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  1. So according to my notes, the last time I lurked on NF was during July 2015. Yikes! Time to change that. I don't sleep well or enough. And judging by the threads here (“The Sleeping Quarters”? Really?) I'm not alone. I figure it's the best place to start re-improving my life: it should solidify my timetable, which would solidify my mealtimes, which would solidify my work timetable, which will then be more amenable to structured exercise sessions… and not this haphazard mix of is-it-work-or-is-it-distraction and let's-do-a-few-pushups-here-and-a-squat-there-and-what
  2. Although most people fall off the face of the Earth during Week 4, I tend to have my “miraculous return†around that time instead. Such as this time as well. My challenge progress table took a while to make, but now it’s finally up. I’m also working on a different progress visualization approach—namely a “character HP/MP display box†like in most RPGs—but I don’t have anything (graphical) to show for it yet.[1] Formally, I’m doing quite well: most of the time every major column group (career, exercise, sleep) has two out of three entries positive, sometimes even all three.
  3. Having spent the past 3 nights on classic computer science data structures and algorithms, I’m pretty sure it’s starting to affect my senses. Everywhere I look, I always see the same thing: “Such B-trees. Many Dijkstra. Very Floyd.†I do hope this is temporary… In other news, Happy Hour is proceeding, uh, happily. Save for “minor†sacrifices in sleep due to the homework submission thing above, I’ve been happily sticking to Happy Hour for times of happiest happiness. Furthermore, like last time, I’m preparing a challenge progress table, which is hopefully both easier to read a
  4. It’s Happy Hour! Happy “Bedtime†Hour: 10–11pm. Time to be in bed within that hour.Happy “Career†Hour: 10am–12pm. Time to work on advancing my career during those hours.Happy “Fitness†Hour: 7–8pm. Time to exercise during that hour.Any career work/exercise that furthers the goal is game.We’re mostly through Week 2 already, so it’s high time for this! Go!
  5. It’s been a while. As always. I was in Munich on Thursday and Friday last week, in order to (make the Courier) borrow some books from my alma mater’s library: one book on matroids (a generalized linear independence structure), one on semidefinite programming (linear optimization problems, but with positive semidefiniteness instead of non-negativity), and one on data compression (the reason why your portable audio player can hold hundreds or thousands of songs, but CD’s can’t). Afterwards, on Friday evening, we visited TKD Munich-Southwest (the Courier’s school), during a get-together
  6. Things are going on, even if the layers of dusts and patches of weed on this challenge thread may indicate otherwise. First of all, check out this progress table. This has been my baby for the past couple of days. The official reason for this table is to visualize my workout performance over several days, given the rotating nature of my workout program. The unofficial reason is that I started keeping track of my numbers in a text file (JSON), and then I wanted to generate (or at least template) my progress reports on NF from that. Also, using jq[1] to generate the table instead of Python[2] m
  7. I gotta do my part there and stop bribing you with sweets and fast food. (Though admittedly, bribing you with, say, cauliflower, doesn’t seem very promising either.) Yeah, well… eh. (And “breathing down my neckâ€, but otherwise, correct expression.) Actually, “CC†refers to this book, or rather the exercises outlined in it. (See this review for an outline of the book.) I would know. I got her into this in the first place.
  8. This just in: The Master from Heidelberg is visiting us today, and, using a (IMO) not very believable excuse,[1] he made us do seven or eight different versions each of squat-, pushup- and situp-ish variant exercises, all the way to failure.[2] I recognized squats, calf raises (in squat position), lunges, lunge holds, situps, sideways situps, leg raises, pushups, superman pushups and hindu pushups. And then there were other variants whose names I don’t know. So yeah… I’m-a check off “workout†for today, ’kay? 1“I’m not the tallest person,[3] and I’m not the most muscular e
  9. Messy IRL is messy. Sorry for the radio silence. Abridged version: I’m running into a bit of trouble with the (literal) plan, but nothing “structuralâ€; it does need adapting to our extra-late dinners (meaning bed time must change) and my lil’ bro’s schedule[1] (lest we trample on each other’s feet)[2][3]. Thanks everyone for the "Linux in a Virtual Machine/on a Live CD USB" suggestion, I really hadn’t thought of it.[4] A USB was prepared today and will come into use on Monday. Hopefully by then I can write the challenge goal breakdown for the past 1½ weeks. Cheers! 1Lil’ b
  10. Day 3 (Wednesday, 2015-02-25) Hangover day. Woke up on time, but was forced out of my room, so no workout nor work in the morning. Which led to me first hanging in front of the TV, then later on my comp, and… by the time I was done with that, I wasn’t really in any working condition anyway. Like I said, hangover day. Only without the fun(?) of being drunk the night before. Working out: nay. Oh, the inertia. Eat well: yes. Comparatively easy, seeing how my Mom is a good cook. Sleep: yes. Though this is for Tuesday night. Day 4 (Thursday, 2015-02-26) Hangover day, round two. Mostly a
  11. Day 2 (Tuesday, 2015-02-24) Day 2 was slightly better than day 1, in terms of work accomplished, but it’s still nowhere near where it should be if I wanted to earn a real salary from this. I’m still too easily distracted by more exciting stuff… not exactly , but something like that. But at least this time I have tangible results. Will work on those tomorrow. Concerning adapting my morning routine: tomorrow will be the first real trial run with all family members accounted for, but even from the schematics of my routine, I see where it’ll probably clash: my parents need the bathroom
  12. Day 1 (Monday, 2015-02-23) — ¾ report I’ve only ever worked one job in the industry before, as a university-mandated internship at a pharma company (stats department). I remember spending the first half of the day trying to orient myself: the computer had two monitors (“how the hell do you use this thing…?â€) and Microsoft Office 2007 (“ugh… kill me now plsâ€), both of which I really wish it hadn’t.[1] And the other half of the day I spent on reading a developer’s manual from front to back to front to back to left to right to… you get the picture. And that’s kinda how I
  13. Well, no.On the one hand, this enforcer program starts out with reminders well ahead of the time of shutdown, because what I’m really trying to combat is the “oh crap look at the time I was supposed to be in bed 3 hours ago†factor. I already have a good reason to be in bed at that time (I have to “go to work†the next morning), I just want to make sure I don’t miss my time.On the other hand, in the one anticipated scenario where I do overdraw my evening—namely, I have an application due by tonight—it makes little sense to limit the amount of extra time I take; the need for time
  14. A branch of Tae Kwon Do that associates neither with the ITF nor the WTF. It’s the result of one Korean grandmaster “importing†the art into Europe, and Germany in particular, so this branch is practically only known here and nowhere else. See this entry (footnote 1) for an explanation of our heritage. For those to whom that doesn’t make sense, we do Tae Kwon Do—which is a striking art with an emphasis on kicks and precise strikes, but without grapples—in a non-contact style to emphasize health, correct posture and body control. Yeah, well, eh, I’d prefer to not be responsible for
  15. In the context of this recent challenge, yes, this is quite true. I’m strong enough to do what I need my strength for (my martial arts classes), I doesn’t really matter if I sleep late and wake up in the middle of the day because there’s nothing in the morning that I could miss, and the application thing was actually seemingly going very well (and thus follow-up on other positions did not feel necessary) until it exploded in my face. So yeah, I know I had it coming. My “foundationâ€, as solid as it was supposed to be, was built on quicksand. And that is why for the next round, I’m t
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