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  1. Second Update! One week is down and I'm still very happy with my progress. This one will be a quickie. 1) Still 100% Caffeine free (one week and running). 2) Had a hectic weekend, including kid's birthdays and traveling - and fell off a little ona few meals Sat/Sun. Good news is I fully recovered and bounced back Sunday night and today (Monday so far back to IF'ing and clean eating). I'm not too frustrated either - which I normally get. AND I stayed away from caffeine even when having a meal with carbs/sugar etc... 3) Training still going well. 5 sessions last week. 4) Crockpot cooking has been a no go since last update (none Fri, Sat, Sun), but we were gone most of the time as I said above. I'm going to start one soon to cook while trianing. Mostly good updates, no big changes - happy with progress!
  2. First Update Time! So, it's part way through week one of the challenge - and we're doing pretty well so far. 1) I've cut out not just lattes, but all caffeine completely! It's been nearly a decade since I've went a week without caffeine and I've been dependent nearly my entire adult life. Right now I haven't replaced it with anything - no tea, no coffee (obviously), just water. So far so good, so I'm going to keep going. I'm not sure I'm against caffeine forever, but avoiding it altogether is helping me from slipping make into lattes. 2) Crockpot dinners are going decent, I've done 2. One was last week, but I'm counting it. The most success I've had is with pork shoulders from the super market - tossing them in the pot - and putting minimal extra ingrediants to get the job done. And just having massive amount of pulled pork. I've not done a great job of having vegetables or leafy greens as a side - but I've had plenty of MEAT. One big success was a huge pork shoulder - some rub put all over it - salt and pepper - and canned pineapple chunks (drained) poured on top. That's literally it - not much at all. I know the pineapple adds some sugar to it, but the pork was amazing, moist, and delicious. The second one was similar, a huge prk shoulder, baby carrots, cut up onions and peppers. All just thrown in on top. Once again worked out amazingly well. Most people may not like it that actually cook - but it's amazing how well pork comes out with such little effort. 3) I've trained 4 times last week and 4 times this week (already). It's going really well - and making tons of progress. On track to hit my blue belt this summer which will be after one year (about as fast as possible at my academy), but I've put in a lot of effort and studying. Anyway, so far so good! Will update towards the beginning of next week! -Baker
  3. Hey all, Baker here - and while this isn't my first challenge - it's my first as a Monk (woot). I've been training BJJ for about 10 months now, and while many of my fitness and diet goals are hot and cold, my dedication to training as been really consistent. Steady and with very little interruption! I train in Indianapolis and my first competition is in June. A little more background, I've recently lost about 25 or so lbs from my top weight, but have plateau'd for a few months despite a great support system and essentially being surrounded by people who are ready, willing, and able to help. For this challenge, I want to try and address a couple small, tangible "quests" that are 1) Doable, 2) Measurable, 3) Aren't "all in" or too crazy. These quests also address what I feel to be more underlying issues to why mentally I can't break my plateau. Quest #1) For 6 weeks, I'll consume no lattes. Seems simple, but my relationship with these drinks are long and complex. For a while I switched to sugar-free lattes (under 100 calories) and convinced myself that was okay. It worked for a while, but I think contributes directly to the plateau and indirectly to putting me in environments where I will break down even further (get a non-sugar free... get a sandwhich... get scones... get all the sugars) when I stress out. So for me, I do think avoiding these altogether is the biggest trial for me - and something I probably haven't realistically done in many years (gone 6 weeks without a latte). It's become part of who I am, how I work best, and the environments I like (I work a ton in coffee shops). Quest #2) Cook at least 3 "Crockpot" meals a week. Another ridiculous barrier to my healthy living is my utter inability to prepare or cook anything resembling healthy food for my family. Because of this - the burden either falls on other people - or on fast food or something that resembles quick food. I have 4 kids to feed (one teenager) and sometimes 2 additional teenagers on a regular basis. I've juggled back and forth with eating out HEALTHY more - even looked into buying prepared, frozen meals from a service - tried different meals out cooking - but nothing has stuck. The only thing that resembles a realistic possibility is Crockpot meals (especially simple ones). So my quest is to find 4-5 crockpot recipes, that are low carb and paleo-friendly, and throw 3 of them in the crockpot a week. I don't have to cook sides, I don't have restrictions on how much or how middle, this quest is more about starting the process of finding at least a small glimmer of hope - and I believe the crockpot has the opportunity to be that for me! Quest #3) Train at least 3 times per week. This will be the easiest of all the quests, because by now it's become second nature. I usually hit 4 times, but always vary between 3 and 5 times per week. This is especially important with my competition coming up in June and the belt promotion after it. I'd like to ramp up Strength training a bit more - and try out a few other things (yoga for one) - but I'm holding back to urge to make these all quests as well. At the end of the day, if I was able to avoid lattes, try crockpot recipes 3x per week, and keep up on training schedule - I'd consider this an amazing challenge. Here we go! -Baker
  4. Guess who's back? Back again? It's been 6 days since my last update - and I'm gonna pledge to be more frequent in the updates (Thanks Spezzy). However, just because I haven't been posting - doesn't mean I've fallen off the wagon. The exact opposite! I've stayed strong. It's been 11 days now since I switched to a No dairy, No carbs, No sugar form or Paleo (or 4HB for those of you interested). I won't lie, the first week was crazy hard and I suffered from what I learned on the internet is called the "keto flu" basically. Fake flu-like symptoms as your body starts to get close to ketosis. I'm no health whiz, but I matched the symptoms listed for what others had experienced in switching. Anyway, I'm starting to feel a lot better. BAD NEWS: I only worked out once last week (Crossfit). I just felt too weak as my body switched. I had stomach problems, energy issues, and often went to bed early (like 7-8 pm early). GOOD NEWS: I'm still eating a decent amount of food - only had one cheat meal (which was Subway and a single Mt. Dew) in 11 days. Every other meal has been spot on. I'm also not snacking at all (just eating bigger meals) and drinking more water than I ever have in my life. Weight is not my goal - but I am down 10 pounds in 11 days. I realize that most of that is water weigh and that's not sustainable, but it feels good to kind of cleanse off that easy weight up front. Woot woot. Despite the weight loss - I actually just hit a Deadlift PR of 315 tonight at the gym. A 30 pound PR. I'm still fairly new to the deadlift - and we worked on my grip after I hit my PR. With the new grip - I actually feel like I could do even more, but didn't want to overdo it. I still had a struggle for that 315. I realize for my size, that PR is still very low - but it feels good to add 30 pounds to the DL even though I've switched everything the last two weeks and am down those 10 pounds. Good progress! I'm going to try and find a pattern to take pictures of what I'm eating. But honestly I'm doing so well at sticking to the plan - I'm not sure I want to disrupt it! More soon, and I love seeing everyone's progress in here. Updating more this week! -Baker
  5. Hey, a quick - but much needed update! I've already posted that Friday and Saturday were big successes - but haven't followed up since then. Well, Sunday, Monday and Today (Tuesday) have all been amazing too! Well, maybe not amazing - but I've been 100% true to the diet goals. No carbs, No dairy, No sugar... and even... no caffeine. Sunday may have been the worst day in terms of feeling withdraw. I basically went to bed around 5 or 6 pm and just sat in bed feeling terrible. However, Monday was slightly better and today even more so. I've done a lot of eating out (chicken breasts with broccoli - or fajitas no sour cream, cheese, or torts). So it's been expensive, but I'm starting to cook a lot more too. And we bought a new grill! So we're ready to start rockin' and rollin' on dinners every evening. I didn't workout Today or Sunday. And Monday was about 30-45 minutes of lap swimming (not Crossfit). I have blood work being done tomorrow that says I can't have strenuous exercise within 24 hours of the blood work. Weird. But tomorrow I'm already signed up. I'm not focusing on weight - I've not even weighed myself except twice in the 5 days. But I'm already down 5 pounds. Next weigh-in will be Monday. Oh, and I'm drinking like 10 glasses of water a day a least - far more than any point in my life. So lots of things going in the right direction. I've not been SUPER active in the community here - but it *is* making a big different for me. And I check in and read updates daily from all of you too. Keep rockin' -Baker
  6. Proud of this lunch I pieced together after fasting all morning. We have some spare ribs leftover - so I cut the meat of the bones and into small chunks. Mixed on a griddle with 4 eggs and 2 egg yolks to make a bright yellow "scrambled rib eggs" dish. Oh man it was tasty. .
  7. Alrighty, Day -1 (which is my second day starting early) went well again today. I woke up at 7:55 am - with the only Saturday Crossfit class being at 8:00 am. Normally, this would mean I wouldn't stand a chance at not trying to stay in bed - but today I stumbled into my workout close and made it out the door - showing up only 5 min late (but probably looking like utter shit). It was 8 rounds of 200m runs followed by 11 burpees with dumbbell dead lifts on the way up from the burpees. I hate running, so much - but I completed the 8 rounds eventually. I'm still out of breathe during the warmup - but I always finish and I really enjoy my coach. For good - I had 8 pieces of bacon and 4 eggs. A double scoop large protein shake (just water and scoops) and fajitas with no sour scream, no cheese, no tortillas, and beans instead of rice. Surprisingly I had no caffeine today at all - not even black coffee. I suffered from "keto flu" or the normal "I want to die" feelings in the first few days of no sugar no carbs. But I seem to have made it through today. No Crossfit tomorrow - but I may try to do something very light at the Y tomorrow with the family. Day 2 complete!
  8. Alrighty, so I started the challenge a bit early today. Still not sure this is the place I should do updates - and I won't do them everyday, but in the beginning I want to be sure I have some accountability in place for myself. Today was the first day I really made tough choices to commit. I've eaten, eggs, bacon, sausage - then 20 wings (with the lowest carb sauce - only 6 carbs total for all of them) - and a protein shake after working out. I also showed up and got killed at crossfit. And I also had a half cup of coffee (black) - but only water. So no sugar, no drinks, mostly if not 100% keto. I feel the normal "I just started no carbs" feelings, but otherwise feel good. I know it's just one day - but glad I could get started now - rather than my normal pattern of "The challenge starts Monday" excuse. Woot woot. -Baker
  9. Howdy folks. My name is Baker - and I'm new to the challenge/boards - though I've been around NF for a long time in other ways. I'm taking the 6 week challenge - and one of my side quests is to get baseline numbers for different lifts so I can have a starting point. I take Crossfit at a smaller box - and my coach has offered to help me complete the starting PR's and lifts over the next 6 weeks - without letting me push myself into bad form. So I'm not worried about doing too many lifts - or too much - because I'll do it all at the box with him during or after classes, etc... I'm completely new, but I know there is the -- Squat / Bench / Deadlift measurement. And I know many of the common Crossfit lifts (though I don't have PRs). But some of the 3RM or 5RM or 5x5 or 3 sets of blah blah blah. I just want a simple list of lifts that I'll appreciate recording my first whimpy numbers and then watching them improve. Anyone willing to share a link, a spreadsheet, or just a list of lifts to track for a newbie? xoxoxo -Baker
  10. Howdy Warriors of the Rebellion. My name's Adam Baker - and I jumping into my first challenge after signing up on these boards nearly 3 years ago, but not really doing anything. You guys don't know me - but I've been around this community a ton. I'm a friend of Steve's and have watched as this has exploded. Most importantly, I'm now ready to attack my own fitness journey. I've started/stopped dozens of times - once losing 40 pounds or so before gaining it all back. I've done the typical life path of allowing my businesses and my growing life/family responsibility constantly justify letting me put my health on the back burner. Somethings about me. I started a website (Man Vs. Debt) a while ago, and produced a documentary called "I'm Fine, Thanks" a little over a year ago. I'm finally moved back to Indiana and my family is done traveling for a while. We're planting roots and I'm looking forward to having a more structured routine. I've done Crossfit off an on as we moved around - and currently belong to a box in Indianapolis. It's by far my favorite form of workout and motivation. I'm 270 pounds - so my Main Quest (not just for the challenge - but for goal setting right now in general) is to get down to 200 pounds. I'd be happy if I gained enough muscle to make that impossible - but I know I'm approaching as much as 36-38% bodyfat (from bodpods I've done a few months ago). So I have PLENTY of that I can lose. I'm generally a bit of a stocky build though - and my favorite part about crossfit is the lifting weights. I never lifted any in High School or College - and it's a new thing for me - though very fun/challenging. For that reason, I think Warrior is the ultimate home for me (as much as I considering Ranger and even Monk for BJJ training I want to pick back up). I see strength training as something I could get really passionate about - and could be very rewarding to help me. So, I'm a Warrior that wants to lose weight. Is that weird? More personal information - for those looking for it - I'm married (7 years next month), with two young girls (6 and 2). I'm also (as you'd expect) a huge gamer. I played Halo 1 competitively, traveling around the country, and helping run the first MLG tournaments. I also play board games almost daily with friends and my daughters - have attended GenCon almost 15 years in a row - and recently was flown to Germany to play in the Carcassonne World Championships (I got USA 11th in the World). So, yeah, I have major nerd cred, especially in video/board games, if anyone has fun memories from those genres. I told Steve and Staci if they did the challenge, I'd do the challenge. So let's do this. MAIN QUEST: Get to 200 lbs. (or 15% bodyfat). I'm currently at about 170 lean - 100 fat. I go up and down a lot but my max is usually around 269-270. That's around 37% bodyfat. I realize this is not a CHALLENGE goal - but more like a long-term year or more goal. GOAL #1: Go to Crossfit classes 4 times per week. I understand this is a big commitment. I'm probably averaging more like 2x per week - but I really excel when something is adopted as part of my ROUTINE. I have an unlimited plan - and they offer it 6 days. I also have a structured life for the first time in almost a decade - so I really need to plant this in. I scale the workouts often - but I need to SHOW UP as step number one (even if I scale). GOAL #2: Eat Paleo 6 Days a week. My biggest problem by far is nutrition and diet. I know this - and I know that no amount of exercise will allow me to lose weight with my current eating plans. I also know that if I set this up too strictly. I'll definitely crumble and the disappear from the forums again. I don't even have intense plans for these kill yourself cheat days I've done in past - I just want to reserve a couple meals a week to let go - or a day where I don't have to feel guilty, etc... GOAL #3: Quickie Photo of Every Calorie I Consume (Food/Drink) Super simple - I'll snap something quickly on my phone and upload it here or somewhere online that's easy. I won't judge - if I'm cheating it'll be cheating - it's mostly just to have the tracking/awareness in the quickest way possible. This has helped me in the past in a big way. Side Quests: LOG PR's For All Major Lifts I want to track... Here's where I need your help... what lifts should I be tracking? With the help of my Crossfit coach - I'll make sure I can get some decent starting point 1RM (with him not letting me push beyond good form so I don't hurt myself being stupid). I've got some of them like Deadlift - and probably the squats from my old Crossfit gym. But I want to get healthy baselines, so I can begin to track progress. What else should I be thinking about as I start my journey into being a Warrior? I'll really try to update this thread with my journey as I go. I'm told people can follow along and as I update it will get updates. Staci is also making me download Tapatalk so I can stay connected here. More soon!
  11. Hey gang, it's far past time I joined the adventure going on over here. I'm 27, married, with a 3-year-old daughter. I blog at http://manvsdebt.com and currently am traveling around the U.S. in our RV. :-) Here are my starting stats (4/2): 6'0" 232.7 lbs 32.7% bodyfat 43" around belly button I have more stats w/ pics here (my personal fitness journal): http://manvsfat.com/stats-and-pictures/ My initial goal is 17.5% bodyfat and 200 lbs. I've never been near either since middle school likely. If my math is right, that would put me at 165 pounds of lean - and 35 pounds of fat. That's losing 41 pounds of fat and gaining 9 pounds of muscle from my current Bod Pod stats. I'm doing the "Slow Carb" diet from 4HB and the Rebel Training workouts (strength w/ a bit of the fitness workouts mixed in on off days). I look forward to helping you level up. In my day, not a single horde priest MT Healed better than me. (No for real, I was the best). ;-) xoxoxo -Baker
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