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  1. Oh what a night. Late December back in '63... Wait a minute, that's not right... Hell of a great show last night. Kids had a blast, wife had a blast, I had mostly a blast. Got home late and was in to work early today. Going to leave early, don't get me wrong, but yeah, gotta make everyone else who went that will show up late look bad. Looking forward to some beer with my neighbor tonight down at Spiral Brewery. If any MN peeps wants to take a trip to Hastings, I'll be there. Going to get some jumping in this weekend. Possibly finishing my stained glass panels for my lantern. Playing it fast and loose this weekend. Bring it on!
  2. That was my first exposure to WOTE as well. When Sarah sang, I was hooked. We love Pentatonix in our house. Their rendition of "Mary did you Know" made our countdown to Christmas last year. I expect it will be there again this year. My love of Foo Fighters goes waaaay back. I have always loved their live shows. The energy they put out is beyond amazing. And, as fate would have it, I get to see them again from a suite this evening. Should be a fun time. It will be the kids second rock concert. This is my life now...
  3. Mine wasn't an improvement from the week prior, so you get the bonus points. Well done everyone. Thank you for playing.
  4. Music, music, music. I adore music. It allows expression when words fail. It brings out emotions that I thought long suppressed. I bond with others over it and find wisdom in it. Music guides me through this life. I get a bit anxious without it for too long. Sometimes, it just allows me to release stress and smile because of the absurdity of it. Music moves me. When I saw this video, I was pretty psyched. I remember the hype when Outkast released the song and thought it was catchy, but not much more than that. Now I find it fun. Walk off the Earth makes a lot of previously unpalatable songs much better. Earlier this year, we brought our kids (11 and 7 years old now) to their first non-orchestra concert. We all took a road trip to Madison, WI to see Walk off the Earth play. And because it was their first show, we got front row VIP tickets. They had an absolute blast and have made lists of artists they want to see live. We're seeing Foo Fighters on Thursday...
  5. Welcome back to NFNews. I am your host, JittersThe.Clown We ended our Jump Rope PvP and here's how the numbers add up: Elastigirl - 10 Minutes Mad Hatter - 4 Minutes JittersThe.Clown - 10 Minutes Arkania - 2 Minute And we have a race! Elastigirl comes in with the big 3 points for most jump time. Jitters takes 2 points and Hatter and Arkania each get 1. Elastigirl and Arkania each get 2 points for beating their previous weeks numbers. Well done there! And so our points break down as such: Jitters - 14 Mad Hatter - 11 Elastigirl - 17 points Arkania - 3 points Elastigirl takes the contest! Congratulations to everyone for participating. I know that jumping is going to replace my cardio for the winter here in MN. @Elastigirl your gif:
  6. I have my portions under control at the moment, but what I am eating is pretty crap overall. I'm trying to get better, but then the kids want something and it looks, smells, and sounds so much better than what I am having... It's tough.
  7. Challenge wrap up: Workout 4 days per week. 4/4 - Weekly 14/16 - 4WC I jumped a lot last week. It was more than just for the PvP. I have fallen for jumping again. It's going to be a regular thing. I also did a lot of wood chopping yesterday. Sore in all the right places. Overall, missed two workouts. I feel alright about that. Meditate 3 days per week. 1/3 - Weekly 7/12 - 4WC I only got one session in last week and honestly, I don't find myself with the time these days. I'm shifting into trade show mode, so it may be important to make the time for it, but I haven't yet. Little over half of my goal... Not great. Portion Control. Pass/Fail 21/21 - Weekly Pass/Fail 82/84 - 4WC Been really good on this and I can tell. I like how this one has turned out. Bonus Level: Glass work. I will finish at least one piece each week and post pictures! 0/1 - Weekly 2/4- 4WC I really kind of got myself in this pickle. I didn't finish a lot of pieces, but I have a lot of pieces in process right now. I work best on production style when getting ready for my craft shows. I have a few that are really close to done, but not yet. The bonus level encouraged me to keep at my craft, for that, I am thankful, even if I only hit 50%. Overall, I don't know that challenges are for me. I will be keeping up my battle log, though. Be warned, however, it can be a strange and magical place. If you're interested, you can find it here.
  8. Funny. The guy on the right in the green shirt with the black and gray hat is one of my scout leaders.
  9. Chime in with your past few days and I'll update. Sorry, I've been quiet last week. Busy at work.
  10. That's 7 balls in the air, for those counting.
  11. Workout 4 days per week. 4/4 - Weekly 10/16 - 4WC I jumped a lot last week. Felt good. I lifted a bit, but not as much as normal. Meditate 3 days per week. 2/3 - Weekly 6/12 - 4WC Missed my last session of the week. Instead, had a game night, a nap, a hockey night, and a Valley Fair day this weekend. It was awesome Portion Control. Pass/Fail 21/21 - Weekly Pass/Fail 67/84 - 4WC Still on the good eating train. Even with delicious gyro's for dinner last night. Bonus Level: Glass work. I will finish at least one piece each week and post pictures! 1/1 - Weekly 2/4- 4WC My sons dragon piece. These take a lot longer than I had thought they would. My daughters piece will be done this week.
  12. Look out everyone Or jump rope, as the case may be. For last week, here are the numbers I see: Elastigirl - 9.5 Minutes Mad Hatter - 7 Minutes JittersThe.Clown - 16 Minutes Arkania - 0 Minutes Jitters takes the 3 points for most jumped, followed by 2 points for Elastigirl with 1 point Hatter following close behind. All 3 reporting contestants improved their time from the week prior and is awarded an additional 2 points. And so our points break down as such: Jitters - 12 Mad Hatter - 8 Elastigirl - 12 points Arkania - 0 points (out due to injury. We are all wishing a speedy recovery!) It still looks to be a close race to the final week. Stay tuned to see how this plays out!
  13. Continuing the Imagine Dragons train, here's one that came up this morning on my drive in I used the audio one because their official video is over 11 minutes long... This one speaks to me on a very personal level. I have had the good fortune to have married an amazing woman that I have known since '96. I was going down a path that I shouldn't have and because of her, I was able to get off and find a better way. She knew me during my absolute worst and has stayed with me in spite of all of it. She makes me want to be a better person and makes it easier to do just that. She supports even my craziest ideas. I strive at and struggle with being worth someone else's time and energy. The line that gets me every time is this: "So thank you for taking a chance on me. I know it isn't easy, but I hope to be worth it".
  14. Midweek update! Workout 4 days per week. 3/4 - Weekly 9/16 - 4WC Tuesday evening saw me jump for 3 minutes and did some squats with Jitters Junior. Wednesday saw an additional 4 minutes of jumping rope. Meditate 3 days per week. 2/3 - Weekly 6/12 - 4WC Wednesday morning was a good 15 minutes of calming reflection Portion Control. Pass/Fail 9/21 - Weekly Pass/Fail 55/84 - 4WC Back on the good eating train. No foreseeable overeating in my future. Bonus Level: Glass work. I will finish at least one piece each week and post pictures! 0/1 - Weekly 1/4- 4WC Ready to foil and solder the dragons, as well as a few other pieces.
  15. 3 minutes on Tuesday and 4 minutes on Wednesday. Bring it!
  16. I aim to please. Glad I can make your day a little better. Any time I get a chance for Foo Fighters, I take it. David Grohl is my spirit animal.
  17. If you get the chance again, you move earth and sky to get there. They do not disappoint. I have Foo Fighters coming up in two weeks. Should be a good one as well.
  18. Well done! Got up 3 minutes as well yesterday. Might miss today with a roadside clean up I'm helping with, but we'll see.
  19. I'm glad people still know of the genius that is the Chapmans and Zobel.
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