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  1. Alright, so I have kinda the worst at this so far. I hit a bump right out of the gate, a difficult few work days coming at the same time as some news that hit me quite hard. But. I have done my wallowing, I am crawling out of my depression hole once more, I'm leaning more and more into things that make me feel good, and things are looking up. And my positive for the day? Apparently I've still got 'it', whatever 'it' may be! Will catch up with folks over the next few days.
  2. GOOD LUCK! (and remember to at least put a bucket under any disconnected pipes!)
  3. Heh, I'd have thought the dwarf of all people would have made his con saves, but the dice gods were not with him!
  4. I gave the poor guy a chance to roll a con save every turn until the end of combat, but his rolls were all abysmal... Luckily, this has made the shift into an entirely homebrewed campaign, so it gives me some more freedom with lycanthropy. I'm still pinning down the finer details, but I think I've got something manageable at the moment.
  5. ZERO WEEK I had very few aims for today, and what aims I had, I believe I achieved them. My positive for the day is that I delivered my D&D session, the one I've been so excited about, and I delivered it well enough for Mr Gooner, who plays our cleric (and very freshly bitten wereboar!), to say it was the best session yet. That felt good. That felt really, really damned good. And there is my teeny tiny positive for the day!
  6. It is indeed, and I am absolutely going to do everything that I can to help myself continue along the way!
  7. ZERO WEEK I haven't really started this, or as much as you can start a goalless challenge, anyway, but I think I have something of an idea of what I might do with this space for the next four weeks. First, though... I actually figured out why I'm having such a hard time with goals right now, and that's because I've actually achieved something I've been trying to achieve for as long as I can remember. I'm consistently functional. I'm consistently happy. I'm recovering. That's something I counted on trying to reach for my whole life, and now I'm here all of a sudden and I just... don't actu
  8. Follow along I might even learn a thing or two from you, from the sound of it!
  9. Wait, hold on, something is amiss here... Could it be...? *gasp* No gifs? Here of all places?! Well, I guess we'd all better step up our giffing efforts!
  10. A full armour sleeve would be pretty badass, gotta say!
  11. Heh, yeah, something like that! I've got a rough idea of that. Maybe it's time to get more detailed about it... Thanks!
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