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  1. Thanks man! The baby bright home a "I'm new to this daycare" cold and gave it to all of us so last week I was running on low energy and didn't always cook. I did some dairy and some take out and gained a little. No yoga. Bleh. No points earned but ok new well starts now. Had my Paleo on point with chia in coconut milk with bananas and dried coconut and almonds for breakfast. Lunch has a ton of veggies and the best sausage I could find at the little food dessert grocery store. Got my water. Hanging in there. Now that I stocked my mini fridge I should be able to do better this week. My kiln room is only in use a few times a year and it has a kitchen counter and sink so I'm set up as a mini kitchen in there. I need to put together some seasoning mixes to bring in.
  2. I am one pooped teacher! We just finished two days with the kids back but they stayed in homeroom all these two days, went to some assemblies, collected their tablets, and basically got used to a stricter dress code and getting paperwork filled out and turned in. My baby, Aaron, caught a cold from being a week or so into a new daycare so my hubby is staying home with him tomorrow. I have my classes for the first full day tomorrow. We had my friend's daughter's first birthday saturday and I had cake and a margarita. Sunday we had mom's birthday and we had cake. Monday I ate leftover cake. Tuesday I had donuts. I AM NOT GOOD AT THIS. But its stress eating, baby barely slept last night so I was a zombie today. I haven't had the time or energy to do yoga, even my therapist today said I'm all over the map as far as topics today. So i just made paleo egg foo young for dinner, and have leftovers for breakfast, and once the baby gets to bed I am going to make some paleo buffalo chicken salad and cook squash and set that up for my last three lunches this week. Will try to see if I can do yoga after but tbh I am so exhausted this week. Points were not earned.
  3. I feel like APs know we're terrified of hearing them holler our names and do they do it for fun. My AP and I get along great but she's a yeller. I can hear her across the school calling someone sometimes. Small school, but still.
  4. Kept to Paleo today, did yoga after getting the kids down because I was at work from 7:30 am to 6pm today spent most of the day replanning my syllabuses (syllabi?) after getting new information and trying to learn our new program. We've dropped grade speed and are using Skyward now and there's some shenanigans because we still can't adjust grade categories right now... Meditated 5 minutes after yoga. It's a very out of practice thing for me, I haven't really done it since my mid twenties but it helps.
  5. This is good progress? 7-28 through 8-16? I'm very ED about numbers so back me up, I should be happy with this rate and not demanding it be higher? 4 days without getting on the scale every day, I started to then made myself step back a bit. Like I know what's a good rate but mentally I want that number to be like 5 pounds already. Edit: also yesterday was one of my very few days a year where I have a chance to get lunch with my coworkers from other school at departments, so I had tortillas because we went for tacos. When my husband wanted Whataburger for dinner I was tempted to say whatever and have some but I didn't, I had some leftovers from last night's Paleo meal.
  6. I've learned that if I'm going to do yoga I can't expect to do it after my babies are put to bed. Missed Sunday and Monday due to exhaustion and kids that wouldn't stay down. It works better to go home after work, do yoga, THEN pick up the kids from daycare. Also, regarding my goals I had screen shot, if I want to get my five days of yoga I have to do it every day remaining this week including Saturday. I brought my own Paleo food to a "catered" breakfast because I knew it would be greasy and it was literally breakfast sandwiches from Burger King! Bullet dodged! I know our district wide staff development day today is always a catered breakfast of fruit and breakfast tacos so I'm going to eat before hand and bring an apple. They put some kind of syrup in the fruit salad.
  7. Teacher's return this week for meetings and set up, students come on Monday. Today I stayed with my prepped food. Tonight I need to figure out dinner and plan the rest of the week's dinners. Also tonight I need to do yoga and meditation so I hope daycare wore my boys out enough to go to bed a little earlier!
  8. I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready! Made my Paleo lunches, chia bowls, veggie snack bags, and a honey lemon sauce to drizzle over my broccoli at lunch.
  9. Omfg I just realized I wrote 80 pounds when it should be 60 by the math. I should not post at night, I'm too brain dead! Mommy brain is so real...
  10. I have it, but I actually was relieved that it wasn't MY fault it was so hard to lose weight, it's not MY fault how easily my body gains from carbs. It's the pcos holding me back. I spent a long time blaming my efforts as not good enough and now I at least know it wasn't that I wasn't trying it was that I need a different type of plan because I'm a different type of body. I can't do things like WW and have tons of carbs. I have to do like Paleo or whole thirty. If I start with sugar it snowballs, I have to just avoid it.
  11. Res, I haven't noticed any problems with my stomach motility, just my bowels are different than they used to be but are not really problematic. Thanks Stribs, what do you teach? I'm visual art currently grades 7-9 with a high school level AP class.
  12. This weekend I'm kind of working on a transition with already doing Paleo, yoga, and added some vipassanna mediation for 7 minutes today. I'm way out of practice so baby steps moving forward. Anything like getting my 10k steps is bonus.
  13. Unless I'm taking the kids for a walk I end up waiting until they're in bed to work out.
  14. I have a paragard. The copper iud. I have not had weight gain from my iud. Just food and sloth. 2 kids in and I'm done baby!
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