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  1. Hey everyone! I've been playing Ingress for the past few months, and it's great. It's put out by NiaticLabs, an internal startup at Google. Basically it's a location based augmented reality game, kind of like a giant global capture the flag between the Enlightened and the Resistance. You try to capture portals, create fields, and destroy portals of the other team. The best part of this game is that it is GPS based, so you actually have to go to the place. Already it has motivated me to take a more winding path or go out for an extra walk to get to that one portal the other team has claimed.
  2. Hi everyone, On July 25th, I had hip surgery to reshape my acetabulum and femoral neck, in addition to repairing a torn labrum. This is my second hip surgery, the first being four years ago to repair a torn labrum. People always look at me odd when I tell them I've had hip surgery twice, since I'm only 28 years old. Luckily, both procedures were orthoscopic, so I was able to get on my feet pretty quickly. I'm hoping someone who is also recovering from this sort of injury would like to be sidekicks with me. It is easy to get frustrated by the limitations of what I'm able to do, doing an ho
  3. That could work, but I'd prefer not to be jumping at all. Can you think of a good warm up exercise that is mainly upper body? Someone suggested some cardio boxing, but i haven't had the chance to try it yet.
  4. Hi all! I have a bad left hip - I tore the labrum training for a half marathon and had surgery four years ago. Recently I found out I tore it again and will be having surgery to both repair the labrum and reshape the hip joint in about a month. For the past four years, my hip has really been a prohibiting factor in my ability to train. I can't run anymore, and I find it difficult to follow many workout plans because they like to incorporate things like jumping jacks or jump rope, etc, which causes me pain for days afterwards. I was wondering if anyone has suggestions to replace the impact
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