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  1. Day 1 & 2 Hi everyone, I hope everyone has a decent start to their challenge! Day 1 Sunday was my partner's birthday, so I spent that with her instead of the challenge. We played Jackbox with some friends, went out for a car ride, and drank a lot of caffeine. It was a really good day. Day 2 I woke up, and refreshed myself on form for some strength exercises. When I looked up the NF dumbbell routine, I quickly discarded it because of one reason: push-ups. I cannot, never have been able to do push-ups, even at my fittest. Modified push-ups have never felt very productive to me. So, I decided to do dumbbell bench presses & rows instead. And then I got to thinking, I used to do Stronglifts 5x5, and it has bench presses & rows, why don't I just use that since I have the app? I looked at the squat rack, and remembered why I didn't already decide that. The office is set in a way where I can't adjust the safety bars any lower. They're set for squats, so I can't use the barbell for bench presses. Yet. So, I'm going to just follow the 5x5 routine, but use dumbbells for bench presses & rows. Barbell rows have always been a difficult lift for me to 'read', so starting off with dumbbells feels right (maybe the posture is more straightforward? I'm not sure). I have a standard barbell because I originally bought an adjustable dumbbell set with a lot of standard plates. I weighed out the 'bells. My bar is 19 lb & my dumbs are 9 lb total (4.5 lb each). I reset my app, put in my available equipment, and adjusted the starting weight of today's exercises. I started off with 'just the bar' (figuratively), and I'm glad I did. I've had a ~learning experience~ in the past with the bench press by starting off too heavy and plateauing way too soon. So yeah, it was really goofy & awkward starting off with basically no weight, but that's what I expected. It's about getting the body to remember, right? At least at first. Afterwards, I decided I wanted to continue my productivity, and took a walk. The hot weather actually felt good for the first 18 minutes, and then I started vigorously melting. I was very happy I was so close to home when that hit me. I had my therapy session (luckily it was more practical than emotional today). I wrote in my journal the things we went over, how I felt about events in the past few days, and yeah. Just checking in with myself. 5x5 Barbell Squats: 19 lb Dumbbell Bench Press: 19 lb total Dumbbell Rows: 19 lb total Walk: 20 minutes Journal: Complete
  2. Thank you, and you're right, doing it is the real challenge. Thanks for following
  3. You're totally right, just getting the bike in working order was a big step and now I just have to use it! It is hot here in Los Angeles (the valley), so I'll probably stick to mornings if I want to bike ride. Luckily, I tolerate walking in the heat pretty well, at least at first. I may redact that statement when my walks start getting longer
  4. Hi Hazard! Just curious, why were the stats discontinued? Were folks getting caught up in them?
  5. Thank you everyone! I promise all these responses are very motivating for me. I'm excited to see everyone's challenges as well I got back on my bike after a couple of months today. Filled the tires, started off gentle, then biked for 15 minutes. I'm pretty sure I didn't cool down properly because I feel pretty nauseous at the moment. I made sure to bike before I ate, but it was probably just a shock to my system. At least I can walk just fine! Hah. For my strength routine, the first week might look a bit goofy as my partner & I are going camping for 4 days for their birthday. I think I can still schedule things correctly. I decided to go with the NF dumbbell routine while our office/gym room is still being reorganized. After this challenge, I'll probably switch to barbell since the squat rack will be accessible again. Thanks for the investment, past self
  6. Hello, fellow level 1 (ignore the signature)! You & I will both be bike riding, so I'll be checking in on your posts when the challenge starts Good luck to both of us!
  7. Hello folks! Many years ago, I used to post in this forum. I was a casual poster, but tried a few challenges. A lot has changed since I was last here, so it seems fitting to return to the start line. I have unfortunately dropped the ball on my general health. I got distracted with my career, love life, and anxiety chewed away at my remaining will. I used to be of average health, now I'm back to my pre-fitness levels of obesity & performance. I'm not putting myself down for it. I simply have postponed taking action longer than I'd like. No more of that! Right now is the perfect time for me to focus on my physical health. Because I have such a long journey from where I am starting to where I want to be, I divided up my goals even further than I normally would. For the Biggest of Pictures, I have my Ultimate goal. This will be my compass when the fog of everyday life gets too thick. It will help me remember why I subject myself to these whims. Ultimate Goal: Balanced performance of strength & endurance 20-23% body fat Comfortably bike 30+ miles Comfortably hike 4-6 hours Run a 5K It will take me a very, very long time to get to those goals, especially the body fat %. Because it seems so far away, I created a mid-boss to have an anchor to look forward to in the meantime. When I was at my healthiest, I was still on my journey to that Ultimate Self, but I was also very satisfied with who I was in the moment. I miss those days with a giant dose of nostalgia when I see pictures from that era. It was about 5 years ago, so there's nothing stopping me from returning to that level except my procrastination. Mid-Boss: Novice lifter 170 lb (don't remember my %) Comfortably bike 15 miles 4x/week Comfortably walk 2 hours 5-6x/week Hike 2-3 hours I loved who I was even at the mid-boss level, but I'm not even close to that, either. That's okay, that's why I'm here. Today: No strength routine 240 lb Can bike for 1.5 miles until heart rate spikes (Oof) Walking for more than 20 minutes feels like jogging at mid-boss level Hike? Outside? Can we just take a drive? So. Cat's out of the bag, I have really let myself go. I grew up a fat kid, had a near-death experience, took charge of my health for 3 years, lost a lot of social support in a short amount of time, and mental illness ravaged whatever threads I had left. Over time, it just got a bit worse every year until now. Okay , Okay. Enough rambling. Let's get to the good stuff. Quest 1: Establish a Fitness Routine Establishing habit is my main goal for this challenge. It is the King Bob-omb. I'm not going to look at performance as a metric, although I will keep it in mind as the weeks go on. I haven't decided on a specific strength routine yet, but luckily I have previous experience to draw on before the 2nd rolls up. I'll make a second "pre" post detailing it. SMART translation: Strength train with full-body work-out 2x/week Walk or bike for 20+ minutes, 3+x/week Quest 2: Improve Endurance Okay, I lied. I'm honestly worried about my heart's health, especially with current events. I don't like how obvious my body struggles to exist, so it's my "lighthouse" goal. I need something tangible to feel like I'm doing something productive, because establishing habits doesn't quite do it for me. SMART translation: Increase walk duration by 5 minutes each time Increase bike duration by 5 minutes each time Quest 3: Begin to Lose Weight I'm leaving this one somewhat vague on purpose. I believe that actions come first, results will come later. I have unfortunately had a lot of false starts by expecting to lose weight as quickly & firmly as I did the first time, and gave up after weeks of my weight not budging. I honestly consider plateauing a victory at this point, but I'd like to see my weight go down after 4 consistent weeks of habit-forming. SMART translation: Weight at any point under 240 lb by 9/5/20 Bonus: Record-Keeping My last goal is to journal more often. It helps my mental health. SMART translation: Journal entry 3+x/week Duty calls, so I must depart. But I will be back soon!
  8. Day 10. Walking: + 1 hour 47 minutes, + 5.37 miles
  9. This thing is pretty cool. I was never in sports so this is like... the first "health" team I've been in. It's the perfect balance of independence and team motivation for me :] logging in and seeing a low mile day makes me want to make that number bigger. Although that's probably because people just haven't been logging yet, but either way it works on my brain
  10. Day 9. Walking: + 40 minutes, +1.7 miles Organizing: + 1 Cleaned out another drawer and finally put my clean clothes inside for the first time... ever. Today was a productive day. I woke up and cooked, did laundry, and my friend came over. She asked if I wanted to eat out, and I said that I'd cook for her. She happily accepted that. We walked to the grocery, she picked out the steak and veggies (sauteed brocolli & "fried" tomatoes), and we ended up cooking together. This was the friend that was initially unsupportive, so it quietly felt like a big deal to me. It seemed pretty normal to her. She mentioned how she wished she had some dinner rolls but I knew it wasn't a jab. Nice night, and my friend seems in a more positive spirit. That's always good. I also cleaned up some odds and ends. I got the Level Up book today! I read the first 60 pages at the laundromat. So far it's a mix of what I expected and some good words to keep on hand when I'm feeling blah. I'm right before the "Phase 2" part of the book. Might read some before bed but I kinda want to save it for when I wake up tomorrow. Woke up at 12pm today. I fell asleep at 2am. I haven't had sleep that awesomely log-like since.... a very, very, very long time.
  11. Day 8. Hiking: + 1 hour 8 minutes, + 2.77 miles Organizing: + 1 Got rid of some recycling. Will need multiple trips cause motorcycle. The last two days, the Eeyore demons got the best of me. Today is time for some Tigger demons. I didn't get out of bed yesterday. Not once. Didn't eat. There's some stuff going on in my life that I don't feel in control of, so it's... hard. It's been 6 weeks of eating paleo today. I honestly thought my mood would improve by now. That makes me suspect it's not really about my physical health, which... makes it harder. That's part of what I've been sulking about. But, because I never got out of bed yesterday, I got plenty of sleep at night, and woke up at 4:30 am today. It's a bit too early for my tastes, but it's a start towards fixing my schedule.
  12. Day 7: Weekly Progress Walking Totals: 3:08:13 total time. Success! 8.6 total miles Organizing: 6/7 days Workout: 1/2 days Hiking: 0/1 days "Don't ruin a good today by thinking about a bad yesterday."
  13. I probably can. It's mostly the jumping jacks. I could just do a replacement. But really, I just want to fix my sleep schedule. I have to align it with school by the time February rolls around. I'm skeptical to the idea that sleeping at a certain time is healthier than another, but I can't argue with the need for more sun. And, it's just annoying to have shops closed all the time.
  14. Day 5. Walking: +17 minutes, + 0.7 miles Organizing: + 2 Cleared out two drawers of my dresser. Two more to go. For the first time since moving here I can actually put my clean clothes away. Cripes. Workout: + 1 3 sets of: squats x20 +15 lb knee push-ups x7 walking lunges x10 +15 lb dumbbell rows x10 +15 lb 70 second planks jumping jacks x30 I hate lunges. That is all. (It's not raining tomorrow so it's gonna be hike day! I'm actually pretty excited.)
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