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  1. Even though there's been no activity for nearly a year just wanted to drop in and say I'm in Bristol. Recently respawned and aiming to get myself working out regularly at home to get my fitness up to a good level.
  2. So, you know when you buy a game because it looks cool but you play it for all of a few days before you get distracted by other games or things in life|? Yeah that is what I feel was what happened to me, and to be honest it feels kinda crap. So I am returning, loading up a fresh file and going to work hard this time around, I'm going to seek out more knowledge to incorporate it into what i do to keep myself fit not just in exercise but diet and lifestyle as a whole. I know for a start my first hurdle will be getting past my ability to just stop doing things i want to do and learn,
  3. I've not really set an end goal to be honest, once I've moved I do plan to get a barbell and so forth to help gain more in strength levels; but I guess getting to a level to complete a Tough Mudder race is a goal of mine. The dumbbells I have are adjustable type, cast iron plate type, currently I've got one loaded with 12Kg as that gives me that needed amount that i have to push myself near the end of a movement set.
  4. Hi guys, I come forth to seek the advice of my peers on what to do as suggestions for workouts and so forth. I'm a 6' male and 185lbs in weight and I'm looking to the rangers guild as my type of end goal. What I am hoping to botain is a decent balance with maybe a touch on the strength side as I would like to partake in event slike Tough Mudder in the future. I used to exercise in the past so I've some ideas of what I can possibly do but i stopped when a death in the family really hit me mentally and I guess I've never been able to truely refocus my mind. Currently I own just a set of dumb
  5. Hello all, So I've decided I need to get off my ass and get fit properly. I'm not completely unfit but improvement can be made. I've decided a ranger guild idealology of body type fits me the ebst as I'm into the outdoors so cmaping/hiking along side a combat sport called Airsoft. I am male, roughly 6' tall and weigh 185lbs. I am looking to begin with the Body weight routine as I am terrible with getting into a routine, others have felt too complex really. Later I'll look to include more weights work and possibly even martial arts along the lines of Krav Maga. I would love any advice fol
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