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  1. imo this is pretty eeasy. look at the exercises as movement patern rather than specific muscle groups, if it involves pushing overhead its that movement, regardless of ohp or hspu or similar. If you want to use heavy weights train them first, then fill in with your bw stuff after, just dont work the same movement pattern. example, if your doing ohp do that (5x5,3x5,10x3,heavy singles or whatever) then press ups, pistols, pull ups etc are fine. just be aware of some cross over and dont expect them to be prs if done after a heavy lift. if you learnt dl, ohp and lunge, stick them first in your workouts, one each day, then do your normal stuff, with any 'carry over stuff' last, gives that muscle some chance to recover and your not asking for pain. i do both weights and bw, i open and close my workouts with bw, with some heavy stuff in middle, just use the bw to progress, do cool shizzle such as 1 arm press ups and get extra reps in
  2. Yeah, that's where I got the idea, all good fun! I like them and they are good switch up from normal OHP or push press. Just watch your head. In gonna switch between them and normal push press. Give em a whirl!
  3. I hit my head on the way down doing heavy btn push press, not pleasant!
  4. How intense are your workouts? Are you smashing your muscles? Doesn't matter if it's 5 or 8 reps If it's not intense. Also how long does your workout take and how long are your rest periods? You sleeping enough?
  5. Wilt it down with a bit of garlic, awesome! Works well with lamb or beef :-)
  6. yh i'm good man (didn't want to hog that thread :)) my hip injury's cleared up and i've started running and one handed snatching (10kg a side on an olympic bar, fun times :D) sorry to hear about you having a tough time but i'm sure you'll pull through fine

  7. Yo Timmy, lets just say i have been going through a tough time, but things are looking up, will start a blog thingy soon and lay it all out. how you been keeping? Roochop, i just noticed your signature, i actually got the reference lol, gave me a nice grin.
  8. It's a uk take over!!! Oxford Is a lovely part of the country, better than say Scunthorpe. Welcome to the site and great to have you here
  9. Don't forget me, I'm slightly more north than u two! Hull ftw!!!! Welcome and good luck with everything.
  10. first why always is starting strength the mantra of everyone when someone asks a weight lifting program question secondly a bodyweight is cool and can be used as long as u increase resistance, which is the easier bit using weights. easier to add iron at a measurable rate than alter angles etc. thirdly if looking good is a priority, lift heavy (ALMOST bodybuilder style, but not a cookie cutter program) and keep cardio etc up,( run, do parkour,), supplement with lighter days (bodyweight or high rep stuff), eat like a truck, sleep like a log, repeat.
  11. I use phd version, pharma way, synergy or pharma gain, depends what's on offer at the time lol. Taste awesome, easy on the old stomach, and work really well. Best of all it's made in the mighty hull! Met their md once, nice guy. I have tried maximuscle, eas, sci-mx etc but think phd is the way forward.
  12. Personally I would split the cleans and te presses, Maybe put press onto day A. My reasoning is you should be able to clean far more than you can press, so by doin move at same time while although a great move, will limit what you can clean.
  13. Mine I think is 104 based on what quacks said before my op and I had to be weighed. I think 1.5 is a good milestone. U enjoying the low rep high weight stuff a la cnp then?
  14. 100 is nearly 1.5 times bw for me. I'm going for it anyway, should maybe be more a slap in the Face forfit for who loses?
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