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  1. Thanks Athena - no butter or sugar on oatmeal. Took a drive down the coast and went on a 2 hour hike with my husband... was a LOT of fun! We're planning more adventures.
  2. Leek, thinly sliced Carrot, thinly sliced Wom Buk, sliced 2-3 sticks celery, sliced 1 tsp garlic, crushed (equal to 1 clove of garlic) 1 zucchini, sliced into matchsticks 1 lt liquid vegetable stock (organic, massell, whatever works) 1 - 2 tsp oliv oil 6 shallots/spring onions, sliced 2 tbsp bragg's seasoning (liquid aminos I think it's called in the US) ground black pepper tsp vegetable stock powder 1 scoop metagenics shake it soup powder (optional protein, I had it on the shelf from my naturopath) In a pot, sautee the garlic and leeks in the olive oil until soft. I usually add in a splash of water so that they don't dry out and burn. Toss in the carrots, celery, zucchini, and wom buk, stirring. Add in the vegetable stock powder, pepper, and any herbs you wish to add. Add the liquid vegetable stock and the shallots. Once cooked (doesn't take long, if you thinly slice everything!), stir in the shake it soup powder and the bragg's seasoning. Perfect as a shield against hunger, or serve over cooked quinoa or rice for a more substantial meal. Delicious!
  3. Also, I'm putting this here to remind me of the health benefits and my personal goal of improving my health. I want to: improve cardiac fitness decrease body fat decrease negative heath effects heal my liver (hence no cheese) improve general disposition (decrease the sads) improve strength improve physical appearance plus, all the other good things this dude mentions.
  4. Up nice and early. Walked further today, in my 40 minutes, than previously. This is a small sign that things are improving. Feel I could have walked longer, but the ankle I broke several years ago was paining, so I figured it's best to let it rest. I achieved my goal: 40 minutes of exercise. Breakfast: oatmeal. Felt a little ick; am wondering if I am allergic/sensitive to wheaty oaty things... Apparently, morning walks suit me. Later in the day, and I'm too tired... too unmotivated. Now, to make some vegan soup, with zucchinis, shallots, and other green goodies.
  5. Took a lovely walk on the weekend. Planning a hike for the upcoming weekend... Trying to have NO cheese.
  6. 40 minutes of walking at a decent pace: leg muscles nicely ticking as a result. Walking-meditation-mantra: "I am strong. I am fit."
  7. Level One, Week One Having fought my way through the urban jungle, I discovered an item of interest - some simple armour for the legs: "trackies". I equipped them, the thick black fabric encasing my legs, keeping the lower half of my body warm, in this Winter wasteland, and, coupled with the "shoes of walking", I have been improving my skill, slowly, slowly. It's going to take some time to regain the former strength and stamina I had in a previous incarnation. Flashes of that past strong, fit body wash over me, but I push them aside and work on breathing, every step bringing me closer to a new truth, a new existence. In my humble abode, I set about removing any traps: the Red Rock, Cadbury, soft-drink kind. My Naturopath has advised the cessation of dairy foods, to aid in healing my broken liver. Cheese is my Kryptonite... so my focus this week is on decreasing its hold on me. My simple, single concession will be a splash of milk in my morning potion. Cheese. Oh cheese, how I love thee. But our time together must end, until my healing is absolute. Yesterday, I spent some enjoyable hours in the crafting of delicious, nutritious, cheese-free meals. Vegetables and lentils in a pie, vegetable and lentil soup, and magic gluten-free baked beans: these are my weapons against hunger, and also the source of my healing power. I need strength in order to master the ways of my sword... to become the true warrior that I am.
  8. Thank you for the warm, encouraging welcome! Feeling under the weather today, so I've had soup and a rest. Winter is here!
  9. Hi there, I'm really keen on the concept of gamifying my health, so here I am at Level One. I have a *lot* of weight to lose. More importantly, though, I want to regain my fitness. In the space of 18 months, my fitness has all but disappeared; hopefully, now that so many things in my life have changed for the better, I will also regain my fitness. That is my ultimate goal in this quest. I used to train 4-6 days a week, for over 10 years. Whilst I carried extra weight, I was fit. I could run, do a stack of push-ups and crunches etc; lift a respectable amount in weight training; and I loved boxing, too. That all evaporated when I ended my marriage of 20 years, after discovering a looooooooooooong history of cheating. I couldn't afford gym, but I went back to uni, got my degree, and I'm working, and taking care of my family. Unfortunately, in the wake of the divorce, I lost my fitness, and my health. I am now determined to turn this around, get my health back in order, and continue to keep the goodness growing in my life. Anyhoo... I'm here at Level One, and I am trying to figure out what that looks like. Level One, Week One: Kill the Rats! Walk every day this week Plan, cook, and eat healthy, portion-smart meals Hydrate & vitamins Clear cupboards of any "rat-traps" Now, to work on levelling up!
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