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  1. Congrats on the promotion!!! Hope you feel better now.
  2. Very understandable rage. Shit has to change.
  3. Useful info: https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMc2004973?
  4. If you're looking for something you can do to help, there's also the Folding@Home project: https://foldingathome.org/2020/03/15/coronavirus-what-were-doing-and-how-you-can-help-in-simple-terms/ It takes processing and graphics power, and will likely hit your power bill, so please be aware of that.
  5. I always have some level of spare and long-term food on hand. I have multiple food allergies and in an emergency, I would probably not be able to eat anything handed out. I'm stocked for two weeks on normal stuff now, longer for bulk staples, and have my smallish long term stash as well. It's mostly only intended to cover a few days for evacuation or a rough power outage at home. Grocery stores are remaining open here, and many farms are offering delivery service on fresh veg and fruit, dairy, and meat. Dry and canned staples can also be ordered from Amazon in NA at least. Well.ca in Canada is also shipping grocery staples. Walmart delivers grocery items in many places. Check and see what is available locally. There are also a lot of Facebook mutual aid groups forming and arranging deliveries for those at higher risk of complications. A number of stores are also restricting the first hour for seniors and those at higher risk so they can shop in relative safety.
  6. Teirin

    Teirin tries again

    Have been bad. i was doing well, until I wasn't. Food is good, apartment is immaculate. Seriously, who asks to do a home inspection for a potential building purchase during a fucking pandemic? I offered to do a video tour for them instead as I am down with the latest office cold. It was accepted. I have more seeds! Planting, soon. I was doing well with workouts. mentioned it to someone who had been asking about that, and promptly fell off doing them. Tomorrow. Cleaning all afternoon ate all of my energy today and I feel more sick than yesterday now. Mostly doing ok with this whole pandemic thing, but it's pushing a lot of my anxiety buttons and I have retreated into reading old comfortable things and new slice of life things to calm my brain down. Super worried about all of the people with health conditions and seniors.
  7. Supposedly, at least 5 times daily for minimum 20 seconds each, lots of friction. But I am not a health professional and don't know shit. So.
  8. Teirin

    Teirin tries again

    Got kettlebell in tonight, but was otherwise utterly useless. In good foot news: the nails managed grow over the end of both toes instead of further into it. It's still way too wide but that's something. Made excellent food last night. This was needed. Lunch was so boring I was a bit depressed. Food is better than that.
  9. Late Happy Birthday to you!!! *hugs*
  10. Teirin

    Teirin tries again

    I got one at the office Christmas party, somewhat oddly. I love it!! It's one of these. It currently has 2 tomato plants blooming all over the place, 3 happily producing basil plants, 2 wild strawberry plants (one of which started to develop blossoms this morning!), and 2 lettuce cups just started. They do need to be manually pollinated with a little pant brush since pollinators aren't in my apartment. That's fine. One each of the tomato and strawberry cups failed so I replaced them with lettuce. I have no real use for lettuce, but the pods came with it. Ehhh. From all reports, I can move some of the plants out to separate pots later so I may use it as an incubator. The herb is doing really well. Will get a pic after work maybe.
  11. Teirin

    Teirin tries again

    Also loving this article on platonic relationships and intimacy: https://greatist.com/connect/platonic-relationship-and-intimacy?
  12. Teirin

    Teirin tries again

    Mixed day, I got a lot done but did not get to kettlebell. It's late and I could theoretically do it but I need to sleep soon. Got distracted by a few emergencies today. I regret nothing but I also should have managed my time better. I will try and get to KB tomorrow after work. Cally's blood sugar was perfect today. 5.1. She is a very good kitty who even forgave me fairly soon after, with the aid of treat bribery. The garden plans now have a spreadsheet, courtesy of Mark. It's very in character 😄 The space garden has the first forming tomato!!! Super excited about that. I've manually pollinated it with a paint brush. Hopefully that's enough. Ate good food this week Too many sweets still Only 2 KB workouts, but that's one more than last week. Slowed down on apartment cleaning. Got the dusting and lots of dishes though. Basic maintenance stuff is handled. My knit cowl is almost finished. @Kishi - got that meat replacement you mentioned. It is also wheat and soy free so is safe! The ground "beef" is comparably priced to Beyond Meat, but the burger pair is oddly $2 more for the same mass. There is now a market stall for mushrooms. This means that I can get all my root veg, really good fresh mushrooms, and baked goods from a GF bakery each weekend at the market. Micro-greens from a local organic place and free-range eggs from a friend's mom. I stocked up on safe lentils from an online source. Feeling pretty good about food choices (other than sweets) right now. Enriched chocolate oat milk is pretty awesome and now means I can have chocolate milk again. There weren't any local brands that were for certain safe. Want to try this next: That said, replacement cheese options are fucking awful. I suspect cheese is not leaving my diet. We started playing a Pathfinder game and it's lots of fun so far. I'm playing a Dryad (Half elf/Arboreal) fey-type sorcerer. Good stuff.
  13. Just be careful, you go too low on calories sometimes. Make sure you still feel good and safe.
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