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  1. Today is catch-up day! Why? Cuz I wiped myself out the last few days of November. Eating Goal: And... after a month of eating all my points... I've been given free reign to stop doing that. Instead... get this... I get to eat all the fruits and veggies I want... eat until I'm full... if I'm not hungry and I'm down 10 points, but I've met all my 'good health guidelines' for the day... I don't have to eat my points. What are the good health guidelines? 5 servings fruits and veggies, 2 servings of milks, 8 glasses of water, multi vitamin, 2 tsps healthy oil... Woot. Fitness Goal 1: I've not done great with staying active since the car accident... although today I did some ddp yoga... boy was I sweaty. Fitness Goal 2: See above. Life Goal: NaNo finished on 11/28, submitted and declared a winner! Wahoo! Now, to continue writing the other story through the end of the year... or just writing. I have a friend pushing me to write daily, so this shouldn't be a problem. Now... just to get my fitness back on par....
  2. It's been a while... but I've not been forgetting to participate... just forgetting to update... hahaha. Eating Goal: I'm doing a good job eating my points, can't wait until this week, when I prove to my leader that it might be too many... or maybe what I'm eating, who knows... Fitness Goal 1: I did good up until thanksgiving... mandated rest days by my doctor... today I can workout again, woot! Fitness Goal 2: 20 is my goal per week, and I've been getting roughly 12-16... I think by the end of this, as I up my workouts, 20 is achievable. Life Goal: My NaNo novel is at 34,890... ugh... 50,000 by the end of the week... I CAN DO IT! Whee! Keep on, Keeping on folks.
  3. Oh look... more updates... Eating Goal: Yeaaah... went over the past two days. Whatevs. Still within my weekly point range... more below Fitness Goal 1: 5k Training this week was just getting active, not running per-se... Rode the bike today... 9 miles in 35 minutes... rock it? Fitness Goal 2: 8 points for the week thusfar... uh, 12 in 2 days? Life Goal: My NaNo novel is at 22,693... still behind par, but not too far. SO! I do my WW weigh-ins on thursdays... I gained this week... I talked with my leader after the meeting and she asked me to log for her for two weeks, print them out and we could go over them... so what did I do yesterday and today? Participated in the work bought lunches (big crisis at work, lots of overtime and crazies) and have generally eaten badly. BUT... I logged it. So.. yeah. That.
  4. So... it continues... Eating Goal: I ended at 48 points. Seemingly, trying to break my points into manageable meals really works... who knew. Fitness Goal 1: No 5k training... off day. Fitness Goal 2: I did 40 minutes on the sadistic machine... I mean, elliptical... and earned myself 4 points! Woot. 16 more to go for the week. Life Goal: My NaNo novel is at 18,683 words right now... And I realized, I've been focused so much on the plot, my normal descriptive nature isn't coming out as well... so I'm going to finish the current plot, to where I don't know what is going to happen next, and then go back and fluff some.
  5. *knockknock* Oooh Nightlight! HAI! ... and... I found this... Just for you. Y'know, because I love you and all. [ATTACH=CONFIG]6275[/ATTACH]
  6. Right! Yesterday! Eating Goal: I ended at 46 points. Fitness Goal 1: 5k Training Yesterday was to simply walk... which I did, outside, with two coats on... It was cold peoples! I got in just under 2 miles in 37 minutes. Fitness Goal 2: Seeing as I worked from home and sat on my ass the rest of the day, I earned not a single point. That's alright. Just time to step it up, baby. Life Goal: My NaNo novel is at 16,773 words right now... Little bit behind par... but that is OKAY!
  7. So... This is happening on Saturday. Anyone in the Chicago area that wants to meet up with Snake McClain (keep typing Snack... heh), Bananadrea and myself, reply here or send me a message. Looks like I'll be heading into downtown around noon and hanging until we feel like stopping our party for a bit. Epic rounds of awesome will occur... just sayin.
  8. Thanks!! The two things under fitness were meant as 2 goals. I arranged it a bit different so it's more clear. I may do my character points assignment tomorrow, once I figure out how I want to spread it around.
  9. So… been here, done that before… haven’t done it for a while. Why? Frankly, I got sick and stopped caring about myself. Well, that has changed. I’m coming out of hiding and participating in this challenge. This challenge, for me, is a continuation and expansion on what I’ve been busy rebuilding for the past six weeks. So what have I been doing, you ask? Eating right, and enough of the right foods. Working on getting active again. How have I been doing this? I joined Weight Watchers. Not because I don’t know how to eat right, but because I need real life support. The meetings, for me, have been priceless for giving me the support and accountability I lack in my every day, in personal life. I’m in the beginning of week 10 and am down about 10 pounds. Not a lot, but those 10 pounds have been without really doing much in the way of activity and through some ups and downs with my eating. Eating Goal (1 Goal) Simply, I need to eat more. Yes, I know it sounds odd coming from someone overweight, but I find, when I eat minimally processed foods, I tend to not eat enough. Currently, I get 48 points a day to eat. My goal is to eat all, or most of my points. Some days I will go over (which is fine, I have an extra 49 for the week). If I am under, it cannot be more than 3 points. On days I work out, I need to make sure I aim to eat every single point. How am I going to do this? Firstly, I track my points online/on my phone. Beyond that, I will be making sure to bring higher point snacks with me to work or to have during the day. My goal will be the following breakdown: Breakfast – 12, Snack – 3, Lunch – 15, Snack – 3, Dinner - 15 Fitness Goals (2 Goals) Time has come for me to train for a 5k again. Why a 5k? It’s short enough of a training time that I won’t want to kill myself while doing cardio. Cardio, for me, is necessary. But also, the act of picking out a race, signing up for it and then competing in it is something that motivates me to do the training. As such, I will begin training for a 5k (which is in February in Texas). I will be the one doing the pacing for a friend. 5k Training will happen three days a week. I have a goal to earn at least 20 points a week with activity. This is measured by a fitbit like device I wear to measure how active I am in a day. With this, I am able to measure just how active I am and when. The days I am not running, I will aim for at least 20 minutes of activity to ensure that I earn my 20 points in a week. Life Goal (1 Goal) I’m currently participating in NaNoWriMo and am a little bit behind where I should be, but am not worried. As such, I want to continue writing. Since this challenge goes into December, my goal for writing is to crush NaNoWrimo and then spend December working on a story I started for a friend in October, to finish it and give it to him for Christmas.
  10. Alright Folks... Mr. Snake has officially brought me out of hiding. Date: November 17th Up for discussion for events/fun: Afternoon - Explore and enjoy Navy Pier - lunch, drinks, cause havoc? Evening - Magnificent Mile's Light Parade - This should be an awesome event and we can find someplace around there to hang out too (http://www.themagnificentmile.com/events/lights-festival) Discuss.
  11. Week 2 Wrap Up Daily Zs: I'm doing good with this. There were a couple of days of less than I'd like, but it has more to do with me not staying asleep once I get to bed. I blame whatever I've got going on in my body combined with the drugs I'm taking for it. Noms: I've seemingly transitioned to eating in a 7 hour window starting around 1-2pm. Why? I'm not hungry. I worry at times that I'm not eating enough, but I've spoken with Vic about it since it's his program I'm following and it seems I'm doing just fine. Move My Ass: Workouts were on hold this week due to my decision to let my body fight this crud. Cinderella Duties: Mostly. There were a couple nights I just chose to sleep. So... I've not fallen off the grid. I've been trying to let my body recover. There's not been anything exciting to report. I'm down another 3ish pounds (Nephew's birthday party on Sunday, I had a bit of sugar). Until my head stops the pounding, overly stuffy feeling, working out will continue to be just walking and not aggravating myself. I really miss doing my BW workouts tho. I may attempt it tonight if my head isn't too bad. I finished the steroid, so as that works out and I finish up the antibiotic, hopefully I re-stabilize and feel more... normal.
  12. Wow... what a view. Congrats on your accomplishment.
  13. Wow... what a view. Congrats on your accomplishment.
  14. Sounds like you're doing very well! Congrats on the work thusfar!
  15. So happy you've found a happy place and have come to the conclusions that you have. That means we can do the happy dance today, right??
  16. Week 2 - Day 4 I'm starting this off by stating how much I really hate being on steroids. They make my body so out of whack so many ways. Daily Zs: 7h 56m - Actually slept well too. Yay! Noms: So, I didn't eat until 2pm. I wasn't hungry. When I did eat, it was because I had a headache, not because I was hungry. Then dinner time came, not hungry again, but ate anyway. Somewhere around 9pm I actually was hungry... for eggs and bacon. I dunno if it's the meds or whatever I've got going on... but I've had a hard time enjoying food much, simply because I can't taste it. Anyway... Noms: Lunchish: Chicken w/ broccoli slaw "noodles" and pasta sauce Snackish: Lettuce Wrap w/ turkey and bacon. Dinner: Chicken Spinach Salad. Snackish: Eggs and Bacon. Move My Ass: I did not do my workout. I did go for a 30 minute walk at Lunchtime with a coworker tho. I still feel rather off and icky. Cinderella Duties: Dishes are still in the sink... There are like all of 5, I should do them... I'm still maintaining my good attitude about not having a couple of off days. I want to let my chest, lungs, etc recover with the new meds and not stress it out more by working out. I'm hoping that today I feel better (I'm at home today, not in the craptacular icky office) so that I feel I can at least do some sort of movement.
  17. Week 2 - Day 3 Daily Zs: 6h 47m - My app crashed in the middle of the night. Odd. But I know when I set it and when I woke up... yay math skillz. Reason for little sleep? Long day and I wanted to get my workout in before I went to bed. So I did. Noms: Due to the wings the day before, I think, I wasn't hungry. So I basically IFd til 2pm when I decided I should eat. I had the 6 leftover wings. Yep, that's it. Dinner we went out to a stir-fry/Chinese/sushi place. I ate a bunch of different proteins (beef, duck, salmon, sole fish, chicken in small quantities) and tons of veggies. Move My Ass: I did not do my workout. Reason below... Cinderella Duties: The only dishes were the lunch ones from Jonas' lunch. Sadly, I did not do them. So reasoning for the day being so off? I was sent home from work again with the explicit instructions to see the doctor. For those of you following along. This is the 3rd time in 3.5 weeks. I was diagnosed with pneumonia the first time. The second they weren't sure. I'm off antibiotics and whatnot but still coughing (productively) and all stuffy in the head. Oddly enough, I am worse at work. My attempts at humor with my boss when I told him I was allergic to work were thwarted by him. Anyway. What did the doctor say yesterday? Yes, you might be allergic to work. If you're not the only one in the office sick, call the public health department and report the building, explain and ask for an air quality check. I earned myself a 3rd set of chest x-rays (dunno anything yet, waiting for the call) another round of antibiotics, a week of steroids and an inhaler. Fun. After all that, and dinner out for my nephew's birthday (albeit early) I decided bed was my best option and went to bed as soon as we got home from dinner. Therefore, no workout, no dishes. And you know what? I'm not upset about it. I'm not angry at myself. It just happened. Does that mean I'm going to not do my workout I was supposed to do? Not at all. I'm just pushing my workout until today and using yesterday as my rest day for the week.
  18. I'm proud of you for only eating half your order of fries.
  19. After reading about the love you made to your foam roller, I was going to ask how your wife felt. Glad you gave her some attention too!
  20. So, my son gets to bring a snack to 5th grade this year because lunch is much later in the day than normal. My thought was to send him some fruit or veggies and nuts. So... healthy carbs and some healthy fats. Only to find out yesterday that nuts aren't allowed. Any kind of nut. I'm stuck. I need some snack ideas that cover some healthy fats for him! All I've got thus-far is just send him some cubed meat and veggies. He needs some variety people... help?
  21. You shake your own wings? I must try that. Tho I've gone to using the dry buffalo seasoning there, which isn't as... saucy normally. At least my waitresses have stopped looking at me funny when I ask for the dressing on the side and no croutons or cheese on the salad.
  22. Your favorite salad... might become one of my favorites... That sounds really good!
  23. Thanks! This week has a few more challenges, but overall, I should kick ass!
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