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  1. Seabright

    Seabright's 2019 Battle Log of Awesomeness

    Weekend recap (Feb 15 -18) Well, wow. This was a big weekend for thinking, list-making, and planning. I thought about all the things that were keeping me up at night, and came up with a little plan for each. Stuff that's keeping me up at night Dad's medication still not approved. Hiring issues at work. Retirement planning and the lack thereof 'cause the whole thing is so scary. Also, here are a few other outstanding things from a similar mega-list I made last June: Meeting with a financial advisor about savings and retirement issues. Putting together POAs for me and the spousal unit. Putting together estate planning stuff. Cleaning out Dad's storage unit. Learning how to play minor chords on the mando. Learning how to play more chords in general on the mando. Quitting coffee. Learning to kick off a few of my own songs on the mando. Getting on a regular schedule of inviting friends over for dinner. Starting back up on our bikes. Starting back up on our hikes. There are a lot of music and general fitness things here, along with the bigger, more immediate stuff. But. Yeah. Big theme? Terror and procrastination around retirement planning. We just haven't been saving much, and now it's getting late in the day. What does that mean? Is my retirement going to be an extra-long lunch hour, and then I just keel over at the end of it? So I bought a book. And read it. And did the little exercises. And am now feeling much better. Here is how I'm addressing those keeping-me-up-at-night lists. The plan Dad's medication still not approved. He's safe. Even though things are difficult, he's safe. If there's no update from the pharmacy by 1pm on Tues, I'll call to check in, and then follow-up. I've put this on my calendar. Hiring issues at work. Contact the internal candidate this morning. Talk to the powers-that-be about getting another req now, so we don't lose the great external candidate. For the third candidate, consider offering 6-month contract, with conversion. Retirement planning and the lack thereof 'cause the whole thing is so scary. Read the book and start making a plan. Focus on what a nice little modest retirement would look like for us, and then figure out the gap. Adjust from there. Stop being a pussy and just do this. Meeting with a financial advisor about savings and retirement issues. Do the above work first. Get a solid idea of what we want and where we are, and then call and make that appointment. OR, find your own person from the NAPFA site. (Note: just writing this down made me see I need to find my own person, rather than go from this one single referral.) Putting together POAs & estate planning stuff for me and the spousal unit. Do this as part of the work with the financial planner. We need to address, since we don't have kids. (Note: starting making friends with the next generation. :-)) Cleaning out Dad's storage unit. Important but not urgent. When it warms up, spend an hour a weekend slowly addressing this. Pics for the family on question mark items, donate stuff for taxes that no one wants, and toss trash. Talk to sibling-units, agree on a plan, and execute. Learning how to play all the chords on the mando, kickoff my own songs, and play fiddle tunes and breaks. Basically, I'm saying, 'Learn how to play this thing!' Roadblock to date has been privacy. Solution - March 5 is the day the garden office gets built, and I'll have a space of my own, outside the house. Until then, bring focus to this with a '15-minutes-no-matter-what' play policy upon arrival at home. Quitting coffee. Hmm. I quit coffee for 1 months between Dec 21 - Jan 21. Then stuff, sleepless nights, fear of being sleepy at work (I fell asleep in the VP's super-special meeting), and poof. Back on it. Next time: Find a dedicated 5 days to quit, and use sick days if I need to. Create a plan for what to do if I get sleepy at work when I'm back in the office. Stick to hot herb tea, and REFUSE to drink decaf. Have this all coincide with something seriously joy-making. It's time to address my voice stuff for realsies, especially if I see music as part of a post-retirement income stream. Now on the calendar for Mar 7 (Thur) - Mar 10 (Sun). That's 4 days of detox, and back to work on Day 5. Getting on a regular schedule of inviting friends over for dinner. Monthly reminder now on the calendar, along with a list of people to start with. Hikes and bikes. Spend rainy months focusing on BWW and stairs and work. When rains stop, spend at least one weekend day on a lengthy hike. Keep working with coach. Consider this part of retirement planning.
  2. Seabright

    Seabright's 2019 Battle Log of Awesomeness

    Thurs, Feb 14 Gave up and called in for a sick day. Made a list, and thing are looking up. Hugs and kisses to all my little Rebels! Eating Breakfast - split a gluten-free cookie from last night with the spousal unit. not sure what gluten is, but it must be delicious, 'cause this ol' cookie left something to be desired. Lunch - took spousal unit out to pulled pork sandwiches, a few chips, and herb tea. in a downpour! Dinner - chicken and veggies in a light teriyaki sauce. finally read the ingredients and saw lots of sugar in that 'light' sauce. next time will skip it. Snacks - crunchy apple. Exercise BWW and logged in app. Tuesday became today, but got 'er done. Walked 10 mins. Line dancing class. Taking time Wonderful, quiet moments under the overhang in the back yard, watching the rain come down. Bravery Before signing out, wrote that email that I didn't want to write. Mando Played some before heading out to line dancing class. Notice something beautiful Wild ocean surf, with foam blowing off the caps and across the sand.
  3. Seabright

    Seabright's 2019 Battle Log of Awesomeness

    Wait. What day is it again? Oh yeah. Wed, Feb 13. It's been a remarkably rough few days. Dad stuff got more and more out of hand. Urgent need to get him to the doc involved me BEGGING for an appt, so we wouldn't end up in the emergency room. Specimen bottle purchases at odd hours--thank you, Horsnyder's Pharmacy! Had to get spousal unit in for eye surgery at the same time as having to get dad to the doc, and then had to get dad settled down at the same time as having to pick up spousal unit and start taking care of him. Crankiness escalating to aggression escalating to combativeness escalating to attempted attacks. How to get this person dressed and get a urine sample? At one point, found myself sitting in the front seat of my car, saying, Don't break. Don't break. Don't break. As for the rest of it, let the chips fall where they may today. Tomorrow will be better.
  4. GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAALS! Starting a shiny new 2019 thread for all the shiny new 2019 achievements that I plan to achieve. I'm in achieving mode, so wanted to capture my goals for this year while I'm feeling all on-fire and achieving-y. Learned some stuff in 2018, and that's reflected here. One thing I know -- I need more fun in my life! Soooo... For 2019, I've picked ONE goal, and articulated 3 ways to get there. Then, I've picked ONE power word to help me focus all year long. GOAL FOR 2019: Focus on Fun! Have fun, mind, body and soul, by eating paleo, getting exercise, taking daily time for myself. Focus on Fun tagline: If the answer isn't 'hell yeah!' then it's 'no'. 1. Have fun by eating paleo I feel GREAT when I eat this way! Woo hoo! I'll have the very occasional special treat here and there, too. No need to obsess over it. But the treat has to be worth it, and associated with something awesome. If I have a treat, then I'll do 3 super-strict days to recover. I'll keep an eye on my weight with monthly weigh-ins. The only weight goal here is to keep from going up. I'll use clothing fit as my guideline for success. Smaller sizes are cool, but so is staying steady. I'll track stuff here in my battle log. 2. Have fun by getting exercise Daily yoga practice, even if it's only 10-minutes worth of stretching. Bodyweight workouts with my coach. Try new fun stuff to get exercise -- a new hiking trail, get on my mountain bike, line dancing, archery, yoga classes, sing, learn more stuff on the mandolin. Backpacking? Kayaking? Rock climbing? Flying an airplane? Just go for it. I'll track stuff here in my battle log 3. Have fun by taking time for myself Find a few minutes every day: solitary walk, cup of tea in the early am in the backyard, journaling at lunchtime, stop at the beach on the way home to watch the waves, take the long way home -- these all count. This will make me a nicer person all around, and give me energy for other things. Quiet, intentional, thoughtful time will keep stress levels low, and let other stuff shine through the haze of daily pressures. POWER WORD FOR 2019: Bravery I know, right? I've used this for the last 2 years. I feel like bravery is the thing that gets me through everything - bad days, figuring things out, trying new stuff...even taking time for myself. Stick with a winner. --------------------------------- Okie dokie! That's it! Other things may come along throughout the year, and I can have little sub-goals for those, but everything needs to speak to one of the three above. This will keep me focused and moving forward at all times. Yeah! Let's crush 2019!!