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  1. You're not??
  2. I've been out of it this week. I have been to the gym once, but might have time Saturday to go. Eating has been good and I'm still using the tighter notch on my belt. Going in the right direction. Meditated on what I want out of the next couple of weeks in my life. Feels good to slow down. Training - 3/week 1/3 Weekly 3/12 4WC Eating Right 4/7 Weekly 11/28 4WC Meditation 1/3 Weekly 4/12 4WC
  3. It's impossible to argue with this logic
  4. I always sign the cards "Favorite Uncle Jitters" Put the idea in their heads from an early age.
  5. I am an uncle again! My brother and his wife have welcomed their first child into this world this morning. Very exciting. Dance party!
  6. I am an uncle again! My brother and his wife have welcomed their first child into this world this morning. Very exciting. Dance party!
  7. As the master of "I'll try anything once" I can say that there are some things that do not need to be tried to know it's a bad idea. Really, I've gone soft in my old age...
  8. Welcome back. Kick some butt!
  9. A lot of my problem comes from portion control, though I do occasionally struggle with what I am eating. I am noticing that I am using the next notch on my belt, which is a good feeling. My end of week/weekend wasn't great, but not a total failure. I got a good workout in Thursday evening, meditation Friday and Sunday. I did skip a workout this weekend. I let other things become more of a priority and I'm feeling like that's okay. I had some good pizza and two ciders on Saturday with TheMostLoathed, Rooks, and Sloth the Enduring. I kept my portions under control, learned a lot of fun games and had some great company to boot. All in all, a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Sunday was the Blue and Gold banquet for Jitters Junior's cub scout pack. Good times there and entertainment with the Great Brodini. He does Comedy Magic. Good stuff there. Had everyone laughing. Training - 3/week 2/3 Weekly 2/12 4WC Eating Right 7/7 Weekly 7/28 4WC Meditation 3/3 Weekly 3/12 4WC Kids are off school today and I'm stuck at work. Not a bad thing, really. I have a customer coming in tomorrow and I have to prep for that. If I was working from home, I know I would be wildly distracted, so here I sit.
  10. You got this Hatter. Take care of you first. We are here to support you, no matter what. Well, maybe if you're hooked on meth and selling yourself for a carton of Lucky's we might step in and say something, but you're better than that.
  11. Bad days wont derail you. You got this. Way to go on week one!
  12. Gods, how I've missed this place. These people. This community. This is my home. I shall endeavor to be around more. I recently joined a gym because I wasn't getting the workouts in that I needed to improve myself. I can be there at 4 am and get to work on time. Feels good. I'm going to be improving my eating habits and meditating/reflecting on my life throughout the week as well. And gifs... I am intimidated by the gym, but I can get this done. My eating habits are going to be a huge hurdle to correct, but I know what I need to do. My life is hectic at the best of times, but it is mine to enjoy. I'm broken, but I'm not beaten. Let's do this! Training - 3/week 0/3 Weekly 0/12 4WC Eating Right 0/7 Weekly 0/28 4WC Meditation 0/3 Weekly 0/12 4WC