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  1. As the name implies, I'm in the SnoCo area (Everett). Would love to get together for a meetup.
  2. I remember reading this article a while back, and just stumbled upon it again while reading through Pocket (best app for traveling EVER). http://suppversity.blogspot.tw/2014/09/can-you-get-fat-in-three-days-study.html- suppversity can be a little dense, although this is nowhere near as jargon heavy as some articles. tl;dr - in lean individuals, 3 days of 1,500 cal surplus (any type of food) didn't mess with their fat levels one bit. Important disclaimers: lean individuals (important because their metabolism & insulin responses are not compromised), and the study was just 1 3-day span.
  3. I work out alone too. My best bud used to come with me occasionally, but even though I love hanging with him, I enjoyed working out solo more. Admittedly, I'm an introvert who spends 50hrs a week working with people, so I need my "me time".
  4. I don't like Coffee (I don't like warm liquids in general), and I make more money than I can spend, so I see no reason to change. Plus - I just looked it up, Jack3d costs ~.50$ a serving (1 scoop, which is all I ever take). A cup of coffee at work is .45$ if you're part of the "coffee club". So I wouldn't really save a whole lot anyways.
  5. I definitely notice a dropoff in my workouts if I don't use a pre-workout supplement. My favorite is Jack3d, but honestly it is probably just the caffeine that keeps me going. Jack3d provides almost all of my caffeine on any given day, so if you're a coffee/tea/dew drinker it may not do as much for you... but I'm like the energizer bunny with that stuff.
  6. Thanks Gainsdalf, I was hoping you'd chime in. Looks like great advice, can't wait to start. Only working out 3x a week is going to be tough. I really need a(nother) hobby. My friend was just e-mailing me about joining a volleyball team (I've never played - hilarity will ensue) so maybe I'll do that on 1 or 2 off days. Also, to the world, any suggestions for a weight belt/vest for pull ups? I can do 3x8 currently, so I'd like to order something before I get home (my gym doesn't have anything).
  7. *sigh* I'm all too familiar with that. I had the same problem in the beginning of August. Quite possibly a rotator cuff injury. The rotator cuff has several "tendons" (probably a better term for them) that go to a bunch of different areas (chest, tricep, shoulder blades, etc), so pain with all sorts of movements could be related to the rotator cuff. Best thing to do would be to find a good Physical Therapist, if that's an option. Shoulders are awfully complicated. If that's not an option, I'll at least provide what I did. Still rebuilding strength, but overall it worked. My therapist had
  8. Hey everyone, *This is getting long, so my thanks in advance for those brave enough to read it all . This is half diet, half programming, so I wasn't sure what forum to use. I feel a little better about my diet plan than my lifting program, though, so here it goes. ** Ok, I'm done, and this is ridiculously long. Thanks for reading it! I'm currently on vacation in Taipei, but when I return to the states in 10 days I'd like to start moving towards a bulk. I'm good at cutting weight (I just hate doing it and procrastinate, but once I start a cut I keep to whatever limits I give myself), but
  9. I just re-hit my max deadlift after ~8mo without deadlifting (actually 5repped my previous 1rm, I suspect added flexibility is helping me here). I'm not sure what I did was the best way, but I'm pretty happy with the results. It took about 2mo, and I was very cautious and not deadlifting as much as I'd want for the first month (had schedule conflicts with softball, didn't want to tire myself out before those games). The most important thing to do is to make sure your mobility is where it needs to be. Specifically your back, since that's where you've felt pain, but also your hips/hamstrings s
  10. The only downside to cutting back on the drinking (assuming you don't have an actual alcohol problem, which I'm not qualified to determine) is it can impact your social life. I do not care for being the only sober guy with a bunch of inebriated friends at a bar/bbq/party/boat, personally. I have the same schedule issue - it's ridiculously easy for me to cut on weekdays, but much harder on the weekends. I have two mitigation plans that almost solve the problem (alcohol has a few negative impacts beyond the calories that will hamper athletic performance, but if we're just talking about losing
  11. I started working out on a regular basis (back then 3x a week) back in 2009. I didn't start watching my diet until May of 2013. My diet was so bad, even the Paleo fans here would call Waldo's diet healthy in comparison. I once had an bad allergic reaction to a Pad Phrik King dish at a Thai restaurant and blamed it on my body viewing vegetables as an allergen it had never encountered. Point is, even with that crap diet, I made big strides in my workouts and (at least in appearance, I wasn't measuring then) body comp. You could tell I went to the gym, and my stomach got flatter while muscle
  12. Wow. Broccoli is the one vegetable that I truly like, well, maybe a couple others there but it's a small list dominated by Broccoli (I avg about 1lb per day). My favorite is to roast broc (after salt/pepper/chili for me) at 425 for about 18 minutes. Pull it out, throw on a little parmesan cheese, some lemon juice, and put it back in for ~2 minutes to get the cheese melty and the texture of the broc how you want it. Voila. My mom swears by the same recipe, but get rid of the cheese and swap with a bit (small amount is all you need) of Thai Sweet Chili sauce. It's pretty good too.
  13. "Win the Day" and "Make a mistake? Ok. Go out there and make a play" - both taken from Chip Kelly's Oregon squads. They're kind of intertwined. I study leaders as a hobby and Chip Kelly reminds myself of me, even though he's a serious East Coast grinder and I'm a carefree West Coaster. "Make a play" helps recover from mistakes. Workout not as good as you'd have liked? Ok, go and make a play by knocking out some pushups at home. Eat more than you meant to at work? Ok, go and make a play by having a light dinner. "Win the Day" is kind of the long-term extension of "make a play". Focus on bre
  14. Obtaining the nutritional data in a usable format would be the difficult part. Otherwise, I think it'd be fairly easy to create. If you can find/make a table with the data you want (and it needs to be a format I can use), I could throw something together really quick that would do the trick. I too found MFP far more cumbersome than entering into an excel spreadsheet, at least for me (half my job revolves around using Excel). I set up a spreadsheet with weekly calorie and protein goals, and break down my calories by day on the side so I can decide whether or not to eat that cookie. I type in
  15. Ahh, NF ate my post! I'm in a rush now to the gym, so this is a little disorganized. I aimed for 150-165g of protein per day, I started at around 160lbs and (pre cut) was maintaining at about 2500 calories per day, after having spent several months slowly increasing my metabolism. My staple foods: .75lb Baked Chicken Breast - no added fats, sometimes marinated in Sriracha sauce (5cal per serving) or heavily spiced (my favorite is applying curry paste, loads of flavor and very low cal) = 400cal, 75g protein conservatively. Sometimes I'd just spice the hell out of it instead, no added calories
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