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  1. I would say I am feeling ok now. Just a bit overwhelmed by the curve balls life can throw at you, but... not ill! Last week turned out much the same as the week before (little better at 2 strength and 3 cardio... so only missed a strength workout, even if cardio was on the "lighter" side). Gave myself a break at the begining of the week due to still feeling kind of... eh... Hopefully this week I can get back to my 3/3 and finish strong! Meditation still good. Used a couple at night to help with sleep too, so more than once a day over last week and this week. Freggies still good, even did a couple veggie only dinners when I didn't want what hubby was having. Per scale I lost 1.5 pounds last week... although I think I am going to claim 1 on the spreadsheet. I have a feeling dehydration from the cold medicine is a part of that and don't want to over claim! last week - strong finish for us all, eh? *raises her fist with a cheer*
  2. That has to be one of the cutest things I have seen in ages. Sarah... from the way you have been eating and how low your cals have been overall... with your "bad" days have you even been over your MFP goals? Bad choices and life hit us from time to time as always. If so, like others have said... this week is a new week (yeah!). If not, realize you didn't do much harm in the overall goal, but that the choices need to get better is all, and again... it is a new week (again, YEAH!)
  3. I went with this theory and ended up with 2 cardio and 1 BBWW last week. Saturday was hands down the worst day... slept 12-13 hours a night the last few nights (until last night as I am at work today). Finally starting to feel more human, although I might give it another day or two before jumping back in. I can breathe out of both side of my nose and not hacking up a lung... so.... WIN! Weight wise, I believe I am back where I was before my mystery two pound showed up, so... maybe I was getting sick and didn't know it yet... retaining water for it or somewhat. Still 100% on the meditation, which had you asked me at the beginning of this challenge, I would have said was a statistical improbability. I think morning meditation versus afternoon/evening meditation has made a big difference in that. My previous attempt was always after I got home from work... when I FEEL the pressure of too much to do and not enough time to do it in. Morning seemed weird to me as it is before I get overwhelmed... but it was the suggested time for the app I use, and I figured it would be less useful, but... while the immediate "calm" benefit might not be as great, the habit part seems to be easier in the AM. For my life quest... I actually had been invited and was going to go to a party this weekend at a co-workers house for the Superbowl (big football event for those non-US). My illness made that moot... but... I was at least making the attempt to "get out there" even when it was uncomfortable (never been to her house, didn't know most of the people there... eeep!). Not a stellar week, but given the circumstances, I will take it.
  4. Ok, so this week is challenging too... but for very different reason. I am sick. Got a cold that has totally sapped me. It is now Friday and I only have 1 each of BBWW and Cardio in. Dunno if I am going to make it to 3 each by Sunday night. Rest of the stuff is still ok (meditation and freggies), but even with two days home sick from work... it just isn't gettin done. Maybe I can do a walk this afternoon, but a BBWW just seems like... too much when I cant breathe. Ah well. We will see how it goes!
  5. This presented an interesting shift in perspective for me too... I will have to think on this. Thank you for the insight. It is true... that is what we are striving for, and making ourselves our first priority (and not feeling guilty for it).so why view it as yet another "to do list" item to slog through? Hmm. Thanks Bekah!
  6. My first fitness tracker was a Bodymedia (armband) one. When agonizing over which to choose my husband looked at me and said "which one gives you more graphs and data". I answered the Bodymedia. He said "Get that one. You know you want the pretty graphs to over analyze.". He knows me to well, and was correct. So, I completely understand the graph love! *chuckle*
  7. ^^ All of this. Only 5 more days to go until you met your own goal and can make the call. Then you won't have any second guessing or guilt/remorse about not having given it what you considered a fair go. That sort of piece of mind is worth a lot... and yes, proud of you for sticking with it!
  8. Great job on upping your weights. That always feels like a huge gold star to me in my personal, mental book. *grin* Doing it with your chronic pain issues only means you should get a double star!
  9. Thank you Sarah, Shello and Bekah! This... was a good reminder to not let it get me down. I started this challenge with it being more about consistency and getting back into a normal exercise routine than weigh loss... so, let it be so! Well... in THAT case, how can I continue to question? Thanks for the support guys. I really do think without having to report in (and the spreadsheet... I do love spreadsheets) I would have just let the week go and thought to myself "eh, so what. This week sucks". Tonight I should be on track to do my BBWW, and maybe a walk or yoga session!
  10. Week 3 weight checkin in: up 2 lbs Total lots: -0.5 pounds That is not LOST .5 pounds... TOTAL is up .5 pounds. I am not rightly sure HOW it happened, as I have been tracking food and have been ok. I was very upset about it... but did go back and also check my body fat% since the start, and it was down a little... so... I am hoping it is a temporary thing, or a muscle>fat thing. *sigh* Sorry if I throw off our numbers and lose out lead over team #1! Lets all have a better to week #4, eh?
  11. From what I have seen... last week was the "funk" week for a lot of people. It sure was for me, this weekend included! Good for you for recommitting and refocusing. We can do this!
  12. @retxab - sounds like a reasonable way to think about it, I, too, have heard the conventional wisdom of not eating too little or you will: a)lower your metabolism b)binge when you next eat (because you are really hungry c)bring about the next major alien invasion due to your opening of a trans-dimensional portal with your incredibly low calories Ok, maybe not C... but I tend to try and avoid it... mostly because B above really applies to me. I will eat like crazy when I can if I try to skip too much.
  13. guessing your tapatalk has a lot to do with you being away... but we are thinking about you and hope week 4 has started with a bang! (or a SHAZAM!, as it were.)
  14. Did week 3 finish out strong? Halfway done now!
  15. Hey, glad it helps you as much as it does me! Good job on the weight loss and for the positive outlook into week 4!
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