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  1. Totals Yoga: 9 / 12 = 75% = B. Yoga was worth a total of 4 stat points: 3 Dex and 1 Con. I'm taking 3/4 - 2 Dex and 1 Con. Strength: 14 / 18 = 77% = B. Strength was also worth a total of 4 stat points: 3 Dex and 1 Con. I'm, again, taking 3/4 - 2 Str and 1 Con. Cardio = 5.5 / 6 = 91% = A. Cardio was worth 4 as well: 3 Sta and 1 Con. I managed to keep up with that one fairly well despite the injury, and will take all those points. Side Quest = 82% = B. Side Quest was worth 3 points: 3 Cha. With a B overall, I'm taking 2/3 of those. This wasn't my strongest challenge, but I battled throug
  2. I'm late getting my final accounting in on account of disappearing from the grid for the holiday week, but here it goes. Week 6 Yoga: 1/3Strength: 2/2Cardio: 1/1Side quest: 100%The last week wasn't perfect, but it was something.
  3. Thanks so much for the encouragement! I decided not to give up. I can't change the past, but I can do better this week, so I'm buckling down with a goal of finishing strong. I did strength training on Monday and yoga today. If I just keep putting one foot in front of the other, I can make it.
  4. Doing well is, in fact, something I am no longer doing. Alas. Week 4 Sucked. Not much else to say about it. I hit up the November Project for strength and cardio on Monday (run-workout-run), and on Wednesday I met with my running coach to figure out stretches and active recovery to help my foot get better. I'm counting that as one yoga. I did absolutely nothing else related to my challenges that week because (a) work ate my soul, and ( winter sucks. Strength: 1/2Yoga: 1/3Cardio: 1/1Side quest: 0% Week 5 Frankly, not much better. I spent four days this week with a left glute/leg muscle
  5. Checked in with the PT today. Alas, I am not cleared for running stairs. Have fun tomorrow, and stay warm!
  6. My flight out for Thanksgiving was delayed because of computer issues with the plane. They deplaned us after rebooting didn't work. Jokes from other passengers about making sure it was plugged in, changing to a Mac, etc., were a small highlight on an otherwise stormy and frenetic pre-holiday Wednesday morning. Which is all to say, I'm amused to learn they actually have iPads. That's awesome. But not awesome if they can't get at them. Hope they resolve it soon and get you on your way!
  7. Employing the NF gear while geocaching in the hills along the Maine coast. Seriously, one of the most comfortable shirts I own.
  8. I can understand the spiral. I remember struggling with similar anxiety during grad school, especially while trying to find the motivation to write the graduation-requirement papers. As a friend used to say, that's heavy pizza. I'm glad too hear that you could have at least a short respite during meditation. I like the way you've broken that down into manageable tasks. I do yoga on the floor in my living room. We have hardwood (one of the few blessings of living in an aged building), but I start to feel much the same way when I'm in positions that let me see under the couch/entertainm
  9. This is one of those weeks where I can only be grateful that I've survived this far. Work seriously kicked me in the shins this week; I won't be out from under the mountain of work until sometime tomorrow afternoon. Goals? I managed one strength workout on Monday morning, and barely made a PT appointment on Wednesday that I may well count as yoga (an hour of stretching and flexibility work). Otherwise? I've been riding a desk sixteen hours a day, coming home, sleeping six hours, and doing it all over again. Oof. Someone bring the weekend, stat.
  10. I'm definitely in for dinner/drinks Saturday! Probably can't join in earlier, alas -- commitments. The rest really depends on how much work decides to rake me over the coals next week. If this week is any indication, outlook is not good. I hit up the NP workout on Monday. Those folks are serious awesomeness. Wednesday should be a lot of fun and I'm still hoping to make it out there, though this is in no way whatsoever a commitment that I'll attend (see above, re: injury).
  11. That sounds like a week of serious win, even if the grades weren't all the way there. Though I'm fairly tight with my family, we also tend to do Thanksgiving with friends because of how far away we live from the rest of the clan. I'm glad to hear it wasn't an anxious holiday for you, and that they fixed your wheels to get you there. And that massage sounds just awesome!
  12. Hitting the halfway point for the challenge, I'm finding that my goals may have been a little bit under-challenging under normal circumstances but, thanks to this silly injury that doesn't want to pass, they're just about on target. I had a lovely time this week celebrating Thanksgiving with a small collection of family and friends in an out-of-the-way location. Unfortunately, I spent a chunk of it limping due to not respecting my foot the way I should have, and I completely dropped the ball on eating in a remotely healthy manner. I give myself a pass on that (since, you know, it's not one
  13. I find I absolutely have to get my goals done before I pour a drink, too, or I can be pretty sure they're not going to happen. Though it's not an official NF Challenge goal for me, after this past weekend, I'm also aiming to keep this holiday season at a healthy sobriety level. Good luck with this new goal over the coming weeks. I'll be rooting for you!
  14. Week two: conquered! My mood really picked up toward the middle of the week. I found myself actually wanting to do things. As mentioned above, it was heavy on the social obligations, but I made it through that maze. Monday Rolled home from the office at a perfectly reasonable hour and hit the gym as soon as I got home. Tuesday Attended a work dinner, and yet -- and yet! -- didn't overeat, and didn't overdo it on the beverage front, to the point where I felt perfectly fine when I rolled in the door. So perfectly fine, in fact, that I settled in for some yoga before I crashed. Wednesday
  15. ...I should have guessed, from your profile pic. That costume is several kinds of awesome -- I love it! Can totally understand why it needs to be uber before the shoot. Spoonfuls of tomatoes aside, your veggie goal inspired me today -- after eating a lot of crap at these dinners, I almost continued the streak with a bacon cheeseburger and fries for lunch. As I walked past the grill, I mused: "....could I make any of that count as a veggie?" And so I skipped that station and hit up the salad bar instead. Thanks for the inspiration!
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