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  1. Friday karate night The first hour is done with the kids and we ran through the basic basics again to clean things up after the summer off. We finished up with some self defense. The last couple hours is the adult class. After a warm up with a bunch of wall kicks we ran through beginner kata, Taikyoku Shodan and Blocking Set Shodan. We wrapped the night up with similar self defense from earlier but taking it to the point of finishing with a lock and putting our partner on the floor. It was hot as balls in the gym, otherwise it was a pretty uneventful but fun night.
  2. 5s Strict Axle Strict axle press, 11@95 and 12@65 (FSL) superset with 5, 5x3 ring chins DB flat bench 3x10 @ 35 SS with BB curl 3x10 @ 45 Circuit: Trap bar shrugs 3x15 @90, incline curl 15,12,12 @ 10, and triceps pushdown 25,20,20 with EFS red band Some good old fashioned pump work...
  3. Two years is a long damn time not to pick up a chunk of iron in any meaningful way. I took a left turn down a career path that stuck me working night shifts for the last couple years, although with the silver lining of getting fuckin' paid, yo! I digress... So after a couple years of lucrative hell, and an existential crisis or twelve, I decided to quit my job in favor of something way less stressful. I also picked up karate last year and made seventh kyu in June when class wrapped for summer break. As soon as I hit cruise control on the work front I couldn't help but get everything else squar
  4. Yea, alive is very good. I got an interview and offer for the new job today, I start mid-August. My boss isn't going to be happy when I drop notice tomorrow but so it goes.
  5. It's been a rough, dark couple months ladies and gents. I'll spare everyone the details. Suffice to say that I am yet again waiting with baited breath on a new job, and I dropped out of NY Strongest due to not training for a couple months. I have however been spending a lot of time out in my kayak fishing and having a blast enjoying the summer with the family. And so it goes, I found myself in the gym on Monday night and again today. Monday I did bench, chins, strict press, DB rows, rolling extensions and incline curls. I've been feeling it for a couple days. In fact I don't think
  6. ME Deadlift/Events Deficit deadlift from yellow 15kg bumper plate: triples up to 365, singles at 385 and 405 - PR Farmer's walk at 125 per hand, 75': 4 runs, 13.42-10.26 seconds Sandbag carry 150 pounds, 75': 2 runs, untimed Tire flip: 4x6 at 300ish Kalle Beck does deadlifts on events day in his beginner program so I thought I'd pull that from it and use it. I need a second day of working on my press and the deadlift makes a lot of sense on an event day for me vs. only pressing once. I haven't pulled from a yellow bumper before but when I pulled from a 4" block
  7. Bro day Axle bench: 10s at 70, 110, 130; 2x8 at 155 Bar chin: 8,8,6 Slingshot CGBP: 12 at 135; 8,8,5 at 155 3-way raise with fat axle DBs: 3x10 at 10 superset with Barbell curl: 15,15,12 at 45 I forgot what a good pump felt like having been depleted for so long. Axle bench felt totally different than benching with a barbell and I really like it. I could feel everything contracting so much better and it took more focus to keep the bar in the groove and not let it fall out ahead. My arms were so pumped up after axle bench and chins that I needed help
  8. Volume squat Squat: 10 at 185, 10 at 190 Front squat: 20 at 95 Suspended SSB good morning: 2x5 at 225, 5 at 245 Kneeling band crunch: 20 with EFS light, 20 with EFS average, 12 with average and light SS with GHR: 7,6,5; hands behind back Weighted RC sit-ups: 2x10 +10 With my deload before and after my contest I haven't squatted in a couple weeks and it just felt awful and foreign. I could have moved more weight but I didn't want to risk fucking myself up this early in my training cycle with everything feeling so unstable. I'm going to be hammerin
  9. Greyskull LP makes a lot more sense to me as a beginner program than either SL or SS. It has higher volume and a better assortment of movements than either of the two default beginner templates.
  10. Speed press Log press: a bunch of doubles and triples at 135 and 145... I lost count but between 7 and 10 superset with Weighted chins: 5x5 +25 - rep PR Strict press: 13,4,3 rest-pause at 95 Yates row: 3x12 at 135 Close grip floor press: 3x10 at 135 superset with Hammer curl: 15,12,12 at 20 The log felt pretty good at 135 but started getting slow at 145 after a few doubles. I dropped back to 135 for a few and they were back to being fast enough to catch instead of press. I hit a rep PR on weighted chins with a total of 25
  11. I'd like to get something of a round table discussion going with some of the stronger members here about what good programming typically looks like. The internet is littered with training templates written by strong dudes that have made lots of other dudes pretty strong along with at least ten times as many ad-hoc piles of dogshit written by pencil neck skinny bastards. On top of that you have coaches and trainers writing both amazing and atrocious programs for individual trainees. What works for one guy may not work for another. What works for a man may or may not work best for a woman. At it
  12. If you want to get leaner then cut until you don't want to any more. After that come up so a slight surplus, gain until you don't like what you're seeing in the mirror and then do it all over again. The big take home message is that diet and training have a pretty shaky link until you are starting to pile some real weight on the bar. Also, adding lean mass to improve body composition really doesn't work until you are already fairly lean. Getting bigger with a decent layer of fat still covering everything just makes you look bigger, not jacked. With all that said, this all applies t
  13. Eat to your goals. If you want to get smaller then eat at a deficit. If you want to grow then eat at a surplus. I don't really ever advocate eating to maintain unless you just need an emotional break from a very long diet and then it's at most for a week. If you eat to maintain then you are either leaving gains on the platform or prolonging any goals involving getting leaner. I cut for a good part of three months going into my last contest and hit PRs both in the gym and at the contest. Being in a deficit doesn't mean you don't get stronger, especially if you are a novice trainee. Most gains e
  14. Morning weigh-in: 174.6 Fuckaround day Deadlift up to a single at 365 Strict press up to a single at 155 - PR at bodyweight CG Slingshot bench: 10@135, 10@155 Ring chins: 10,8 Tire flip: 2x10 at 300ish I transplanted a wild raspberry patch last week before my contest and got a pair of cherry and a pair of pear trees in the ground yesterday. I finally got around to shovelling out the chicken coop so their shit can compost out by May when I'll need it for the gardens and starting to make a dent in the metric fuckton of wood chips I got from a local tree
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