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  1. El Exorcisto

    Shit Warriors Eat

    Venison ribeye cooked medium rare over charcoal and Adirondack new potatoes sauteed in grass fed butter, garlic, and oregano. I killed the deer last fall and just dug the potatoes this afternoon.
  2. El Exorcisto

    Shit Warriors Eat

    Here's meal prep for Monday and Tuesday at work. I dusted a rabbit and a grouse while hunting today so I ended up with two rabbit front quarters, two rabbit legs, rabbit loin, and a grouse breast. I stewed them with mirepoix, garlic, and a bottle of Yeungling. This might be the best stew I've ever made.
  3. El Exorcisto

    Shit Warriors Eat

    My last few days' lunches and dinners. 5-6 oz venison steak, one fried egg, and mushrooms all sautéed in grass fed butter, washed down with grass fed raw milk. I'm doing a wee cut for a few weeks trying to get back under 180. Shit like this makes it a lot easier.
  4. El Exorcisto

    Shit Warriors Eat

    Simple but awesome, post strongman event workout. Six eggs cooked in a quarter stick of butter, covered in cheese, with a couple slices of cracked wheat and flax toast with butter. Wash it all down with a nice, tall glass of whole milk. http://ubuntuone.com/7AdQ1AWVIefk62nQELNDdf