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  1. Thanks for the support every one. The biggest hurdle that I knew I would face is the change of diet. I have a hard time with my carbs. I enjoy pasta and sandwiches too much. It's getting better, but it's still hard. New washer and dryer is coming today. I am pretty sure I broke something in the old dryer that I wasn't able to fix, so we bought new. It's amazing to me, though; we have budgeting software and since we got it, have been great with our money. We were able to buy the set without having to go to credit. It's a good feeling.
  2. Happy birthday, my friend. I hope it's a great day for you
  3. All things are possible. We live the life we want to. I will change what I do not like. From my challenge: Objectives: - Beginner's Bodyweight Workout 3 days a week - no excuses anymore. - Run at least 9 miles a week.. - Yoga or meditation 4 days a week for at least 10 minutes. - Cut out pop and energy drinks completely from my diet. . Starting Weight: 236 Ending Goal Weight: 220 Starting Waist Size: 40" Ending Waist Goal Size: 38" I shall, from time to time, update here. Tonight, I will put up some photos. I am going to hold myself to a higher standard for this. I am kind of excited at the thought of accomplishing these objectives. Doing so would mean having to mod my clown costumes just before circus this year. My outline from week to week would look something like this: (Subject to change based on life events) Monday: AM Yoga/Meditation and evening BBWW Tuesday: AM Run and evening Yoga/Meditation Wednesday: Evening BBWW Thursday: AM Run and evening Yoga/Meditation Friday: Evening BBWW Saturday: AM Yoga/Meditation Sunday: Rest We'll see how this goes.