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  1. Wed, Oct 21 Have now been social-media- and google-news-feed-free for one week. There have been times when I've reached for 'em both but thought, wait. No. But then thought, how am I going to occupy my mind while I'm waiting/sitting here/falling asleep/what-not? And then I thought, 'I've got an entire mind here that can occupy itself!' and then I thought about other things. And had more energy at the end of the day. And far less stress and feeling like my brain was going to explode. So, definitely positive. In fact, positive enough to keep this going through the end of the month. That's all. Just to the end of the month. Then we'll see. Eating paleo: Breakfast - eggs with spinach and bells. Lunch - the last of the turkey-chili-and-broc cook-up. Dinner - turkey burger lettuce wrap w/avocado, no sauce, yes to the sweet potato fries. Snack - applesauce. Daily exercise: Pending. Would like to start up Zombies Run again, but with walking instead of running. Update: Went for a drive up Hwy 1 after work and found a lovely spot to take a short hike down to the beach. It was pretty steep (for moi and my recovering lungs), so we stopped about 1/2 way to rest, then came back up. Definitely felt it, but what a lovely evening! Focus: My ONLY focus for the rest of the month are these 2 things. The ONLY focus. No FB, other social, and Google news feed. Stay on Whole30 with tiny forays into reintroduction territory. Side challenges: Take the next step and meet with the lawyer. IN PROGRESS. Followed-up with Lawyer on Mond and asked for an appointment time. (As of this morning, no response.) Take the important documents down to the safe deposit box, like and adult and stuff. Finalize evac plan, print, post, and file. Call art restoration lady about restoring portrait of GG Louise. Work on draft of letter to current owners.
  2. GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAALS! Yay for 2020! I'm pretty excited for this year. I feel like I'm starting strong and calm. And I'm all a-fire and a-twitter to write down a goal or two. So let's get 'er done! As I've done in the past, I've picked ONE goal, and articulated 3 ways to get there. Then, I've picked ONE power word to help me focus all year long. GOAL FOR 2020: Make Progress! Make progress in all areas, mind, body and soul. I'll do this by leaning in to routines with eating and mornings, having fun with hiking, music, and whatever else comes along, and working toward my Master's. 1. Make progress by leaning in to routines Routine 1: Eating Paleo - I need to finally kick this nagging cough. Eating right is the way to get there. - No need to obsess over it. Treats are okay. But they need to be planned in advance, and no more than once per week. - If I can eventually fit in to my Goal Pants, that's great. But the point is to get healthy. - I'll track stuff here in my battle log. Routine 2: Mornings - I need to manage stress levels. A morning routine that calms and focuses the mind is the way to get there. - Meditation for 20 mins, yoga for 20 mins, journaling for 20 minutes (M-F) - Weekends optional, but if I'm up and feeling it, I'll do it. - Vacations optional, too, as well, but a little yoga is highly encouraged. - I'll track stuff here in my battle log. 2. Make progress by having fun Hiking! Yes! Do those Big Hikes I've been talking about. I laid a good walking foundation in 2019, now let's have fun exploring. Mandolin! Yes! I let this drop but now it's time to focus on playing music again. I just found a jam, and now I've got the practice space. Time to focus and take this farther. Whatever else comes along! Yes! Another sailing lesson, a solitary walk, cup of tea in the early am in the backyard, stop at the beach on the way home to watch the waves, take the long way home, and say 'Yes' to more things. 3. Make progress towards my Masters degree Whoa. Can you believe it? I'm going back to school...and it's been a loooong time since I've written an academic paper. Getting an advanced degree is something I've wanted for myself for a while now. Time to go get it. As a bonus, it will help me be more employable, should I ever be out there looking again. I can do this. One class at a time, one lesson at a time, one paper at a time. The key will be steady daily forward movement, careful time management and planning, and jumping on things immediately. Class starts Feb 13. POWER WORD FOR 2020: Focus I really like this word for myself this year. 'Bravery' has been a tremendous power word for me, and has taken me a long long way. Now I feel like I need to get centered and grounded and move things forward in a steady and measured way. 'Focus' is the word for that, and encompasses so many things: patience, discipline, kindness, fortitude, strength and truth. And a bit of bravery, too. --------------------------------- Okie dokie! That's it! Other things may come along throughout the year, and I can have little sub-goals for those, but everything needs to speak to one of the three above. This will keep me focused and moving forward at all times. Yay! Let's have fun in 2020!