed! Made great spicy tuna cakes from nomnompaleo cookbook. -Took a brisk 2 mile walk. -Did 40 squats among other things. -Practiced push ups. I think I can sort-of do them. Need to go much lower though. -Also made a new plank record - it's now 2 minutes 15 seconds. Woohoo! Let's see what day 2 has for me
  10. Hello all adventurers! I am back to Nerd Fitness after almost a year. NF has taught me so much about health and fitness but then life got in a way and I just could not find the time for this forum. This does not mean that I didn't have time for healthy lifestyle - I eat 90% Paleo food, I cook all my meals and I try to exercise. Recently, I noticed I am getting too lazy to exercise and I also started to make bad food choices. So I thought I better tackle this before I fall into old habits! I have been with the Rangers before but I feel like I belong in Adventurers this time. Looking forward to seeing how everyone is doing! Main quest: Become stronger and fitter. Goals: Quit sugar for 6 weeks. Yup. Cold turkey. This also includes honey. Fruits are tastier anyway. I allow myself to consume 4 sugar food items in case I find a very tasty thing to try while I'm travelling.Do 200 squats per week. I will exercise more than that anyway but I love squats and I should do more of them. Having a specific number will give me a reason to get up from the couch.Learn to do a push-up. It's embarrassing but I still can't do them. So, practice push-ups 3 times a week. Motivation: I don't want to be dependent on food and I want to have a firmer body.
  11. Short update. Yesterday morning, at the gym: A guy I was talking to earlier comes up to me while I'm doing deadlifts, adds more plates to my bar and tells me: "Do a 100kg." And this is the story of how I've reached all my powerlifting goals two weeks in advance. Gotta love bossy people.
  12. I think I'm having some sort of anxiety attack or something. Can they last whole day? The worst is that there's no reason for that. I just feel very anxious all day. My hands are shaky, I want to cry and I'm unable to do things. What is happening it's very unusual for me. Any tips how to calm down? This is how it's going. Week's been fine, more or less. Didn't have much sleep since wednesday night though. Also, terrible tragedy happened in Glasgow. I've been in town myself when it happened but haven't heard the news till the morning. Thank goodness I was a bit further from there. Yeah, so week's been good, mood - not so. Weird stuff.
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