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  1. Bean! How are you?

  2. Today is catch-up day! Why? Cuz I wiped myself out the last few days of November. Eating Goal: And... after a month of eating all my points... I've been given free reign to stop doing that. Instead... get this... I get to eat all the fruits and veggies I want... eat until I'm full... if I'm not hungry and I'm down 10 points, but I've met all my 'good health guidelines' for the day... I don't have to eat my points. What are the good health guidelines? 5 servings fruits and veggies, 2 servings of milks, 8 glasses of water, multi vitamin, 2 tsps healthy oil... Woot. Fitness Goal 1: I've not
  3. It's been a while... but I've not been forgetting to participate... just forgetting to update... hahaha. Eating Goal: I'm doing a good job eating my points, can't wait until this week, when I prove to my leader that it might be too many... or maybe what I'm eating, who knows... Fitness Goal 1: I did good up until thanksgiving... mandated rest days by my doctor... today I can workout again, woot! Fitness Goal 2: 20 is my goal per week, and I've been getting roughly 12-16... I think by the end of this, as I up my workouts, 20 is achievable. Life Goal: My NaNo novel is at 34,890... ugh... 50
  4. Oh look... more updates... Eating Goal: Yeaaah... went over the past two days. Whatevs. Still within my weekly point range... more below Fitness Goal 1: 5k Training this week was just getting active, not running per-se... Rode the bike today... 9 miles in 35 minutes... rock it? Fitness Goal 2: 8 points for the week thusfar... uh, 12 in 2 days? Life Goal: My NaNo novel is at 22,693... still behind par, but not too far. SO! I do my WW weigh-ins on thursdays... I gained this week... I talked with my leader after the meeting and she asked me to log for her for two weeks, print them out and
  5. So... it continues... Eating Goal: I ended at 48 points. Seemingly, trying to break my points into manageable meals really works... who knew. Fitness Goal 1: No 5k training... off day. Fitness Goal 2: I did 40 minutes on the sadistic machine... I mean, elliptical... and earned myself 4 points! Woot. 16 more to go for the week. Life Goal: My NaNo novel is at 18,683 words right now... And I realized, I've been focused so much on the plot, my normal descriptive nature isn't coming out as well... so I'm going to finish the current plot, to where I don't know what is going to happen next, an
  6. *knockknock* Oooh Nightlight! HAI! ... and... I found this... Just for you. Y'know, because I love you and all. [ATTACH=CONFIG]6275[/ATTACH]
  7. Right! Yesterday! Eating Goal: I ended at 46 points. Fitness Goal 1: 5k Training Yesterday was to simply walk... which I did, outside, with two coats on... It was cold peoples! I got in just under 2 miles in 37 minutes. Fitness Goal 2: Seeing as I worked from home and sat on my ass the rest of the day, I earned not a single point. That's alright. Just time to step it up, baby. Life Goal: My NaNo novel is at 16,773 words right now... Little bit behind par... but that is OKAY!
  8. So... This is happening on Saturday. Anyone in the Chicago area that wants to meet up with Snake McClain (keep typing Snack... heh), Bananadrea and myself, reply here or send me a message. Looks like I'll be heading into downtown around noon and hanging until we feel like stopping our party for a bit. Epic rounds of awesome will occur... just sayin.
  9. Thanks!! The two things under fitness were meant as 2 goals. I arranged it a bit different so it's more clear. I may do my character points assignment tomorrow, once I figure out how I want to spread it around.
  10. So… been here, done that before… haven’t done it for a while. Why? Frankly, I got sick and stopped caring about myself. Well, that has changed. I’m coming out of hiding and participating in this challenge. This challenge, for me, is a continuation and expansion on what I’ve been busy rebuilding for the past six weeks. So what have I been doing, you ask? Eating right, and enough of the right foods. Working on getting active again. How have I been doing this? I joined Weight Watchers. Not because I don’t know how to eat right, but because I need real life support. The meetin
  11. Alright Folks... Mr. Snake has officially brought me out of hiding. Date: November 17th Up for discussion for events/fun: Afternoon - Explore and enjoy Navy Pier - lunch, drinks, cause havoc? Evening - Magnificent Mile's Light Parade - This should be an awesome event and we can find someplace around there to hang out too (http://www.themagnificentmile.com/events/lights-festival) Discuss.
  12. Week 2 Wrap Up Daily Zs: I'm doing good with this. There were a couple of days of less than I'd like, but it has more to do with me not staying asleep once I get to bed. I blame whatever I've got going on in my body combined with the drugs I'm taking for it. Noms: I've seemingly transitioned to eating in a 7 hour window starting around 1-2pm. Why? I'm not hungry. I worry at times that I'm not eating enough, but I've spoken with Vic about it since it's his program I'm following and it seems I'm doing just fine. Move My Ass: Workouts were on hold this week due to my decision to let my body
  13. Wow... what a view. Congrats on your accomplishment.
  14. Wow... what a view. Congrats on your accomplishment.
  15. Sounds like you're doing very well! Congrats on the work thusfar!
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