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  1. Today's workout: Squats: 2x5x45 1x5x65 1x3x95 1x2x135 3x5x160 OHP: 2x5x45 1x5x55 1x3x65 1x2x85 3x5x100 Power Clean: 5x3x120
  2. Quick post for my results today: Squats: 2x5x45 1x5x55 1x3x85 1x2x110 3x5x135 Bench: 2x5x45 1x5x55 1x3x65 1x2x85 3x5x100 Deadlift: 1x5x140 Felt great. I went up a little more than recommended in squats but I felt like I started a little light across the board. Wednesday I didn't drink all my water, yesterday I got an app & I drank 100oz. So that was a WIN.
  3. Well on a personal note I've had a great first two days at NBC5. WIN! Most of it has been just getting to know where things are, meeting people & HR stuff. I was looking at my goals this morning & I realize that the walking & water goals haven't even been started yet. SUCK! Hopefully it'll be easier to get the walks started when I get on a more regular schedule. But no excuses on the water today will be day one of 8 glasses a day. Okay on to workout stuff. My thighs are killing me. It hurts to walk & I've got stairs in my new house. No bueno! But I did go up in squats today. Here are the results from this morning: Squats: 2x5x45 1x5x55 1x3x65 1x2x95 3x5x115* OHP: 1x5x45 1x5x65 1x5x75 3x5x85* Power Clean: 1x3x45 1x3x65 1x3x85 5x3x95* *work sets Overall I thought it was a win. I look forward to just lifting now that I've set starting points & seeing increases.
  4. I look forward to seeing how the GOMAD goes for you. Good luck!!!
  5. Thanks for the words of encouragement! This is my new mantra!
  6. Here we go. Today is day one of working out for me, also my first day at the new job. I'm very excited about this although I do believe today will mostly be paperwork & HR stuff which = boring. But my workout was good this morning. After reading SS I feel as if I am starting from scratch. I've worked out on & off for a long time, but this was the first time I ever did a pain free squat. (well it burned in the thighs) (That's what she said) (Yikes!) Seriously though, low back, full squat that didn't hurt = huge win! I think I might could've done more weight but I really didn't wanna kill myself today. There will be time to play catch up. As prescribed in the book I just started with the empty bar then added 10lbs until the speed slowed down, the I did 3 work sets. Except with Deadlifts which I only did one set. Results were: Squats: 3x5x105 Bench:3x5x90 Deadlifts: 1x5x115 The fact that my bench weight was so close to my squat weight makes me feel like I should have gone heavier on squats. I'm not real sure if this is normal at this point. All-in-all it felt good, it took a little better than a half hour & I worked up a good sweat. Now to my first day at work. One of my favorite things about workout out though is no matter how the day goes at least I accomplished something!
  7. Thanks nightlight! We're trying to get settled & get a new routine!
  8. Well it's been a long week, but we've moved to Fort Worth! Still getting settled in the new place but it's an amazing house. Here are some pics. So tomorrow I'll put my new cage together so ill be ready for starting strength Monday. I've been eating & drinking like crazy through the move, but as a promise to my wife starting Monday I'll only drink on the weekends. Which will save me a ton of calories! I look forward to working out again. I'll post some results Monday, but I plan to stick with what the book says & try not to make the mistake of going too heavy.
  9. That's awesome! Once I go through training I'll be doing the 5a-6a hour.
  10. Thanks for the encouragement! I can't wait to be a Texas nerd!
  11. I'm excited to find my way to the Warriors Guild. I started my first challenge as a ranger. I thought I wanted a mix of cardio & lifting, however I'm not a crossfit guy. Everyone was really nice over there, but I got kinda lost in their lingo. My second & third challenge I was an adventurer. That was fun while I found my way. Actually the last challenge I pretty much took off, because of my new daughter & a job change. I'm in the process of moving to Dallas TX from Chattanooga TN. I got a job with NBC Universal (WOOT!) to direct the morning show at NBC5 in Dallas. We move next week, so for me the workout portion of the challenge will start October 1st, which is my first day at work. I'm excited to get back into lifting so I read Starting Strength & I'm going to be going with the 3x5 program illustrated in the book for beginners. So here are my goals. 1. Starting Strength - start Oct 1st - miss 0 workouts STR - 5 2. Family Walks - 3-4x a week - work up to every day - dog, baby, everyone STA - 4 3. Drink Water - 8 glasses a day CON - 3 Life Goals 4. Get settled into new home. - Unpacked & Settled ink CHA - 3 They're pretty straight forward. I'm really only focusing on working out this challenge. I know I need to tackle my diet, but I'll work on cleaning that up next time around. Right now my main goal is to get strong.
  12. Nice, thanks. I'll try relaxing my shoulders tomorrow. I'm sure my son would love it if I looked like a baby t-rex. He has quite the dinosaur obsession!
  13. I'm fairly new to running, I've been running about 3 times a week for the past 10 weeks or so, & have taken a couple of weeks off in the middle of that. I run in vibrams & on the road my house is on. No sidewalk, no grass, no treadmill. At about a mile & half mark I get a sharp pain in my left trap, between the shoulder & the neck. (I think that's the trap) It feels like a pin or knife going straight down from the top maybe 3 to 5 inches deep. I also lift weights 3-4 times a week. Never have shoulder problems while lifting, but I don't do shrugs just overhead press. I'm 6'2", 220ish. Any thoughts on what's going on here? Thoughts on if I should try different shoes or a different surface to run on? I really don't want to change either, but I don't wanna be in pain either. Thanks.
  14. Good goals. I would also recommend the couch to 5K program. You'll definitely be able to run mile by the end of the challenge! Good Luck!
  15. Monday's Run 1.6 miles 19:18 Monday's Workout Bench Press: 165x1x5 | 170x4x5 Dumbbell Fly: 40x5x5 Barbell Curl: 75x1x5 | 80x4x5 Overhead Press: 95x5x5
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