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  1. Further specifications are that I'd rather wear socks and they need to have laces (lacing my key is the only comfortable way I've found of taking it out with me).
  2. I've been looking into getting some 'barefoot'/minimalist shoes for a while now and have found that generally speaking, a lot of models are aimed at trail running. That's not really an option for me since I live in a city for most of the year, so I need some recommendations for shoes that are aimed at/will work well for road running. I should note that I have no experience with trail running shoes so for all I know they might work perfectly for roads, it's just I've noticed companies like Merrell have products for each so I assumed there must be some reason for that.
  3. Check out jog.fm It recommends songs in the genres you pick based on your running tempo. Would probably work for other training too.
  4. Runkeeper to map out runs and to log them (it calculates speed and elevation and so on which is handy, as well as distance). I also try to keep an Excel spreadsheet so I don't get too frustrated by Runkeeper being uncooperative.
  5. I can't answer that query, but the forum seems to work fine on my Galaxy S3. I'm using Chrome. Have you tried updating?
  6. Humans aren't 'designed' to sit down much, stare at screens, or wear clothes either. Doing without them would make life harder though. For every article like the Wellness Mama one there is one stating why meat is bad for you, many more stating why high-fat diets are bad for you and so on. There are the diets like Weight Watchers which recommend low-fat, and diets like Atkins (paleo isn't very different to it) that are low-carb. Plenty of people seem to have good results with one, both, or neither. I would imagine food variety could become a problem as a vegan without grains. It could b
  7. No More Tears while pushing hard.
  8. Thanks, my plan is to get to the stage where I can run to a specific park without difficulty then add that to my training. I moved back to university on Friday, hence the lack of updates. I went for a run at 6.30am this morning...before going back to bed. It was fun. Other goals are going well.
  9. Well naturally, it's a TV show. It's not their responsibility to fix people's problems, that lies with them. That it provides people motivation at all is commendable.
  10. There was also a show on Channel 5 the other day that was something like '50 myths about health and fitness'. The bit I caught was also in line with much of what NF would have to say.
  11. Migraines =/= headaches. Visual symptoms are common with them, as are food triggers.
  12. If I suddenly start eating a lot more protein I get headaches too. I guess you don't start running and immediately go for a marathon, so why do it with diet? Maybe if you started slow you'd have less of an issue? I know migraine sufferers can be particularly sensitive to certain foods as well, so perhaps it's something you ate (or didn't eat).
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