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  1. 30/05/2018 Didn't do much today. Had a bit of a lie in as I was dead tired from the day before. Was supposed to go to the gym but couldn't manage to get up in time. The 4am start the previous day killed me I think. MIND Did some R training though. Got through a couple of sections of DataCamps course.
  2. 29/05/2018 BODY Gym session again this morning - bright and early. First time doing a session this early and then going to work... Warm up 20 min walk to gym - 2.02km Main - completed 2.4km in 22:25 2min walk/3 min run/1min walk 2min run/1 min walk for remaining 14 minutes. 2.25 cool down walk Cool down Stretching 20 min walk home - 2.02km
  3. 28/05/2018 BODY Completed my first workout in my home gym. Not much in there at the moment but hoping to build it up over the year. P1 - Circuit x3 - rest 2 mins between sets 10 BW Squats 6 push ups 10 hip raises 10 walking lunges 20 bicylce kicks 10 double leg raises P2 - Circuit x2 - rest 2 mins between sets 10 bent over rows at 6kg (each arm) 6 arnold press at 6kg 4 reverse fly at 6kg Finished all the diet coke in the house today and will not be buying anymore for the house. First
  4. 27/05/2018 BODY Barely done anything today. Managed around 3 miles walking which is better than nothing. Having family round has screwed up my intentions. Got barely any sleep as I shared a bed with my sister...who is not someone you can share a bed with... SOUL Books read: 1 Finished reading Get Your Sh*t Together by Sarah Knight. It was pretty good. One that I've taken a few things from. In particular it's why I started to look out things to donate or throw out. I like her style of writing although I imagine most of her books are quit
  5. 26/05/2018 BODY Not managed to do anything today as the family are round however we did walk to and from the shops so covered around 6 miles of walking today - nice bit of active recovery for my sore quads from yesterday's training. SOUL Family are round to my new home for the bank holiday weekend. My older sister is coming with them which will be great. Not seen her in months because of the move. Spent quite a bit of the evening yesterday tidying up and making sure boxes are out of the way etc. It's starting to really look like my home now!
  6. 25/05/2018 BODY Starting weight: approx 11stone 12 (166 pounds/75.3kg). Photos: added to my drive Went to the gym super early today. Did around 45 minutes of exercise. Will need to either get there earlier or have a shorter workout if I want to go to the gym before work. Warm up 20 min walk to gym - 2.02km 10 min Run on treadmill - 1.07km Main Squat - 5/5/5 @ 20kg then 1 rep @ 30kg Deadlift - 5/5/5 @ 30kg then 2 reps @ 40kg Max Plank - 36secs/40secs/30secs Burpees over bar then Push Pre
  7. PHASE 1: BUILDING MY FRAMEWORK MIND Join local 5side/7side football club Learn R BODY Gym 3 days a week Park run 2x a month Reduce Soda intake SOUL Free up space in new house - Donate! Organise documents Read 18 books by Decemeber
  8. EPIC QUEST Mind Complete French Duolingo Complete German Duolingo Learn BSL Learn to play guitar (or something similar) Body Run a half marathon Complete an obstacle race/run Complete 1 pull up Complete a handstand Squat my bodyweight Deadlift my bodyweight Soul Pay off mortgage Pay off windows
  9. I made great progress in my first two years of NF but then I left uni, moved back home and life/work took over. I've tried to come back several times as I know this is the place I see the best results but have failed every attempt as life just took over. My life/work situation has calmed down a bit and I'm now ready to rebuild what's been destroyed in the past two years ..so here I am trying again... What's gone wrong? Gained around 18 pounds Lost endurance etc. for cardio activities Began drinking soda again Eat too much (portion control
  10. Going ok. I did a workout on Monday and it was as follows: Warm Up 50/50 Jumping Jacks 2 minute stretching Workout 10/10/12 One Arm Dumbbell Row @ 3.75kg 20/20/25 Crunches 7/7 Kneeling Push Ups 2 Standard Push Ups 15/15/15 Squats 8/8/8 Standing Shoulder Dumbbell Press 2 minute Stretching Really struggling with Push Ups. Always have, but I can't seem to make any progress on it - and its one of the exercises where I can fall back incredibly quickly!
  11. It's been a long time since I was on these forums and probably even longer since I took part in a challenge. I've been in a lull for quite a while, not exactly eating healthy but not being so bad that I've lost all the progress I had made last year. However, the past couple of months I've felt like absolute rubbish. Both mentally and physically. Work has been horrible and it has affected how I'm coping in my downtime. And no amount of moping at home is going to change that. So I want to change my system. I want to start getting stronger again and get back to the place where I feel
  12. I actually completely forgot about updating this forum! I did pretty well on my challenge. Didn't get 100% in everything but I am still running, still blogging and still stretching so something must have worked! On to the next four week challenge.
  13. No running yesterday or today but I do feel a lot better. Will probably go for a jog tomorrow. Took the dog for walks again yesterday and today so they will count as my 'runs'. They were longer walks than normal and today I picked up the pace a little to get my body prepared. Blog Post for yesterday: No More Soda
  14. Still no running and probably no running tomorrow either. Took the dog for a walk though so I will count that as my 'run' as it's something I don't normally do. Blog Post for today: Chapter Five Another section of my novel - Hidden Secrets...
  15. No running today as I am still unwell. I don't think running tomorrow will be a good idea either so I will be walking instead. Take the dog for a couple of laps. Blog Post for today: Hello 2016 A few things planned for this year...I can't wait!
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