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  1. Seabright

    Seabright's 2019 Battle Log of Awesomeness

    Wed, June 12 Eating Breakfast - eggs w/spin, bells, onions and 2 turkey sausages. Exercise Meditation - 7 minutes. Yoga - Did some morning stuff. Knee - Taking time Bravery Notice something beautiful
  2. Seabright

    Seabright's 2019 Battle Log of Awesomeness

    Tues, June 11 Eating Breakfast - too hot to cook. had a morning bun (not super-sweet), and some pound cake (super-sweet). Lunch - BBQ at work, but nothing really looked appealing. Had some questionable chicken and potato salad. Dinner - turkey breast and green beans. Snack - mini clif bar, diet coke. Exercise Meditation - 7 minutes. Am loving this. BWW - Did in the evening and logged in the app. Knee - Foamed and stretched. Taking time Another lovely morning. Went out in my pajamas with Dolly and watered some plants. Stood for a moment and took it all in. Bravery Hey, update on the in-person friday meeting. i've been pretty torn, and have been looking at coming in every other friday, and then maybe wfh on some other day. not happy, but want to be respectful of the new guy and how he'd like to run his team (even though i don't report to him). have been trying to find ways to look on the bright side (knock off early now and then to compensate for the extra 3 hours in the car?). it's been a bit of a struggle to mentally bring myself around. i think he lacks empathy for folks on his team (he lives 5 mins from here, but the average commute on the team is 1.5 hours one way), but i had to acknowledge that's not really something i can change or control (or even influence--someone has empathy or they don't). anyway, have been giving this a lot of thought, and had come 'round to just caving in, and hoping that in time he would modernize the way he works. this morning he sent me a personal note to say he wanted to move the meeting to Wed, because he really would like me there in person, and did 3-4:30pm work? wow. this was completely unexpected. i'm wondering if he circled back to his original comment to me when i told him about my dad? ('I respect that, but...' --- which always means, 'I don't respect that...') who knows what happens inside someone else's head? i'm just grateful he was willing to adjust. this says to me that i, too, need to be willing to be the one to adjust next time. i'm putting this in the bravery section. i was clear, i was repectful, i was firm, but i was willing to flex and find a way. Notice something beautiful Red shouldered hawk on the lamp post in front of the house. Whoa!
  3. Seabright

    Seabright's 2019 Battle Log of Awesomeness

    Mon, June 10 Another week a-startin' and another chance to be awesome. Yay! Eating Breakfast - eggs, spinach, bells, and onions, and 3 turkey sausage patties (spousal unit gave him half of his). AM Snack - poppyseed bagel with nothing on it. Lunch - turkey sandy, wheat bread, no cheese, no mayo/sauce/mustard. Dinner - a warm evening! we just don't have those around here, even in summer. based in it, and went to the brewery to sit outside on the patio. salmon fish and chips (all the salmon, just a few of the chips), pint of red. felt pretty awesome and relaxed...until about 2 hours later when i felt like hell. Exercise Meditation - 7 minutes. Yoga - a few minutes getting moving while making tea. not a whole lot, but enough to loosen up and feel better. Walk - 99. too hot. didn't do it. Knee - foamed, did all my knee exercises, then stretched. felt much better. i might even be getting stronger, but it's hard to tell. Taking time Warm morning. Walked out into the garden at 5:15am with the little graykins, and watched rosy-fingered dawn spread across the eastern sky. Bravery On deck: don't talk or volunteer or 'be the cheerleader' in the meeting today. upon a lot of reflection, i think i've been behaving as if we are equals, and he has something to learn from me, and i've been posturing a bit and in interaction mode. and that's not cool. i think the best way forward is for me to take a RIGID back seat for a while. and, just, you know, calm the frack down. Update: i think i did okay. worked hard not to say a peep (very difficult for me yowzah). i chimed in in appropriate places, but didn't belabor any points. was quiet and supportive. at least, that's how i hope it came off. Notice something beautiful What a wonderful warm evening!
  4. Seabright

    Seabright's 2019 Battle Log of Awesomeness

    Sat & Sun, June 8-9 Weekend update, in no particular order: Really felt like I needed a weekend off from the coaching app. So I didn't log anything. Ate pretty well all weekend. Cooked 2 breakfasts and 2 dinners my own self. 90+ outside all weekend. In Santa Cruz. Kah-razy. Instead of hiking, worked for hours in the garden, preparing a new bed, removing a huge shrub, and other stuff. Clif Bars and Jamba consumed during garden work. Didn't meditate, yoga-ize, or do any other formal movement, but still exhausted and sore on Sunday from the Saturday yard-work onslaught. Didn't have any more knee twinges, and reeeeeaaaaallllly focused on body mechanics during my 50 trips up and down the back stairs. Picked up the 25 pound bag of planting mix BY MYSELF, and refilled the 20 gal pot with refreshed soil. By myself. (<- Did I mention that I didn't need any help?) Visited my little daddy, but he was asleep. Sleeping longer and longer, now, as the world turns around him and he prepares for the journey ahead. Put out a new door mat for my little garden office. Dolly-kins saw it, came trotting over, sharpened her claws on it for a full 5 minutes, and then settled down on her brisket to hang out with me while I drank my morning tea. It is now hers.
  5. GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAALS! Starting a shiny new 2019 thread for all the shiny new 2019 achievements that I plan to achieve. I'm in achieving mode, so wanted to capture my goals for this year while I'm feeling all on-fire and achieving-y. Learned some stuff in 2018, and that's reflected here. One thing I know -- I need more fun in my life! Soooo... For 2019, I've picked ONE goal, and articulated 3 ways to get there. Then, I've picked ONE power word to help me focus all year long. GOAL FOR 2019: Focus on Fun! Have fun, mind, body and soul, by eating paleo, getting exercise, taking daily time for myself. Focus on Fun tagline: If the answer isn't 'hell yeah!' then it's 'no'. 1. Have fun by eating paleo I feel GREAT when I eat this way! Woo hoo! I'll have the very occasional special treat here and there, too. No need to obsess over it. But the treat has to be worth it, and associated with something awesome. If I have a treat, then I'll do 3 super-strict days to recover. I'll keep an eye on my weight with monthly weigh-ins. The only weight goal here is to keep from going up. I'll use clothing fit as my guideline for success. Smaller sizes are cool, but so is staying steady. I'll track stuff here in my battle log. 2. Have fun by getting exercise Daily yoga practice, even if it's only 10-minutes worth of stretching. Bodyweight workouts with my coach. Try new fun stuff to get exercise -- a new hiking trail, get on my mountain bike, line dancing, archery, yoga classes, sing, learn more stuff on the mandolin. Backpacking? Kayaking? Rock climbing? Flying an airplane? Just go for it. I'll track stuff here in my battle log 3. Have fun by taking time for myself Find a few minutes every day: solitary walk, cup of tea in the early am in the backyard, journaling at lunchtime, stop at the beach on the way home to watch the waves, take the long way home -- these all count. This will make me a nicer person all around, and give me energy for other things. Quiet, intentional, thoughtful time will keep stress levels low, and let other stuff shine through the haze of daily pressures. POWER WORD FOR 2019: Bravery I know, right? I've used this for the last 2 years. I feel like bravery is the thing that gets me through everything - bad days, figuring things out, trying new stuff...even taking time for myself. Stick with a winner. --------------------------------- Okie dokie! That's it! Other things may come along throughout the year, and I can have little sub-goals for those, but everything needs to speak to one of the three above. This will keep me focused and moving forward at all times. Yeah! Let's crush 2019!!