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  1. Well, sounds like I'm in good company. Fizzling is exactly what happened to me last challenge. Best of luck to everybody.
  2. Hello, everybody! This thread is take two because last challenge I let life get away with me and sort of gave up. Not on being healthy in general, just on my challenge. I had goals that were a little too lofty for me to keep while taking 16 credits. Turns out I don't have enough will to run every day while reading entire books in weekends and cramming for tests. Who knew? Anyways. My long term goal is getting close, actually. My long term goal is that on my birthday, December 29th, I weigh 200 pounds or less and/or fit into a medium shirt. As for some perspective, when I started back i
  3. So. Today I had gym time again. 8x4:117 Back extensions 8x4:Body sit-ups on that bench thing, yet again. 6x4:125 Bench press 6x4:35 Barbell Rows 6x4:??? Leg Press (The infernal machine didn't actually have weights marked on the plates.) 6x4:15 Seated Bicep curl 6x4:30 Tricep extension Also the dinner party went really well.
  4. So, how's it goin? Today I was in the gym again. I'm really digging this, but not sure how much I'm enjoying the actual class. Being in the gym is good, being in the class is okay, but I think I'd enjoy it more just getting the credit for working out three times a week. I posted a detailed account of my experience in the gym today in my battle log. One thing I will tell you. Kinda sad that I'm not stronger. It's irritating. I remember being much stronger than this in a lot of things in High School. It's gonna take longer than I thought to upstage the dudebros.
  5. Right, so today was gym day again, but I was all by my lonesome this time. I started my workout with 10 minutes on the cross-trainer thing..machine... It works sort of like an elliptical machine, so... It seemed like a good choice for my starting cardio. Then I went through a bunch of weights stuff. I'm enjoying working out in a gym even though it isn't as comfortable and private as my house. Also I did some stuff machines today that I didn't before because I didn't have a spotter and it seemed safer. Also did some things freeweights that I did machine on Friday, because I remembered how to do
  6. So, this morning was my first in-gym workout of my own volition. It was pretty awesome. Got a buddy of mine to join me and we worked out for about an hour. I'm going to note my weights on things as (Reps)x(Sets):(Weight) so that you can follow along. Goill ahead and assume anything that works a single limb I did one movement with each limb for the count. I did: 6x3:135 benchpress. 6x3:871/2 Lat Pulldown. 10x3:Body Sit-ups on the little rack/bench thing that gives you more range of movement. 10x3:100 back extensions. 12x3:20 bicep curls 10x3:30 tricep extensions 10x3:80 leg curls 10x3:80 le
  7. So, weekly roundup. I got a bit of gym time in on Wednesday, really worked out today. I hurt all over and it's awesome. I'm going to post more detail about the workout in particular in my battle log, but I've nailed my paleo day and started a new book so we'll see how things go with all of that next week.
  8. Hey everybody. I'm not dead. I don't have much to post about anything battle-loggy, but I'm not dead, and I thought you all deserved to know considering I disappeared for like a week.
  9. Okay, I'm terrible. Just absolutely terrible. I skipped most of last week. I think I did one workout. I ran a couple times? I've been neglecting my workouts and running pretty hard. I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things now that the weight training class I signed up for is really going, basically I have money and a college credit riding on working out three times a week. And considering I have something like two hours in between the time that class is over and my next class begins, I'll be able to stay late and get a full workout in if I so choose. What I have been hitting well
  10. Awesome! You've got good kids. If we do this again, you've gotta bring them. Also, glad you liked the trail mix. I have like... A pound of a it left, it's probably going to last me a few weeks.
  11. I'm posting two days late, forgive me! I did my workout on Friday as per usual, not much special there. I'm gonna do one more week with my core times at 45 and 25, but after that I should be okay considering I start weight training next Friday. I am pretty psyched about that. Also, I went hiking yesterday with metal_weaver and FalseAesop and we had a blast. Weaver posted some great pictures on the meet up thread including some great pictures of the landscape, plus an awesome one of me at the peak of the eastern bluff. Go hiking sometime, I'd never been and it's super awesome. As far as cha
  12. Nope, after that when Jorah stops the wine seller from poisoning her. What a week though. Holy cow. I got all of my workouts in I got a lot of reading done and I had my paleo day. I missed a day running, unfortunately, but that was yesterday, My excuse was I was hiking 6+ miles with metal_weaver and FalseAesop. After 6+ miles of steep up and downs, by the time I got home my legs had decided they were too tired to run. That's okay. They earned their rest. Be sure to check out weaver's pictures, there's some killer shots in there. Good week? Great week. Also, I'm giving myself the title
  13. Whell, this was a crazy good time and all of you who missed it really did miss out. Even though we got absolutely soaked. I'm gonna do a write up about the trip sometime this week, so keep on the look out for that.
  14. Apparently I lied. Disregard me saying I was bringing a friend. Because I'm not, my friend won't be able to make it, so you can expect just me. Still bringing paleo-trail mix and water.
  15. Awesome, awesome, awesome. I did manage to wrangle one of my friends into coming, so there's that. I'm planning on making some paleo-friendly trail-mix for before, during, or after the hike, cause I'm nice like that, and I'm also going to bring plenty of water, for the same reason. I'm getting super pumped. Had a co-worker ask me to switch shifts with him and I got to say, "Nope, I've got plans, I asked off for Saturday," which was fun.
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