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  1. And now, that looks fun. I need to get me some kettle bells.
  2. Funny enough, last night, Jitters Junior mentioned helping you guys out. He was pretty proud of how he was able to help and has been a big help with all my projects since then. The realtors may say the garage isn't something most people care about, but a lot do. It was a selling feature for our new place, for sure and it's one that my brothers all make note of. Only one is a car guy, but the others like to know that it can be more than just storage. Hope things go well for the rest of the buildings you and Laura look at. Let me know when you need help moving.
  3. What's a cats favorite color? Purrrrple. Courtesy of Jitter Bug - Age 5.
  4. First things first, Hi everyone! Yes, I will teach juggling. It would be a lot of fun. I have July 8-10th off with no one at home. I am planning on going to the Basilica Block Party Saturday night, but during the day or on Sunday would work well for me. I can meet anywhere. Or, conversely, if people are up for a drive down to Cottage Grove, I would be willing to host at my place. I also have a pool. Just saying. I would also be interested in kettlebell juggling. That sounds fun.