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  1. I may run this instead of the Turkey Day 5k this year. I'll let you guys know. Maybe a mini-meet up after will be in order.
  2. I have only heard of Town Hall. I'd be willing to go to a new place, and 40+ taps sounds good to me. Where is it?
  3. Many greetings, fellow Nerds. I have noticed an abundance of new chaos in my life. While I am usually good at managing it, I feel it is starting to consume me. I used to relax and do some generic breathing and sitting still when I wore a younger man's clothes, but now I would like to take time out each day and become more aware of things in my life and how I am reacting. In short, I am looking for some good guidance in starting on my path of meditation. I look to the Druids to help me with this. Any advice is welcome. I would have up to a half hour in the mornings to dedicate to this. My family would still be sleeping and it would be before work. I look forward to any help. Thank you.
  4. October is good. The 5th I have a wedding to perform in the evening, but free the rest of the weekends. Thoughts on type of meet up?
  5. So, Minnesota NFers (that almost sounds bad...), are we going to try for an end of summer meet up? Do a hike in one of our many state parks? Meet at one of our many fun picnic areas and just hang out and be groovy (and play on the playground equipment)? What say you? Sept 28th I have a 5k going on in the morning, but other than that, I am open
  6. Trying to figure out logistics for my wife's first 5k this Saturday. She's not a runner, but is going to run with her sister. Good luck, hun. The kids and I are rooting for you.

  7. I hear ya, Brother. I'm struggling with the same addiction. I keep trying to go off it, but I always find my way back on it. My current run is two weeks. My best was a cold turkey cut off that lasted 7 months. I felt best when I cut back in halves. Before, I was a 2-3 can of Red Bull or 4-5 cups of coffee a day. I cut out half of what I was drinking and after three weeks, cut out half again. Two weeks ago, I went to 0. Feeling good so far, but I am not sure how long it will last. I hope the best for improvement on your addiction.
  8. For anyone from the TC interested: Lift Bridge Brewery Beer Run - Saturday, Sept 28th. Race begins at 10am. $35 for registration. http://www.active.com/5k-race/stillwater-mn/lift-bridge-brewery-beer-run-2013?force_a2=y I am running this and then going to find a nice spot to refresh after in Stillwater. Meet up after?
  9. I kicked 5 minutes off my 5k time last night. I ran one in Nov. and was at 42 minutes. Last nights time was 37m 15s. Felt good about it. Thanks for the encouragement everyone. It's become my new goal. My wife spent last night while I was running looking into more races for me for next year. Going to be a fun 3 years.
  10. Well, despite not ordering any NF gear in time for this race, I still ran it. 93 degree heat and 8,000 people. It was a good race. I ended with a time of 37 min, 15 sec. That puts me around a 12 min mile, down from 42 minutes in November. Progress.
  11. So, I am running my second 5k tonight (with a heat index expected of 93 degrees...) and planning two more this year. After thinking about it this morning, I decided to make a plan for myself. Next year, I want to run a few 10k races. The year after that, I want to be in a couple half-marathons. The 3rd year, I want to run a full marathon. Is this a pretty reasonable goal, or am I setting myself up for failure with the time-line? I ran in high school (15 years ago...) and most of my races were 3 miles. I am regularly running (4 days a week) 2-3 miles. I am still overweight, but it's coming down (16 lbs. lost over the past two months). Any thoughts and recommendations would be welcome and appreciated. Thanks in advance. Climb Climb Climb to the top of the world. And as you stand tall, you will see... That when you fall... You will fall from a height most men will never reach. ~The Fall by The Protomen
  12. Anyone out there going to be doing the Torchlight 5k July 17th in Minneapolis? I will be there with my brother and sister-in-law. Only my second 5k since I became active again (did the Turkey Day 5k). I'm thinking that I need a NF shirt for this one.
  13. I've been clowning around St. Paul my whole life.
  14. Thanks, guys. I am looking forward to kicking my own ass at this. Simpson's quote. Homie the Clown. Turns out, my clown pants fit me pretty well. Had to make new ones.
  15. You have no idea what you just got yourself into, do you? Sometimes, you just never know how to start an introduction. One could go for the classic, "Hello", but really, is that what you’d expect from a clown? I think not. A bit about me: I'm 32 and I am a real live clown (fake live clowns, not as funny as people think...) from the weather-ly confused state of Minnesota. I also enjoy making up plausible sounding words. I have a desk job that while I don't particularly like, but it's paying the mortgage, so I keep at it for now. I live with three of the most amazing people I have met. My wife T is one of the most supportive people I have met yet. Kind and understanding would be a huge understatement. We've been together for 16 years, 10 of which have been in marriage. My son R is my joke spotting partner and my little man. He's a clown in training and lets me know when a joke isn't funny. He also makes sure we spend at least 10 minutes a day talking about tomorrow. Not bad for a 6 year old. My daughter C is recently 2, and as stubborn as both her parents and twice as adorable. She motivates me to keep active long after I think I should be. A little (read "A lot") about my past: I have been a runner since I was in the 5th grade and really enjoyed it. Yes, that was a past tense, though that's starting to turn around. More on that later. I wrestled in middle and high school and did track because of the cute girls. Honestly. I had no idea I would actually be good at the long jump. I always felt a bit overweight in high school (wrestled at 145 lbs., but I was 6' 0" even then, so what did I know...) even though no one ever said it. I don't know what was up with my thinking at the time. I enjoyed a game of football with my friends on the weekends. In short, I was active. Graduation hit and I was thrust into the real world with a real (kind of) job. I was managing a store that sold juggling equipment. I could juggle 2 hours a day and get paid for it. It was awesome, but it didn't pay the bills. I moved on to a security job where I was walking for 7 hours a day. Not bad, but after a few more years, I had to move on. That's where it went south on me. I got a desk job. Over the past 9 years, I have been in a desk job and gaining weight. I topped out at 260 lbs. and as of April 30th, I decided that was enough. I started working out with cardio and some high impact workouts at home. My wife joins me on the high impact days. It's nice to do that with someone. My goal on May 1st was to drop 60 lbs. by the first of the year. I have found that I still enjoy running and signed up for a couple 5k’s this year. I came across Nerd Fitness while looking into ways to help me stay motivated. It's my biggest hurdle. I am enjoying reading through the blogs on the site. It's a take on staying fit that I can get into. I do a weekly weigh in and post my results to my face-space-internets-book thing in a video game way. It's helped a lot, but I felt this community would be another way to stay on task. As of last Wednesday, I was down to 248.0 lbs. I'm feeling good, but I know there's a ways to go. I look forward to reading though the forums and to read everyone's success story to keep me motivated. I am going to have to come up with 4 goals for the next 6 week challenge. Thanks for reading. 50 points to anyone who can make the connection of the title of the post.
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