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  1. Poor kitty! I usually buy frozen veg as it tends to be cheaper and I have a very tight budget for just about everything, but I can't resist getting fresh veg for mere pennies. A kg of carrots for 8p? Yes please! Broccoli for 5p? Even better! It gets snapped up in minutes, but I have a distinct advantage in that I'm often the one doing those reductions!
  2. Good to see you back again
  3. See now you can't move the cat! I hear you on the extra planning. Usually when I'm in that situation it's because I've found a good amount in the reduced section, so I have one or two days max to either eat it or cook it and freeze it to ensure it doesn't go bad and create waste.
  4. I like how you've set things up here. Also: I feel this. So much. Especially when climbing routes set by tall people!
  5. Always the sign of a good day! And I do quite like the idea of being flooded with fresh produce, it's one way to get more veggies into my diet!
  6. I appreciate you saying so, thank you. I do try my best when I'm asked for advice, I just can't quite get my head around why people are asking me. It's probably got to do with past hang-ups and the like, something I do need to work on coming to terms with and then moving on from. Until then I guess I'll keep trying and try not to second guess myself so much.
  7. [0102] Today has been an alright day, more or less. Things are getting kind of weird at work, there's a lot of underhand shit and power grabbing going on and it's reaching out and clouding everyone, even those of us who try and stay out of workplace politics. There's not much I can do other just keep on doing what I usually do, it'll either reach a breaking point and then we'll see, or it'll fade away. Doesn't make for a great atmosphere, unfortunately. Things are getting kind of weird personally as well, mostly in that I find that somehow I keep being the one to be giving out relationship advice. It's not that I'm offering as such, I just get asked. It's kind of weird. I don't know whether I'm freaked out by it or not but I do know that I feel deeply unqualified to be doing so. I've gotten on quite well apart from that. I've eaten well, slept well, and used the free time I've had to read and work on my narrative. I did entertain the idea of running after work, but it began pissing kittens so I decided against it. Things don't seem quite so urgent now that my January race has been moved a whole year away, though I don't want to fall into the trap of constantly delaying actually getting out there. Going to get back to my book before going to bed. It'll help calm my mind before I attempt to sleep.
  8. Glad to hear it! And hey, it's not always about being brave, it's about just doing it regardless, and you're already halfway there.
  9. The way I see it, you can play it one of two ways (and I'm assuming that said gathering will be done with current covid safety precautions in mind etc). One, you can send her a message saying that you want to join in but you're a little worried about your fitness levels/wanting to use it to help get back into shape. I would put money on her replying that it wouldn't be an issue. And then you go. Two, you can bypass and always be wondering 'what if'. Honestly, I understand why it seems intimidating, but it's never not going to be that way unless you step out of your comfort zone and do something about it. Plus it's always nice to have queer friends when you're that way inclined, and it might even be that if you go and stick with it, you'll get more confidence of your own. Sometimes you just need to take a leap into the unknown, do something terrifying, and figure it out as you go along. Either it turns out to be a good thing and you're glad you did it, or a bad thing, in which case there's no obligation to stick with it.
  10. I'm not surprised! I am so glad I've got food in front of me right now, because this is making my stomach rumble just as badly as Tank's thread does!
  11. Thank you! That's high praise indeed! Heh, yep, my dwarf isn't so shy now! And thanks Thank you!
  12. I am loving the animal companion pics (please give all of them a hug from me if they will allow it!), please keep them coming whether they're named Loki or not!