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  1. Thank you, Turtle. It kicked my ass to be sure, but the accomplishment is well worth it
  2. Well, JJ and I did it. We conquered the mountain. 12,441' up and felt great. I am beyond proud of his accomplishments over this summer. Not once did he complain or say he can't do something. He got a touch of altitude sickness on our trek down, but we were able to get him to lower elevation and he recovered in a few hours. It's one thing to hear about the view and see the pictures from the top of the world. It's another thing entirely to experience it firsthand. Go out and experience things my friends.
  3. I am posting a video below that is disturbing in the best of times, but even moreso now. Pink Floyd knew what they were doing.
  4. Glad to hear about the negative return, Turtle. Happy to hear from you!
  5. Thank you all for checking in. It's been a low motivation thing for me. I have not yet built my workouts into my routine yet, so I am relying on motivation, which I do not like. It's too fleeting. I am looking at a weekend where much of my everyday responsibilities will be lower, so I will have the time to get some things done to better my workouts. I hope, at least. Maybe I end up painting in the house...
  6. Not great, honestly. I've been pretty crap on working out the past week and a half. But, I have been juggling more. So, yeah, not great overall.
  7. Yesterday was good. Lift 3 days per week. 1/3 - Weekly 4/15 - 5WC JJ and I did some lifting last night after I went for a bike ride. Bike riding 3 days per week. 2/3 - Weekly 7/15 - 5WC Went for a little over 3 miles yesterday. It finished my wife's challenge and kept me going. Reflect 3 days per week. 1/3 - Weekly 4/15 - 5WC Did not do yesterday. Bonus: Juggle more. 0/2 - Weekly 3/10 - 5WC Nothing yet on this front this week. JB wants to work on Poi tonight, so I think that's what we'll end up doing.
  8. New week, new start Lift 3 days per week. 0/3 - Weekly 3/15 - 5WC Haven't lifted yet this week, but JJ asked if we could tonight. That's the plan right now. Bike riding 3 days per week. 1/3 - Weekly 6/15 - 5WC Got a 4.5 mile ride knocked out on Sunday. Felt good to work out the soreness in my legs. Reflect 3 days per week. 1/3 - Weekly 4/15 - 5WC Got a few pages written down last night. Felt good. Bonus: Juggle more. 0/2 - Weekly 3/10 - 5WC Nothing yet on this front this week.
  9. Curious, what are you doing for your strength training?
  10. This weekend, I went camping. It was for the BSA honors society, Order of the Arrow. I had a lot of physical activity on Saturday and sleeping on the ground. Pulling trees out of the ground, moving logs, making and moving brush piles. Things like that. It was good, don't get me wrong, but I ache. Lift 3 days per week. 2/3 - Weekly 3/15 - 5WC Nothing done on Friday, but I am counting pulling trees most of Saturday as lifting. It was pretty intense. I still ache from it. Bike riding 3 days per week. 2/3 - Weekly 5/15 - 5WC Did not get the last one done because I was out of town. Reflect 3 days per week. 2/3 - Weekly 3/15 - 5WC Had a lot of sucess with this. Feeling like I am making some headway in my headspace. Bonus: Juggle more. 2/2 - Weekly 3/10 - 5WC Nothing this weekend. Mostly because I was unable to do the motions needed. Or hold on to anything for any length of time. Silverware was fun...
  11. Pain in the hips isn't that uncommon, but the neck may require some form checks, possibly a medical professional. Keep kicking ass!
  12. Journaling is my go to for reflection. When I am not talking, I seem to have more time for getting some thoughts in order, so it's a helpful situation to find myself in.
  13. Glad you are staying up with your goals. Happy to see you are doing well despite your full load. Take a deep breath and know that we are with you, every step of the way. You got this!
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