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  1. And I am now way behind. Well, here's where we start to catch up. Day 5: From JJ's list.
  2. I'm facing the same issues with Jitters Junior. He knows the steps, and knows how to get to the end, but somehow has turned math into the enemy. Any pro level tips for struggling parents?
  3. On the 4th day of the Countdown, my true love gave to me: A fun medley of songs. From JJs list. Oh, I found some wrapping paper for this year. @Sloth the Enduring, I thought of you. I am so excited for this.
  4. Looking forward to the adventures of Raxie
  5. Thanks, Raxie. I appreciate it. Our third day of the Countdown: I don't find myself to be overly religious, but the message at the end really hits me. Do kind things for others.
  6. A tough start to the weekend, but we did some good in the world at large and we talked about a lot of things. Got a lot of work done around the house. Gave some things away to help others. Went to a trampoline park and it kicked my butt pretty good. My week is starting off well. It's Dec, so that means music! Our Countdown to Christmas is an annual tradition for the 4 of us where we each pick 6 songs and we pull a playing card to determine which song will be played that evening. We watch the music video if they have one. Here's our first two songs: Dec. 1st Pizzazz picked this one. She is a big fan of most of what Pentatonix does. Dec. 2nd This one was one of mine. I enjoy The Piano Guys and this was such a fun video. The countdown continues each night. I'll update most week days. Be good to each other
  7. I am currently at a bit of a loss. I am having a rare bad day. We found out yesterday that a student at JJ's school passed away the night before. There was an "investigation team" of officers that were at the school. This tells me one of two things; either it was an OD or it was bullying that lead to suicide. Neither of which I am okay with. The kid was in 8th grade. From the parents I have spoken with who knew the family, they lean to the bullying. I just don't know for sure. JJ didn't know him, but is empathetic to the Nth degree and felt really sad last night. My first reaction to the news was that of anger. If it was suicide, how could an 8th grader feel this way that they thought this was their option? Where were the authorities involved if it was related to bullying? Why was this child not told that there are avenues to deal with bullying? If if was an OD, even an accidental one, how did they get access to something like that? It absolutely upset me. Then I thought of the possibilities. I thought of my words to everyone; be kind to each other. I hope this will be a chance to learn and to grow. I wish bullies could see the affects of their actions without this death having occurred, but that simply isn't reality. I had to have a very tough discussion with my 11 year old about suicide, depression, and drug use. He shouldn't have to worry about this. Not yet. I am having a hard time concentrating at work today. I will likely take off early to spend some time with the kids today. I can only think that this family is going to miss Christmas this year. Not like they should. They won't get a chance to see their child grow up to get their licence. They won't see them go to their prom. No first dates. No more birthdays. I am absolutely not okay with this behavior. It is absolutely unfair that a parent should ever have to bury a child. Please, for the love of all that is good in this world, be kind and compassionate to each other. To the educators, thank you for all that you go through with the youth on a daily basis. For the resource officers working in the schools, thank you for being kind in your work. To anyone who deals with children, thank you for helping them. UPDATE: It was suicide resulting from bullying. Please talk to your children about the effects of bullying. And please talk to them about what to do if they are being bullied.
  8. Alright. The house is starting to look festive. My customers from work are sending in "Thanks for a great year" gifts and it's cold. I think without the snow, I just don't feel it. I will say this once; bring on the snow, Mother Nature!
  9. Hi everyone! I've been largely absent due to a great craft show month so far. I'm done for the season, but recovery always takes time. Lost too much sleep, but did great. Both Jitters Junior and Jitter Bug were helpful and sold a lot of their own pieces. Having helpers is fun. I'm way behind on my fitness, but getting back into it this week. Looking forward to the holidays. And LittleTurtle gets bonus points for a NPH gif!
  10. Your Friendly Neighborhood Clown is following along... That really doesn't sound good, does it?
  11. We do get good family time in. I am blessed in that regard. Spring break in 2019, we are going to Disney World. We were going to do a cruise, but we waited too long and couldn't get the right mix of rooms.Couple years, and we will get there.
  12. Welcome back. Glad you're doing well with your novel.
  13. Had a great weekend. Craft show that was super successful, movie night with my daughter, and dinner at my parents with all of my brothers and their families. Good times. I am about an hour and a half away from heading to the airport to fly to Kentucky for a trade show. It's good to get out and see customers and potentials, but I do end up a bit home sick while I'm away. For the greater good, right?
  14. Alright followers. If someone in or near, or can be in Las Vegas on Wed. Nov 7th and would like to attend the Imagine Dragons concert, please let me know by Saturday the 3rd around noonish. I can get two tickets for someone and I am not able to get down there. Message me!
  15. Las Vegas Nerds, I am in search of someone who would like to go to the Imagine Dragons concert in Vegas on Nov 7th. Message me by noon on Saturday Nov 3rd and I will get it set up.
  16. Powerman 5000. The first band I remember following with such a passion I would drive 12 hours to a show after driving 10 hours back from Canada. I have met the band on several occasions, and even was invited to party with them at a bar after a show. It was always a good time seeing them live. It's been a few years now, but I wonder if I can make a show of theirs again.
  17. Huh, you did it. You magnificent bastard, you have made this clear for those who are not from around here. Well done
  18. All my plans, ruined. The thought of being lazy and recovering this weekend went right out the window. In the best way possible. My weekend was awesome. Went to Spiral Brewing on Friday and ended up back my my neighbor's place watching the MN Wild beat the Dallas Stars. Go Wild! Saturday morning was productive. Painted the brick back splash in my kitchen. Went to the Science Museum with the family and had a lot of fun. We always do. Saturday evening we were up in Anoka for the "Lights Out Parade" with my two older brothers families. The cousins always have fun hanging out. Brought some glow items for everyone. Got home late. Sunday was an afternoon at the Conservatory with my in laws. Great day for it. The Japanese Garden is always a good time too. We are going to look into starting Banzi. My son liked how his ears seem to glow in this picture: We went to my parents for dinner that evening and had a lot of fun catching up with them. Went home, got the kids on their homework and they were in bed before 8. I went downstairs and finished my first panel of my lantern.
  19. It really was Rope. Jumping rope It was an excellent movie. Lazy night tomorrow night means "Falling Down" will be watched. Good call
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