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  1. I just saw your post Gem, sorry for the slow reply. I got the name from Norse Mythology, although that sounds like a pretty cool book.
  2. I'm doing pretty well so far. Finished out the semester, so that's one life goal down. The others are in progress. Workouts are going well, but I need to work on the diet aspect some. All in all things are going pretty well I would say
  3. I'm doing the operation slim-down one. It's going well so far
  4. Pretty well. I'm two workouts in. I've had to modify the squats/lunges because of some knee issues, but other than that its going swimmingly
  5. Goals: Workout/Fitness: Follow Body Weight Brigade section of RSG Run on the off days/Do some sprints on the off days Basically do some form of exercise every day Diet: No more soda/coke/insert whatever you call carbonated beverages here Make diet more primal Eat healthier in general Life: Kick procrastination habit Finish last 2 papers of the semester Prepare and perform well on finals Stop being lazy in general Step outside of my comfort zone at least once a week
  6. Name: Evan Overview: Workout 6x a week Improve deadlift and overhead press Go running/sprinting 2x a week Continue to make diet paleo/primal Life Goal: Finish the semester strong; finish papers etc Other info: Following Rebel Strength Guide Team Preference: Squad
  7. Thanks all, glad to be here. @Lowenna well, on the upside, gluten-sensitivity pushed me into the whole paleo thing. But its still a hard adjustment
  8. Hey Everyone, Evan here I've been following the site for quite a long while and finally decided to join, because I like the general attitude on the forums. Also, I finally reached the point where I'm tired of being limited by my fitness level, and I don't want the future to be like the past. Background: I'm a 19 year old College student. Currently, I'm ~6' 1" and ~240 lbs I played soccer and rugby at a competitive level, so I have a certain level of athletic ability but I've always been overweight. Time for that to change. On the workout front, I'm more into lifting weights than cardio, because who doesn't like lifting heavy stuff? I plan to work more cardio into my schedule though, just in case zombies show up (Rule #1: Cardio) , and I don't want to be strong but lack any endurance. Also, I will conquer the pull-up by the end of this year. Diet:I'm attempting to follow a Paleo-esque diet, and it's seeming to be working out well. I have a gluten sensitivity, so it works best anyway. Anyway, thanks for having me, the boards are awesome
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