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  1. Wed, July 21 Well well well. WELL. Catching up...and then putting updates intentionally on pause (as opposed to mindlessly, like I've been doing). Updates, in no particular order: Went to the doc, got an x-ray, then got an inhaler and other drugs, which I took, which helped, until I started experiencing side effects, so I stopped, and it seems like the ol' lungs are holding steady. Existential despair, which turns out to be a side effect. Doh! Who knew? Getting back on track. Just started Noom, because weight gain also turns out to be a side effect.
  2. Tues, Feb 2 Night after night of sleepless non-sleep nights. Argh. Plus, the ol' cough is back with a vengeance. Actually said my power word out loud (Health!) and made an appt to see the good doctor. Why fool around? Let's do this thing! Diet - Breakfast - eggs with spinach and bell peppers. - Snack - applesauce (no added sugar). - Lunch - cobb salad, scraped off the cheese. hey...I think the avocados may be doing me no good. dang it. will skip next time. - Dinner - scheduled: grilled chicken breast and ratatouille. Exercise -
  3. Wed, Jan 27 Holy smokes! My oh my how the time has slipped by. Time to catch up! Here's some stuff, in no particular order: Drugs now done. Coughing is much more under control. A couple of episodes, but things that could clearly be tied to behavior. Feeling fatigued, but much much better overall. Eating pretty much all good. Champagne on the 20th. A couple of fish tacos here and there. Otherwise feeling good about this, and can now REALLY see how diet plays a role in the coughing thing. Bio feedback FTW! Exercise currently taking the form of chi kung
  4. Fri, Jan 15 Another sleepless night. What the heck? Last day of drugs was yesterday, so maybe that will help. Diet - Breakfast - eggs with spinach and bell peppers. - Snack - handful of macadamia nuts. - Lunch - 3 fish tacos, no cheese, no sour cream, yes flour tortillas and a few chips. - Dinner - turkey burger and sweet potato fries. Exercise - Morning chi kung and stretching. Fun - Drove over the mountains to take the spousal unit to have his car fixed. On the way back, got off at the summit and took the l
  5. Wed, Jan 13 Sleepless night, but up and at 'em bright and early! Did my morning stuff, too! Diet - Breakfast - eggs with spinach and bell peppers. - AM Snack - 2 mandarin oranges. - Lunch - turkey chili and broc. I love a good cook-up. - Dinner - salmon cakes and leftover ratatouille. Exercise - Morning chi kung. Fun - Went to the garden center at lunchtime, just to hang out. - Went for a drive along the cliffs at the end of the day, along with the rest of town. Gorgeous evening! Side quests
  6. Tues, Jan 12 Woke up feeling 100% better this morning. Yay! I think the ratatouille-related comfort food for dinner last night really helped. More please. Diet - Breakfast - eggs with spinach and bell peppers. - AM Snack - 2 pears. - Lunch - fish tacos on flour tortillas (just the fish and tortillas, no cheese er nuthin') and a few tortilla chips. - Dinner - turkey burger lettuce wrap and a few sweet potato fries. Exercise - Whoa. All the medicine-ish stuff, while helping with the coughing and what-not, definitely
  7. Mon, Jan 11 Oh dear. What happened? I woke up this morning feeling seriously down, and I'm getting downer by the minute. Taking various drug-like substances to try to address the coughing and what-not, a long sleepless night, over-sleeping so I didn't have time to do a single morning-routine-related thing, general social unrest, and a message from company leadership this am basically saying 'business as usual' starting in August---whoa. Wow. I think maybe the drug-like substances are contributing to all of this, but, well, I can't remember the last time I felt like this.
  8. Fri, Jan 8 Well my oh my. Weren't the last two days somethin'? I ended up walking down to the beach after work, just to make sure. And, yes, the sea and the far-off hills are where they've always been. Diet - Breakfast - veggie scramble with chicken-apple sausage mixed in. thank you Harbor Cafe takeout! - Lunch - chicken chili with broc. - Dinner - chicken w/veggies. It was fabulous. Exercise - Gentle stretching throughout the day. - Felt the need to take it easy this first day of taking, you know, drugs.
  9. Wed, Jan 6 Ooooh! Super-chilly here this morning. I am a trained professional, though, and this did not phase me. Diet - Breakfast - eggs with spinach and red bell peppers and a leftover salmon cake. - Lunch - chicken chili with broc - Dinner - turkey burger with zucchini, sun-dried tomatoes and carmelized onions, a dish I made up out of my very own head. Exercise - Meditation and a little chi kung before breakfast. - Short form (to the right) at my mid-morning break. Got tangled up towards the end, but this is the best I've do
  10. Tues, Jan 5 Freezing cold and wet here at the ol' ranch this morning. A bit tricky to get going, but I girded my loins and got out of bed. In the dark. Before the cat walked on my bladder. Win! Diet - Breakfast - eggs with spinach and red bell peppers. - Lunch - chicken chili with broccoli. - Dinner - salmon cakes with broccoli - I made 'em my own self. Exercise - Meditation and a little chi kung before breakfast. - Short form at my mid-morning break. - 20-minute walk around the neighborhood at lunchtime. - 20-minute
  11. GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAALS! Yay for 2021! I feel like I ended 2020 in a really good mental place. Calmer than I've been in a long time. I've got things I'd like to work on, but more importantly, I think I figured out what I don't really want to work on. Har har. So, let's get 'er done! I've picked ONE goal, and articulated 3 ways to get there. Then, I've picked ONE power word to help me focus all year long. GOAL FOR 2021: Find my way back to the Tai Chi Me! I did some Deep Thinking in the last 2 weeks of 2020, and thought about the last ti
  12. Dec 31, 2020 End of year wrap! Well well well well well. WELL. For this year, I decided to let it all slide. All the Jan 1st, 2020 first-entry-of-the-battle-log excitement, yep, all of that, just letting it go this year. Instead, a recap of how things ended up during the last 2 weeks of the year. Sooooooooooooooo...in no particular order: Health Quit coffee in the last week. Now I'm just a person that doesn't drink caffeinated drinks. A+ Good nutrition. Ended the year strong, with the occasional fish taco on a flour tortilla and a few chips be
  13. Fri, Dec 18 For the trust stuff, we all just gave up. They are mailing me an application. For the health stuff, the deepening cough is worse at night. I feel like I'm not doing enough to kick it (witness the cookie-box-faceplant-action). The next 2 weeks are all about my health. This is my last day of work for the next 2 weeks, and I plan to sign off as early as possible. Challenges are: - Getting off coffee and staying off coffee. - Following a plan of regular, gentle exercise. - Finding alone time to write. - Pinpointing ambient s
  14. Wed, Dec 16 Yesterday ended with no joy from Vanguard (after being on hold for over an hour), along with a payment overdue notice from the state tax board for a payment I made in October. 'Agitated' doesn't begin to describe how I was feeling. I had forgotten -- all this stuff takes time. Things go wrong, emails don't get sent, follow-up calls have to happen, calls get transferred and dropped, you are sent down the wrong path and then have to start again. This is the process. I had forgotten: Just settle in for the ride. It's expected. It may take weeks. But it will get
  15. Tue, Dec 15 On hold with Vanguard for, like 23 minutes now. Thought I'd post an update since I'm just freakin' sitting here. Eating paleo: Breakfast - veggie scramble with turkey sausages. Lunch - turkey chili and broc Dinner - fish tacos--just the fish. left the tortillas alone. had some chips, too. Snacks - tons and tons and tons of Christmas cookies. Note: by the end of the day, felt horrible. Agitated and weepy and blech-y. Daily exercise: Yoga - 15 minutes twists and general stretching. Brisk walk -
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