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  1. So... It's been kinda crazy around here... I've kept to my eating without issue but the workout hasn't gone as intended. Been working almost 12 hours shifts everyday - had a house guest for a week on top of that. Two dive trips cancelled but I'm still alive. Figured I'd check in and say well - I'm at least eating correctly. Dentist appt in the afternoon on Monday, cracked another tooth! wtf - man what luck. Hopefully the 12 hour days won't continue this week and I can get back on track / schedule. Hope everyone is kicking ass!
  2. I've been hmm not home this weekend... Friday, August 5th - Day 19 Worked as normal and then my friends invited me out to dance/party - only water drinking on my part b/c I was D.D. for the evening lol - had a good time Breakfast: protein shake Snack: protein shake and blueberries Lunch: chicken and spinach salad with side of hibatchi veggies Snack: protein bar and cherries Dinner: whey protein shake on the way to the club Beverage(s): 81 ounces of water Workout: Dancing!!! Saturday, August 6th - Day 20 Busy morning! Lunch with Mom and took pup back to the vet for the 3rd freaking Saturday in
  3. Thursday, August 4th - Day 18 Well.. not exactly as planned. Work was. After work was NOT. My Mom calls me shortly before I'm supposed to leave work. I have about a 22 mile drive home and it includes going over a 3 mile bridge. Well Mom says, don't go home that say - there's been a shooting on the bridge... I'm sorry?! what - come again? Yes, a shooting. Apparently a road rage incident. One guy doesn't let another guy cut in front of him. So he decided to toss a car air freshener at the guy that wouldn't let him in. Guy that wouldn't let him in decided to pull out a gun and shoot said guy who
  4. Wednesday, August 3rd - Day 17 @seabright - thanks hun, doing what I can.. just wish it was more. especially after being sick. :/ but at least I can still do my burpees and walking so I'll deal with it lol Holy Freaking Moly!!! My shoulders are on fire... 6 sets of 7 is for whatever reason exponentially harder than 7 sets of 6 though they both = 42 burpees. Yowziers. Anyhow - so TS (tropical storm) Emily is still moving towards-ish to Florida but maybe a day later. My hip is still popping and I'm really hoping Emily makes a MUCH HARDER RIGHT and stays away as low pressure would equal even mo
  5. Tuesday, August 2nd - Day 16 quick recap b/c I got distracted and it's WAAAAY past bedtime. Oops. hip still popping - week likely to get worse thanks to TS Emily heading up Fl :/ fail Breakfast: protein shake Snack: protein shake and blueberries Lunch: chicken and spinach salad and watermelon Snack: protein bar and cherries Dinner: ground turkey over spinach with salsa Beverage(s): 100 ounces of water, 1 black coffee Workout: 1.52 mile walk in 28m 36s, up'd the distance.. need to get to 3.1 =)
  6. Monday, August 1st - Day 15 and welcome to 2 weeks in. Between being sick and now my hip kicks in today... seriously?! Totally weather related - though thinking my shoes today weren't really that helpful. Cute does not = comfortable. So stopped at the grocery store tonight for some rotisserie chicken b/c I knew I didn't want to cook - and ran into Von (guy who played jazz drums from Sunday) and found out when their next gig was. So that part of my day was cool. Hmm... yes, ate dinner early and then busted out some burpees. Knew the BW workout wasn't going to happen with my hip poppin like fre
  7. Saturday, July 30th - Day 13 Worked today... hmm... took puppy to vet again.. got more puppy meds. stopped by my friend's bday party for a quick hello and hug and then jetted off to the wrong side of town to listen to two of my friends play some KICKASS live jazz. Getting up at 5:30 am and home at 1am makes a VERY tired me. Breakfast: protein shake Snack: protein shake and nectarine Lunch: chicken and spaghetti squash Snack: protein bar and apple Dinner: ground beef over lettuce with guac Beverage(s): 101 ounces of water and 2 glasses of german reisling Sunday, July 31th - Day 14 De
  8. Friday, July 29th - Day 12 /sigh - Didn't even get my burpees in today I've got burpees to do this weekend yo! Can't be falling behind eek! Had to help roommates clean up a bit this evening and dinner and crap its 11pm and no burpees and I have to wake up early for work tomorrow - even earlier than my normal M-F shift which is kinda jacked up. Dang.. forgot to give dog his meds.. /smh - guess I'll do that after posting lol Didn't have a lot of work to do today so had to take online testing = me falling asleep so more coffee at 4:45 today. I think I need to work on the 7-7.5 hours a night vs.
  9. Thursday, July 28th - Day 11 @Icfasntw thanks hun! Trying to at least keep up with the burpees... the BW workouts were throwing me into terrible coughing fits... Better this week - will try BW again tomorrow (or at least that's the plan for now) lol Today - was alright? I just don't have a lot to say about it. End of month at work so trying to keep my head down and meet numbers - and knowing I have to work Saturday is like bleh... But OT money is good. Did have a cup of Joe again at work today. Somewhere around 4:45?-ish I was seriously nodding Breakfast: protein (and coffee) shake Snack:
  10. Hurray!!! You're back <3 I've missed you! Looking forward to tracking your progress over the next few weeks!!!
  11. Wednesday, July 27th - Day 10 I slept soo freaking terrible :/ Ugh - but tonight the house is quiet and lovely <3 Can't wait for my head to hit that pillow <3 Oh yeah, put coffee instead of water in protein shake for breakfast AND stopped for coffee on the way to work.. that's how fantastic I slept. I did make it through the day with only a few minor twitches - the 2nd cup was probably a bit much to be perfectly honest Breakfast: protein & coffee shake Snack: protein shake and blueberries Lunch: turkey and ham in a spinach salad with watermelon Snack: protein bar and cherries
  12. You've got step 1: the intro down Photos before / after are entirely up to you. Some share and some don't. A good portion of us are currently participating in the challenge from July 18- August 29 found here: http://nerdfitness.com/community/forumdisplay.php?111-6-Week-Challenge-July-18-to-August-29 or browse the forums and read up on everything from workouts to nutrition and as always - Welcome to the Rebellion =)
  13. Well goal #1 of putting this song in my head was VERY successful welcome to the Rebellion and best of luck!
  14. Tuesday, July 26th - Day 9 Damn it man! Kicked butt at work today and got through TONS! Had dinner out with one roommate all planned and then 36 burpees scheduled after dinner settled... and then all you know what broke loose. 2nd roommate called when we were heading home and said her sister, her husband and their 3 kids were all coming over (at 8:45pm?!) /sigh - so yeah... burpees - all 36 of them - will need to be added to other days this week. Dang it :/ Can I have a quiet house? Anyone got an open room for the night? Breakfast: protein shake Snack: protein shake and blueberries Lunch:
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