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  1. Hey guys on May 16 the government released a twitter announcement about being prepared for a zombie emergency no joke, it's been getting lots of hits so here's a cached version from google of the manual they prepared so if any of you are still alive you can go ahead and check this out (they say if you are prepared for a zombie apocalypse you are ready for any emergency) http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:CO9vfWcAsZ4J:blogs.cdc.gov/publichealthmatters/2011/05/preparedness-101-zombie-apocalypse/+http://blogs.cdc.gov/publichealthmatters/2011/05/preparedness-101-zombie-apocalypse/&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us&source=www.google.com Edit: Here's a news post about the above guide http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/blogpost/post/cdc-prepares-for-zombie-apocalypse-tips-on-how-to-survive/2011/05/19/AFHPqD7G_blog.html
  2. Updates: I haven't been updating lately, but that doesn't mean i've been lazy- Last week was my last week of basic training woot This week i have started the bodyweight brigade RANK 1 with some modifications- I have been sticking probably 90 percent paleo diet and my body fat has been going down, my weight has a little too, the caliper i ordered never arrived, but just guessing i think i dropped 3 percent or so So 5/9 monday's workout day one of bodyweight brigade Warmup Push ups: set 1- 20 set 2-14 set 3- 9 set 4- 7 Chin ups (i added some reverse chin ups as well) set 1: 2 set 2: 2 + 4 reverse set 3: 1 +3 reverse set 4: 3 reverse Goblet squats with a 30 lb weight and some bodyweight squats, ill progessively add more weight set 1- 17 set 2-11+20 bodyweight set 3- 8+ 20 bodyweight set 4: 25 bodyweight Side planks 45 seconds right 45 seconds left 30 seconds right 30 seconds left Then 3 minutes of running Cool down 5/10-Rest did some light activity 5/11 workout 2 ( Warm up Chin ups set 1: 3 +2 reverse set 2: 2+ 3 revers set 3: 1 +3 reverse set 4: 3 reverse Close hand push ups set 1- 10 set 2- 6 set 3- 8 set 4- 6 Weighted lunges (7.5 lbs in each hand will progessiely add more weight) set 1- 25 set 2- 15 set 3- 12 set 4- 12 Plank set 1- 95 seconds set 2- 40 seconds set 3- 40 seconds 20 squat thrusts in 3 mins (they are really hard, threw in a few burpees in there as well)
  3. I'm a little busy with school-stuff right now because of finals, but i'm still going strong i see you still are keep it up
  4. Sorry i haven't been updating, i got kind of a bit lazy there at the end of week 2 not working out and eating bad things, but now it's a new week and i'm back with a vengeance, so now there's only this week and next week of basic training then on to bodyweight brigade. Changes: I'm doing the exercises with some modifications in order to do more because i don't want to be lazy like the end of the second week, for example when i do push ups i'll do diamond push ups max until tired, then standard, then wide, that way i get more reps in like a man without sacrificing form of course, also i'm adding some weights to lunges and squats, not much as i the heaviest dumbell i have is only 30 lbs. I'm also done with bulking up, time to slim down, i didn't really gain that much weight, but i don't feel like eating so much anymore, also now i'm going full paleo, meat after 13 years of being a vegetarian 5/2/11-workout basic training b Body Rows- set1: 16 then 5 with bent knees set2: 10 then 5 with bent knees set 3: 9+2wbk Bodyweight Lunges: set 1: 17 with 7.5lbs in each hand then 8 bodyweight lunges set 2: 10 with 7.5 lbs in each hand then 5 bodyweight set 3: 7+5 Planks set 1: 90 seconds set 2: 65 seconds 2 minute sprints Food log- 3 eggs pound a salmon can of tuna grilled chicken sprouts, romaine lettuce, banana, watermelon, olive oil i'm still under 2000 calories it is impossible to overeat on paleo diet yeesh I'm back with a vengeance, also i'll update some zombie stuff, i'm still on week 2 challenge, i can land, but i still have to practice rolling
  5. Not too bad, a little busier, but i haven't missed a workout and i've only cheated twice on my diet and not badly hehe. anyways hope all is going well with you to
  6. 4/25/11 Workout: basic training workout a Push ups: set 1: 20 set 2: 12 set 3: 10 bodyweight squats: set 1: 40 set 2: 30 set 3: 20 plank: set 1: 81 seconds set 2: 66 seconds Once i get to 50 squats i'll add some weights gotta work harder on my push ups Food log: like 3/4 gallon milk 5 eggs salmon bean sprouts tuna in a can salad more fish
  7. I personally like this tutorial as it gets very detailed and gives you progressions for the roll, ryan doyle rocks
  8. 4/22/11- Actually friday me and some family members went to six flags, so my diet wasn't the greatest today, i didn't stuff my face or anything, but i didn't get to eat good food, i also didn't have time to work out as we left in the morning and went back at night so i worked out on saturday 4/23/11 Basic workout b body rows set 1: 15 set 2: 10 set 3: 9 lunges: set 1: 30 set 2: 18 set 3: 12 plank set 1: 80 seconds set 2: 65 seconds all my stats went up at least, there was a party at our house and i had to work pretty hard cleaning up the house and the backyard, but i avoided all the junk food. 4/24/11 happy easter everyone today is rest day i'm thinking of changing my diet, to me gomad is more trouble than it's worth i might keep going one more week, but at this point i'm sick of drinking so much milk
  9. Three day update: Day 9-4/19/11: got some rest from monday's workout not much to say Day 10: 4/20/11 Workout basic training A Push ups Set 1: 20 set 2: 10 set3: 7 i didn't feel like i did enough so i did 5 more after Body weight squats: set 1: 30 set 2: 25 set 3: 20 the squats are coming along i'll take spezzy and dante's advice soon add some weights plank set 1: 70 secs set 2: 60 secs Day11: 4/21/11 rested am quite busy the next couple of days, but i'll make sure i at least get my workout in for tommorow
  10. Day 8 - 4/18/11 Workout Strength: Basic training workout b Body rows: set 1: 15 set 2: 9 set 3: 8 bodyweight lunges (per leg) set 1: 25 set 2: 15 set 3: 12 plank: set 1: 1 minute 10 seconds set 2: 1 minute Stuck with the diet today will have about 13-15 cups of milk, i stopped counting i gulg it like water at this point Everything is going great, week 2 off to a great start
  11. Day 7 4/17/2011+week in review Yesterday i practiced some parkour that's about it tomorrow strength training starts again and spring break begins on week of ownage Goals for the spring break week and more detailed goals for the challenge: Spring break goals: 1) finally finish and get caught up with class assignment (not difficult and non negotiable) i just need to quit procrastinating 2) Do at least 2 or more volunteer opportunities 3) The house shall be clean! 4) Reread Gtd and finalize my system 5) Limit my comp time to one hour only(excluding online schoolwork) Larger plan Fitness goals: keep going the way i'm going zombie goals: 1) Create a baseline survival percentage and increase it by doing different things 2) On my rest days practice zombie related goals and fitness (i've been doing parkour on my rest days) 3) finish challenges and stuff Mind goals: study for at least 3 hours a day on different subjects Life goals are still the same
  12. Hey guys i'm going to pm the mods our new name, because i set a goal to get a name by the end of the week, plants, if you guys want to change it again later that's fine, nothing is set in stone...except you know more stone
  13. "If we live every day in preparation and fear of these monsters, the only thing we become are monsters as well, with no appreciation for a good time or the arts." Sounds like taxes and stuff, jk i really liked this post man, relaxing is always good-hope you had a good time with your mates-10 beers 4 shots though-wow (instead of getting the zombies drunk breathe fire on them) Can't wait to listen to it. I get a similar feeling when working out it just clears your head of junk, and during rest days i have even more energy, though very sore.
  14. yup, i'd a just sat there...awkwardly keep up the good work also quick question i have ankle weights as well, how do you keep them from scratching and irritating the skin around the ankles, whenever i wear them for more than an hour the skin around the weights gets all red and hurt maybe i just need to get more comfy ones as for gaining 7 lbs in 3 weeks, i wouldn't worry too much about it if you are eating well and exercising, especially all that landscaping
  15. Hope you get better soon, make sure it's not the t-virus or nothing seems like your school stuff is set nice job Set it high or else zombies will get you, that said i should bring mine lower, hehe, anyways keep fighting and getting better
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