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  1. WEEK TWO, DAY FOUR Work today was shit, I'll say that right off the bat. It was shit, but I handled my stress far better. And that was mostly due to the fact that I'd had a very good couple of hours beforehand. I went into town early to meet up with Sunshine as she'd attended a friend's funeral. Mostly I was there to support her, and partly to support me. We spent a couple of hours just sitting in the park, enjoying the peace and the sun and the company. Really, it was exactly what we both needed. And then work happened. I did expect it to be a rough shift given some of the technical difficulties that we had last night, but it was a little worse than that. But it's the last one of the week tomorrow, thankfully. TWO - MOVEMENT I did a lot of walking today, so that's what's going to count as my movement. I am thoroughly enjoying the fact that my work commute is now a three mile walk (each way) through some very vibrant green country. THREE - FOOD/WATER Food was no issue today. I had a very large brunch, wolfed down a decent sized portion of cottage pie and mixed veg when I got to work, and had my homemade dinner during my break. Water, on the other hand, was not so great and as a result I do have a bit of a dehydration headache (which is in an entirely different part of my head to the stress headache I also have). And that's about it for today. I did have more planned, but I changed those plans at the last minute. Now I just have to get through tomorrow's shift, and then prepare myself for another parental visit on Saturday. They found more of my books in their attic. I want those books back and I now know I can navigate a very short visit successfully, so I'm letting it go ahead.
  2. I've done similar things before now. Really I'm just thankful I managed to stop myself from properly spiralling yesterday. Might be a first there... And while work wasn't better, the rest of today most definitely was. Thanks And I am always down for hugs!
  3. I definitely wouldn't say lazy. You've got a lot to contend with right now with your recovery, and that's going to tire you out. Taking it easy is a sensible decision and one that'll do you good.
  4. A seventy day duolingo streak is definitely impressive. I do kind of need to get myself back on there... And your new hair looks amazing!
  5. Thanks! I didn't know meat and veg shapes were supposed to match, so that's me learned something new too
  6. WEEK TWO, DAY THREE Keeping it short tonight. Today was not good. Before work has turned into a blur, and actually being at work was a nightmare. It was one of those days where everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong. I got stressed, then I panicked about being stressed, then I got stressed about being panicked. And so on. Some bright spark also decided to put me on enough shifts to have overtime next week, and that caused some panic when I saw that. Fortunately that is getting fixed. In the end it was a massive relief to get out of there. Sunshine came down to meet me and we spent a short time together before I walked home. Both of those things helped relieve the stress massively, and I'm looking forward to a good sleep tonight. Hoping for a better tomorrow.
  7. Ok. This one I definitely need the recipe for!
  8. It's the exception here too, I think. Everywhere else I've lived hasn't let me do any decorating, I've lived in tones of beige and white for going on nine years, but they were actually quite enthusiastic about it for this one. I was told that I could paint so long as there was nothing inappropriate or disturbing put on the walls and that I could put up shelves and the like so long as everything done was safe. She had much the same reaction to begin with, think they/them etc. was a plural thing, but we talked through it. Turns out that ever since I told her about being nonbinary she'd actually started changing how she referred to me in conversation with others, using my name over using female pronouns, which I was so surprised and happy to learn. She's dealing with this really well. Thanks, me too! Believe me, I know! She's been so good about this whole thing that I almost can't believe it, but she keeps assuring me that it's me as a whole she cares for, and that a little thing like a slightly unconventional gender won't change things.
  9. WEEK TWO, DAY TWO Tomorrow is July and I have no idea what to do with this information. Time continues to be incredibly difficult for me to actually figure out, but as long as I do things like go to work on the rights days and pay my rent on time, it should be ok. And today I am happy, very much so. It's kind of an odd feeling to be so happy so regularly, but I'd like to get used to it, I really would. Part of that happiness was down to Sunshine's visit. It was crappy weather, so we holed up and watched films and I cooked for us. I also managed to finish the conversation I started with her a little while back and am incredibly relieved to know that she's adjusted to me being nonbinary just fine and, after finishing the conversation, is now on board to use neutral pronouns rather than female ones. The other part of the happiness is just realising that I am in fact getting into the swing of things, I think, anyway. ONE - RUNNING Yesterday morning's run was a shuffle, but I had prepared myself for that and didn't beat myself up. The rain actually made it quite enjoyable and refreshing, and the lower temperatures were welcomed with open arms. TWO - MOVEMENT Yesterday was some stretching, and today I was joined for a not-so-serious yoga session. Admittedly not much was done in the way of working out, but it was fun regardless. THREE - FOOD/WATER Still going well. Hydration target was met yesterday and has been today, and while food was a little all over the place yesterday, it's been very good today. FOUR - EVERYTHING Not applicable just yet. FIVE - CREATIVITY That fell into much the same category as goal two did. Things were done, I had company,and nothing actually serious happened, but that wasn't the aim of it at all. I'm now looking down the barrel of three days in a row. It feels a little odd to know that three five hour shifts will cause me almost as much exhaustion as my former six ten hour shifts, but I know it's part of recovering. All I have to do is try my best to follow the plan I set out and, if I need to, actually ask for help. I'm getting better at that.
  10. Looks like a good plan to me, and I really hope it works for you and things get a little less crazy. I reckon we could all do with a little less craziness in our lives right now...
  11. It's taken a very long time for me to say it and believe it, but it's easier nowadays. All I have to do is keep reminding myself of it, keep moving forwards anyway, and you're right, I will come through. Thanks! It's already off to a great start That pretty much hits the nail on the head. My patience has been extremely hard earned (although many years of working in retail helps build it...) and I am currently refusing to lose it and find myself starting again. It's pretty great. She's really enthusiastic about it, so I have a personal cheerleader of sorts, and one who knows just what to say to get me moving forward.
  12. That's fair about the eggs. Echoing Xena again on nut portion sizes. I'm not a nut fan, but the few I do like to eat (in particular cashews), I have to fight to stop myself gorging on them... They pack a lot in them for something so small.
  13. Your town looks amazing, the forest and the hills are right there. That's exactly what you want! Also, that bookstore... I've got bookstore withdrawal, I think!
  14. Nothing beats a good thunderstorm. We've had them forecast all of last week, but we got one and it was over with half a dozen cracks of thunder. YES