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  1. My reward this week for actually taking a day off work (SHOCK HORROR) after being quiet sick this week, is a night out at the comedy show! So excited as it is been a disastrous week physically and emotionally. I did though each day get dressed for my workout and show up. I did get plenty of rest. I did meet my goals!
  2. I wonder if you can Google some possibilities? I am sure there are some horrible motivational posters with unicorns on them that could be okay!
  3. So reading some more posts and doing some thinking on my morning run, I want to add a few more details to my challenge. 1) There is no grading scale, I will pass every aspect and I will stick to my goals. Adding grading only adds stress for me additionally, I can let myself off with less then perfect effort because 'P's get degrees'. I can't afford to fail this and continue to be sick, even if it is just a little bit. 2) There is no prize. This is about taking care of myself and any reward that is food related, cheat days or meals completely contradicts my goals so I wont set them. I don't want to create a mindset of 'if I work out I can eat crap', or 'if I rest then I get an adult beverage'. I want an mindset where it is okay to take care of myself because it is. Also my reward will be a more balanced view of life and hopefully a healthier body. Side note - scales are evil and are not to be trusted! My new scales this morning told me that my body fat percentage places me in the obese category. At 60kg and 32% body fat, I have some way to go, however, I refuse to wear the label obese. Cuddly, chunkimon, yes, obese, no!
  4. I have been struggling with my weight on and off for years. I only have 10lbs to loose and I know for some people that might not be enough to worry about but for me it is beyond frustrating. For the last 3 years, I have been significantly unwell, this has impacted my digestion of foods and means I have been everything from slightly unwell to bed-ridden. As a result, my body is bloated and larger then where I am comfortable. I have been trying since the start of the year to loose these few kilos and get on top of my health and not only am I still not well, but I still feel fat. The worst part is that I know that I shouldn't worry as I am in a healthy weight range and my body can do more now then I could before, as in this time I have achieved a range of fitness goals that I never thought possible. Yet, I cant shake the thought and desire to loose weight. For the last 4 weeks, after finally getting the okay from my doctor, I have been fully paleo. This has always given me the results I seek in the past yet this time, nothing is happening - measurements arent moving, clothes dont fit still and I still feel gross. I know intellectually that I need to trust the process, but emotionally I am struggling. I don't know what else I can do? Any suggestions on how to remain positive during this process?
  5. Side plates are my life saver! Drink plenty of water Leave half of your food and walk away, come back if your hungry Only serve up a small amount and if your still hungry - carrots! You have to be really hungry to eat raw carrots! These are my favourites and how I manage my cravings for tasty, unhealthy foods.
  6. Pick yourself up and go again tomorrow. You can't beat yourself up, otherwise it is easy to become disheartened and give up. Each day is a fresh start, a clean slate and you can make more choices. As long as you keep trying to make more positive then negative choices you are on the right track. As for getting bored with food, I try to cook a new recipe each week, usually on the weekend with my husband. It mixes it up and I'm less likely to bored. Keep going, just keep swimming!
  7. School is always hard, and it doesnt get easier. The best thing to do is plan for key times in the semester, make healthy snacks so you can't be tempted, create a study group, ensure your in bed early. I started walking with my husband and talking to him about my courses, it helped me study and get my walking in at the same time. I did have to give him question cards for some course - this also helped me as I had to make them and write the answers!
  8. I laughed at the height measurement in the spreadsheet! That is the only measurement that I want to see increase!!
  9. This is my 4th attempt and after 2 years away ready to start again ... its the keeping getting up that counts!
  10. Love the positive mindset goal! I used to repeat a positive mantra "I am strong, I am beautiful, I am powerful" I found having the same one to stick to meant less brain power trying to come up with nice things about myself. The other thing I have tried is Googling a massive list and then I just had to choice one, again cutting down thinking and any possibility of negativity creeping in!
  11. Have you considered sprints to help you reach your speed goal? I do a mix of 100 metre sprints, 30sec on and 45 sec off and just added 400 metre sprints to my repertoire. Mixing these with consistency will help build speed.
  12. After a few years off, many chronic and on-going health problems, still to be resolved, I am back. Each challenge, I have pushed myself and either achieved my goal or come close, however this time is different. This time I need to find balance between my physical health and my fitness goals. Each of these pull me in competing directions and fitness always wins at the expense of my physical well-being with frequent injuries and reoccurring fatigue. With this in mind my goals need to show this and need to alter this mind set. I was set in a guild when I was last active in the forums, as a assassin, however, no longer able to do yoga, I am not sure where I fit, I don't want to feel like I am less then others as I can not and should not do certain activities, as this is an area of my life I am still struggling with. I like the idea of being a rebel where I can do a little of everything as I can no longer focus my skills on a single area until I heal my joints and my overall health. Main Quest I am always challenging myself and pushing my limits, this year has been know as the year of adventure! - I have signed up and am finishing my first half marathon in early July! - I am completing an 3 day, 54km hike in September with my best friend and my husband. - I leave on the trip of a life time in November and trekking Everest Base Camp. Goal 1 - mandatory rest days I will rest at least 1 day a week from all planned exercise for the full four weeks. Goal 2 - focus on getting out rather than distance. Stop if pain reaches an 8 out of 10! With my half-marathon fast approaching (July 3rd), I keep pushing myself despite my extremely painful joints and reoccurring illnesses. I know and am confident in my ability to complete the race in a decent time, so instead of beating myself up if I don't complete the distance on the PLAN each day I need to ensure that I just GET OUT! If the pain is too serve and over an 8 (with 10 being eaten by a shark), then I stop, regardless of the plan, my feelings or how far I then need to walk home. Goal 3 - Complete all of my physio workouts For 3 weeks I will complete all set workouts from my physio at least 3 days a week. I have been slack and this has impacted my other workouts and this needs to be prioritised. Goal 4 - No alcohol or grains This is a bet with my husband that we have had now for 2 weeks and it finishes at the end of June - I just can't forget it as I HATE to loose. I have a few big events coming up and this will get more difficult, however, I am hoping that as we are doing it together this will be the easiest goal to achieve.
  13. Has anyone ever trekked to Everest Base Camp? My husband and I, are planning to tick this epic adventure off our bucket list in November. I am struggling to find/choose/decide on a trekking company, does anyone have any suggestions? Also if you have done it before, what do you wish you knew in the months leading up or before you left home?
  14. So excited to hear people working out also with hyper-mobility. After being initially diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome that is the same joint hyper-mobility syndrome, I avoided exercise, in particular my favourites, yoga and lifting weights. It was a massive blow as I prided myself on my flexibility and my strength and to find out I was doing damage compensating during movements was heart-breaking. With supervision from my physio I have gone back to weights with modifications - low weights, high reps, until I build up the right muscles. I want to go back to yoga in the future as the focus on relaxation is critical for my mental health and I am missing it terribly. I have also taken up running, on the condition that it is on flat ground and now added hiking to my weekends. With my current goals for running a half marathon in July and climb to Everest Base Camp in November I still struggle to stop when it hurts and keep wanting to just 'push' through and reach my goals. This is a daily struggle and I would like to say I am getting better but that would be a lie. This year I am trying to get on top of my health and struggle with the pull between 'I must exercise to be healthy' and 'I should rest to be healthy'. Slowly, I am finding more balance but it takes time and many arguments with myself yet to come!
  15. Good work on seeing how you have re-evaluated your goals to ensure they matched your long-term goals this takes perspective and self evaluation. I hope that you go better now and can make the changes that you would like to
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