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  1. Appreciate that Tank, thanks Tumblr is essentially what you make it. It's got a reputation, sure, but that's only a narrow portion of the site. I've never had any trouble in my little corner, and I've met some wonderful people there. However, there is also a steady stream of real world events and news that turns up on my dash, and that's part of what I'm needing to distance from. And I'm happy to hear you're enjoying the pictures! It is a very satisfying project, and I'm hoping to finish up today or tomorrow. Thank y
  2. Ok. So things have been happening. Not major things, just lots of little things. Unfortunately it's been topped off by two pieces of bad news this week. One, I'm not likely to see Sunshine until mid-February, which is a sucker punch. Two, a friend of mine had a severe stroke and is now on life support in a medically induced coma. These things have been enough of a wake-up for me to realise that I have taken a step down the road that does not lead to recovery, so I'm referring myself back to therapy and I'm taking steps to limit myself from the bad news parade of the internet and keep from stre
  3. Appreciate that, thank you This makes me so, so happy to hear. I very much want this to be a good thing for both of you, and to know that it is... yeah, that's seriously wonderful.
  4. [WEEK SOMETHING] I'm in an odd place right now and I don't much like it. Some of it is the grey and miserable weather. Some of it is being back to work. Some of it is the ramifications of being back to work, in that I have gone from an environment where I choose who I interact with, and everyone I do knows and respects who I am, to an environment where I am excessively gendered. Some of it is something I have yet to identify. There isn't much I can do about the weather, but I can make sure I get some fresh air and use my SAD lamp. There isn't much I can do about my work enviro
  5. It really does, but I think my mini-break has helped me get things back in line. It is really not fun, but thank you You're right, it is a journey, and we will get through this. My weekend was actually pretty great, thanks!
  6. [WEEK TWO] Just a quick note to add to the above replies. Yesterday wasn't such a great day for me. I weighed myself for the PvP and the numbers got to me more than I'd like, plus the addition of the miserable weather outside and no sun... I wasn't exactly happy. I wallowed. And while I do feel better today, I have the unfortunate emotional hangover effect in play so I'm taking it slowly. I will catch up with everyone. I will have another narrative instalment up. I will update my goals to reflect last week's realisations. Just slowly! Thanks all for che
  7. Very melty brain... I'm getting better with the getting up part! I think it's more a case of figuring out the real reasons for avoiding certain things and all that, which will be, er... fun? Minorly better after rest, thank you. The Sunday session was great fun, and I am really enjoying prepping for my Saturday session. Heh, the run cured the melty brain for the time I was out, so maybe the solution could be to run more...? I would very much welcome more frequent hugs fr
  8. Pretty much the same, to be honest. I suppose I could count that as a win as they don't feel tighter.
  9. ...I've gone up instead of down. Can't say I'm all too happy about that, but then I knew I had some work to do, so...
  10. [WEEK ONE END] Not much of a summary, my brain is melted. Run was slow and soggy. D&D was a blast though. I decided to get really, really drunk when we finally reached our destination, and succeeded right before the start of our big fight... Talk about bad timing! Afterwards I intended to take a break but instead slipped into planning for my Saturday session. @Jarric has given me an excellent idea that may just help me tie things together while I'm still figuring this stuff out. One thing I am taking away from this is that I need to set a wake-up goal. I'll figure that out
  11. [WEEK ONE] Confession time: I completely forgot about pretty everything challenge related today. And yet... I went for a teeny tiny walk, which counts, and I can do my workout once I've had dinner and that's settled. Me-time was a treat today, spent plenty of time tidying up my hair and pampering myself a little. It did involve a confrontation with the bathroom mirror, but I think I achieved some sense of body neutrality rather than negativity, so that's something. I have no idea how much water I consumed, but I think if I haven't met my target yet, I will by the e
  12. I have a great deal of confidence in my ability to survive whatever happens ...he is going to make me regret saying that, isn't he?
  13. I keep trying to tell myself that... I'm mostly ok this morning. Apart from my backside. Ass DOMS are unpleasant! And I intend to dip into a bottle tonight
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