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  1. Fri, Dec 9 Dang. After all that incredible progress in November, this last week has been a sad, sad situation. I did get through a lot of Cobra Kai, though. Hiking and the outdoors Nada Blogging Nada Accessibility Nada Remodel Nada Other stuff Tons and tons of gnarly work stuff happening this week. Big win for me in not falling apart, though. Yay for me! Next up: All the stuff from last time. Write the 'About' page. Contact designer and appliance people about the refrigerator. Get back on track with cooking, eating well, and all of that goodness. Yes, Rebels! Teeing myself up to finish strong!
  2. Fri, Dec 2 Whoa. Progress all over the place! Yay for me! Hiking and the outdoors Did some work in a couple of garden beds. Planted 75 daffodil bulbs. Planted a zillion seeds...and then watched the local finches chow down. No walking or hiking, but lots of movement. Blogging Terms, privacy, and moderation statements are all done and uploaded. Done, I tell you. Done! Site looks like your basic blogging website now. Nothin' fancy. Which makes sense, since there's no actual useful content on there at this point. I'm now an LLC with a registered agent and EIN and everything. This may have been overkill, but what the hell. Email sign-up, contact form, and other admin stuff now done. Posted a couple of very old pieces of writing up there, just to have something. Getting close! Accessibility Fixed some more stuff. Found out there's an entire design system site being constructed on a new platform from the ground up. The people building it just copied someone else's accessibility site and just plugged it in there. Argh. Oh well. Job security! Remodel Looked at bathroom floor ideas but didn't really agree on anything. This part might be tough. Appliances are all in, except for the refrigerator. Decided on getting seeded glass locally for the cabinet doors in the kitchen. Yay, small businesses! Starting to clear out portions of the basement in order to have someplace to store everything while the work is going on. This is a HUGE project in and of itself. Other stuff Went to the quack doctor who pointed out that small steps backward related to a lack of exercise and a bunch of crap eating are to be expected. He gave me some booster-ish stuff and told me to hang in there. Compared to where I was in January, I'm still lightyears ahead. Next up: It's supposed to rain this weekend, but hoping to knock off a little early today to sneak in a walk in the woods. Write the 'About' page. Contact designer and appliance people about the refrigerator. Get back on track with cooking, eating well, and all of that goodness. Yes, Rebels! Teeing myself up to finish strong!
  3. Fri, Nov 11 Woke up with crazy-low energy. Oh well. I can still go out there and get 'er done! Blogging Finished moderation page and I'm actually happy with it. Terms and privacy are now in draft mode. Found a bunch of good pics and gave my helper access to them. Site is coming along. Registered as an LLC. (Wait. What? Fact.) I really really really want to get the admin stuff done. Boy howdy, do I ever. Hiking and the outdoors Meeting-packed week, but got in a couple of pretty walks around the block here and there. Nice after-work hike up in the rainy redwoods. Not feeling very zippy right now. Rethinking weekend hike to make shorter/easier. Not super-pumped about how I'm doing in this area. It's my NUMBER ONE life goal, and I've been consistently putting this on the back burner. No bueno. Accessibility Fixed a bunch of stuff. Yay for me! Remodel Sink arrived and we went to check it out. Whoa. It's going to be a show-stopper in the kitchen. Decided we both like polished nickel. Not much else going on. Other stuff Big step backward with the ol' lung function stuff. Think that development may be tied to whiskey shots and cookie eating. Bulbs and seeds arrived! Got to get 'em in the ground. Next up: Plan scaled-back hike for this weekend. Move the 'hiking' section of my NF battle log report to the top. It is, after all, the most important thing and should be #1. Start up yoga in the mornings again. It doesn't have to be a lot...just something. Okay! Got get 'em!
  4. Tues, Nov 4 Oh wow. So much good stuff happening! Blogging Met with the person who will be helping me with my site. Reached at agreement and a timeline. Gave her access to necessary accounts and assets. Got a registered agent. Registered as an LLC. Working on terms, privacy, and moderation policies. We're on our way! Yay! Hiking and the outdoors Rainy weather but squeezed in a couple of nice walks between squalls. Accessibility Spent a few hours refreshing pages. Then found out I was working on a deprecated site. Hilarity ensued. Remodel Talking about bathroom floor-age. Not much activity at the moment. Really, actually getting started on actual work is months away. Looked at a lot of pictures. Other stuff Learned a new recipe! What? Fact. Lung function continues to get better. Able to clearly identify things that cause a reaction. Among other things, I was basically eating a nightshade stew several times a month. Also, beer. Boo! Next up: Plan good hike for this weekend. Make a nice dinner for a friend on Saturday. Mack down on those policy pages.
  5. Tues, Nov 1 Doh! Forgot to check in on Friday. I'll do better next time. You know, maybe. Blogging Realized that site design and tech stuff had become a major roadblock to moving forward with actual content. Reached to someone for help---which is HUGE for me. I got a 'maybe' in response, so I'm going to find a backup. 'Maybe' ain't good enough for me anymore. ANOTHER revelation! Hiking and the outdoors A couple of nice hikes, including a GORGEOUS walk in the woods at Fall Creek. Pumpkin carving outside in the chilly fall weather. Need to do more, but something is better than nuthin'. Accessibility Talked to people to find out why our entire accessibility site had been deprecated. Found out why....and got things changed to 'Needs Refresh.' Am now on the project to refresh. Remodel Picked out backsplash tile. Picked out bathroom subway wall tile. Followed up with designer on scheduling and details on ordering stuff. A tad nervous because they cashed my check but I don't have a scheduled start date. Designer on vacay until mid-Nov. Hmm. I'm sure everything is fine. Other stuff I continue to have old Life Stuff surface in my brain as a result of my homeopathic remedy. Can't wait for when all the trauma gives way to things like imagined slights. Coughing is much better, though. Next up: Plan good hike for this weekend. Try out a new recipe or invite a friend over for dinner. Get another referral for help setting up my site.
  6. Fri, Oct 21 I think I'm starting to see the results of the Information Diet I put myself on at work. I just seem to have more energy to think about things. Next up: take control of Slack! Blogging Home page done. Created draft Terms and Privacy pages. Did a TON of research on LLCs, why, when, and how. Still thinking about this. Did MORE research on merchandising avenues and techniques. Realized this morning that I was using the research as an excuse not to write anything. Oh, the insidiousness of pencil-sharpening! Hiking and the outdoors Took some fall pics of what's blooming in the garden. Need to get in the practice. Great mid-week hike up in the redwoods. Then it hit 90 for the rest of the week and was WAY too hot to move. Cooled down today. Am planning on skipping out early for a light hike along the river. Accessibility Talked to people which led to other people which led to persuading the RIGHT people to include more inclusive designs in our illustration library. WIN! Yay for me! Remodel Ordered appliances. 6 month wait for the refrigerator. Doh! Ordered the sink. The spousal unit fell in love with a bad-ass farmhouse apron front model, so that's what we ordered. Over budget now and work hasn't even started. Sobering up. Now rethinking all other materials decisions as a way to bring costs back in line. Farewell gorgeous $60/sq ft hand-painted tile! Other stuff Got the flu and boosters. No side effects! Yay! Learned about back-door and mega-back-door Roth IRAs. Wha....?? Who knew? Should have started doing this years ago, but, oh well. Set up some stuff. Next up: Get up early on Sunday for Fall Creek hiking. Make appt to choose shower system. Start writing my About page.
  7. Fri, Oct 14 I'm feeling pretty good. For fear of putting the whammy on things, yeah, I'm feeling pretty good. Had a delightful check-in with my quack homeopathic doc. Holy smokes! I think this stuff is working. I feel like I finally have time to think about, you know, stuff. I feel like that ol' thick shell I've had around me is starting to dissolve, and the splinter is ready to come out. I actually haven't felt like this in quite a while, so, of course, I think there's probably something wrong. Maybe I have anthrax. Blogging Drafted a content strategy for the site. Hey, figured I might as well think ahead for the day I have a team of writers creating articles. Hiking and the outdoors Well, boo. Nada. It's been pretty cold, drippy, and dreary here, but that's no excuse, especially since I'm supposed to be some bad-ass adventurer. I'll do better next week. Accessibility Talked to a bunch of people. Reviewed a bunch of existing resources, most of which need a refresh. Let my boss know that this was going to be my #1 focus for the year. Remodel Laid down some do-re-mi and placed the cabinetry order! We placed the order, I tell you! Eeeeeet eeeeeeees doooooooonnnne. Called for strong drink after writing the check. Other stuff Made flu and booster appts for me and the spousal unit. Initial meeting with a financial advisor who only wanted on-going relationships to the tune of $500 a month forever. She can go whistle for it. Next up: Go for a hike in Henry Cowell this weekend. It can be a short one. Order appliances. Ye gods. Start writing my home page Have a wonderful weekend, my little Rebels!
  8. Fri, Oct 7 Well, clearly THAT didn't work. Back to weekly updates. I'll get there...I'll just try to fail faster. Blogging Found a template Which needs to be drastically customized Fiddled with host/domain settings to get email to work and eventually gave up. Will just transfer the domain the host...if I had known it was going to be so hard, I would have done it that way in the first place. Wrote a tagline Learning to use the interface Hiking and the outdoors Snuck in a walk here and there, but not as a regular thing. I'm not liking how this is going. It's too easy to get involved with work stuff and just end up sitting in front of my monitor all day. Now that the weather has cooled down, going for a walk after work is more doable. Starting today! Accessibility Connected with all the teams. Gathered some tips/videos/things-of-interest for Innovation Week. Still more to do, but getting there. Remodel The penultimate version of the cabinet design and contract is in my inbox! Caught a couple of items that weren't called. Getting those explicitly added now. Tile samples arrived. They are nice, but, of course, expensive. Of course! Other stuff Made flu and booster appts for me and the spousal unit. Initial meeting with a financial advisor who only wanted on-going relationships to the tune of $500 a month forever. She can go whistle for it. Next up: Go for a hike in Henry Cowell after work Get list of appliances to designer, finalize the design, and sign the cabinetry contract Start writing my home page Go, team!
  9. Thurs, Sept 29 Blogging Find a template Not done. Changing this to setting up email first. Hiking and the outdoors Sneak in a walk at 11am DONE! Nice walk through the yacht harbor. Accessibility Reach out to Tina and that one Innovation Week person DONE! Now scheduled to be the accessibility champion for Innovation Week. Remodel Find out if that one vendor has a local showroom DONE! No joy on the dealer thing. Ordered some samples instead. This weekend: Set up site email Go for hike in Henry Cowell Talk about wall color in kitchen with spousal unit Other stuff I still haven't found a good format for these micro-updates. All I know is that based on past experience they are important to keep me moving forward...even if I'm just writing 'not done' a zillion times in a row. Made an appt for an initial chat with a financial advisor. Time to put some of my anxiety to rest!
  10. Wed, Sept 28 Blogging Upload logo Done! Hiking and the outdoors Sneak in a walk during off-site at some point. Done! Went on my own this time. I actually, um, well, you know, um, I actually like that better. Sotto voce. Accessibility Talked to PJ. Done! Got a couple of contacts, and got myself put on a style council as the accessibility champion. Remodel Find pics to illustrate white vs green Done! White is back on the menu, boys! Ordered some samples. Bonus excitement Everyone who was at that all-day on-site meeting yesterday received covid-exposure notifications around Noon today. Tomorrow: Find a template for my site Try for an early am walk through the harbor Reach out to one of those contacts for accessibility Look for backsplash pics. I only need to find 2.
  11. Tues, Sept 27 Blogging Create logo Done! Your Garden is Fab is born! Bonus accomplishment: Registered 2 other similar domains and pointed them both to my primary domain. Hiking and the outdoors Sneak in a walk during off-site at some point. Done! Even brought along the spousal unit. Accessibility Set up time to talk to PJ. Done! We're talking tomorrow. Remodel Find pics to illustrate white vs green Doh! Just talked about it some more, didn't really happen. Bonus excitement Did all of the above during a day-long on-site meeting - the first in 2 1/2 years! Tomorrow: Figure out how to format and upload my logo. Walk down to the beach at the end of the day. Meet with PJ. Look for backsplash pics.
  12. Goal Tracker Okie dokie! Now that I have all this glorious free time to swim around in, time to get cracking. I work best when I go after little teeny tiny goals in daily bite-sized bits. Therefore and heretofore, behold! My new spiffy daily goal tracker. Anyhoo, let's try this as an experiment and see how it goes. Today, Sept 26 Blogging Open a Squarespace account Done! Account opened, connection to domain in progress. Tomorrow: Create logo Hiking and the outdoors Knock off at 4pm and go for a walk down to the beach Tell spousal unit about the mid-week beach camping dates in Oct Done and Done! Tomorrow: Sneak in a marshlands walk before the off-site starts. Accessibility Reach out to PJ about finding a partner Done! Also thought of someone else who can help. Tomorrow: f/u with PJ and set time to talk. Ireland Decide on timeframe to visit and put on calendar Done! May/June 2024. Put reminder on calendar in May 2023 to start planning Tomorrow: table this until remodel is scheduled. Remodel Discuss w spousal unit: white or green? Done! We're both open to either one, and agreed to get the designer's opinion on Friday. Tomorrow: Find pics to illustrate both options.
  13. Mon Sept 26 I did it! I sent out my note to the last group of people. Let the calendar-freedom fun-time begin!
  14. Fri, Sept 23 Okay! Read a GREAT book that helped me prioritize things that I REALLY want. Here they be: Things I want Excellent health and boundless energy A passive income stream that gives me complete time freedom to do what I want, when I want. To be able to hike Skyline-to-the-Sea or equivalent To live in a cottage in Ireland for a month My goals above go nicely into this framework. The newest thing here is the 'passive income' one, and I bet there are a TON of rebels out there who have a similar goal. I have a writing goal at work, along with the accessibility and partnership goals, so maybe I can figure out a way to combine these. I'm working from home almost full time, now, so next up is to free up my calendar and get more efficient. Which means doing the thing that I'm most afraid of...stop going to meetings. So many meetings! I'm about to send out a communication to all my partners letting them know they'll be seeing less of me but I'm still here for them. Putting it in terms of an 'experiment' and 'for the next few weeks.' Yeah. I'm scared. Not sure why, but I am. So here I am, sandwiching. 11:23 am PT - I'm going to send the communications. 11:25 am PT - Okay, I sent one of them. I'm going to delay sending the other until Monday. There's currently a happy little back-and-forth about a meeting that just happened, and I don't want to be the buzzkill. One down, one to go. If anyone else has too many meetings to where they can't get anything done, here is my message: Hi all! Due to bandwidth, for the next few weeks I’m going to limit myself to meetings and working sessions where I can add unique value. If there’s something that you think I need to see or a session you would like me to attend, please let me know so I can prioritize that. Feel free to reach out if you have questions or would like to chat. I know that sounds all corporate-y and such, but that's how we roll where I work. Feel free to pay that an homage. Okay. That's all for now. Just needed some moral support to get that out there, so thanks, Rebels!
  15. Friday, Sept 9 Okay! Back from my break, which ended up going a tad longer. So. Many. Things. Here's the report, in no particular order. Stuff that happened since July 26 Successfully chillaxed. The new me is now all 'hey, it's all good.' Easy come, easy go. Basically slept constantly the first 4 days. The next 2 weeks saw 2-hour naps everyday (our kitty loved it). By the end, finally had some energy again. Yay! My only goal during that chunk o' time was to eat well and take care of myself. And I really did that! Physical health is MUCH better, and I have more energy. Worked through some mental stuff, and really experienced a change in mind-set and attitude, along with a new awareness of how I got that way in the first place. Lazy mornings lingering over breakfast with the spousal unit, some epic hikes, good times with friends, a bit of gardening, a bit of camping...all of this finally finally got me out of my head. Shook off some of those past chains, and starting to see the hard shell around me slowly dissolve. Reimagined my life going forward. Rethought my goals. Calmed down. SooooOOOooooooo. New goals. Removing everything that's stressing me out even just a little bit. Dropping everything that has a 'has-to' vibe. Dropping stuff for now that feels like work. Keeping the super-chill vacation-y vibe going for a while longer. Keepin' on with my number one priority: my health. This is the official re-write. Yeah, you heard (the all-new) me. Yay for me for being flexible and knowing when to pivot!! Woo hoooooOOOOOOooooo! I'm awesome!! Go, me!!! Revised goals Eat right and take care of myself Stay on track with the new eating style. Prioritize all health and wellness appointments. Prioritize hiking, camping, outdoor time. Nail the retirement planning thing (financial wellness counts). Hang with friends once in a while, too. At work, I now care about just 2 things Partnerships & Accessibility. That's it. When a niggle arises where I'm tempted to feel ire or weigh-in with my over-heated point of view, I will ask myself 3 things. Will caring about this... Get me hiking and camping more? Strengthen my peer partnerships? Make an impact on accessibility? Keep moving forward on the remodel This takes a surprising amount of energy. We're getting closer but we still haven't finalized the design, we don't have a cabinet order on track, and we don't have a start date. I will be more proactive about following up with the designer. I will reach out to set appointments first. We will continue to move forward on materials decision-making. Let's get 'er done! I'm going to update my front page with this, but I want to record when and why I made the shift. If you are a fellow rebel adventurer, I encourage you to do a goal reset now and then, to make sure the goals themselves aren't stressing you out. But, you know, your mileage may vary. Next week Ask for an appt with designer to finalize all and place order. Look at finances to get a good handle on things. Take a good walk on Wednesday afternoon. Walk the straight and narrow, little Rebels, and stay strong and true!
  16. Tuesday, July 26 My 5-week break has started, and by golly is it EVER hard to turn off the ol' brain. Kicked things off with a little camping trip to visit my brother-in-law and his wife. A perfect visit! He is a reptile specialist and he and his wife have no sense of time. I took a 'boost' of the stuff from the quack doctor last Friday and now find myself now dealing with some very old memories and trauma issues. Totally weird and glad I don't have to work while working through this stuff. Also, you may have noticed that it is Tuesday and not Friday. That is because I'm working hard to just, you know, chill and stuff, sorta go with the flow and, like, you know, not try to be perfect or anything. Rough going. Book Nothing. Nada. Rien. Successfully not-perfect. Remodel Got a line-item estimate for a new floor. Asked for an estimate on painting and a little additional tile work. Nailed down cabinet colors. Onward! Mando Nothing. Nada. Rien. Also strongly not-perfect. Other stuff Getting off Diet Coke, if you can believe that. Just tired of feeling crummy all the time. I've got some puttering on the schedule, but trying REALLY hard not to make a gigantic to-do list, like I normally do. Meditated for 10 mins for the first time in months and months. Next week Do as little as possible. Try not to be productive. Take a few naps. I hereby commit to doing sporadic updates only for the next 5 weeks, if I do any at all. Wish me luck, Rebel friends!
  17. Friday, July 15 Check-up with my quack doctor, during which I gave him a full update and blow-by-blow of absolutely everything that happened during the last six weeks, mind, body, and soul. In response, he changed things up a bit. I'm encouraged! Book Nothing. Nada. Rien. Remodel Went over the estimate with the designer A glimpse of the bottom line was quickly followed by a call for strong drink. One biggish line item was left off. Spousal unit and I talked about places we could compromise. Woke up at 2am and found a range hood that cost approx $800 less than the one I had originally picked out. Sometimes I can't really believe we're doing this. It feels so unreal. Mando Nothing. Nada. Rien. Other stuff Went for a 3-mile flat hike on the ankle. Iced afterwards but felt pretty good overall. Booked 3 camping trips to take during my 5 weeks. This weekend we'll take our camper improvements out for a spin on an overnighter at the local beach campground. Feeling like I need to relearn how to play backgammon. Next week Prep for my vacation. Finish the boring book I'm reading and return to 'Wired for Story.' Remember to enjoy the ride. Have a great week and enjoy the ride, Rebels!
  18. Friday, July 8 Whoa. Kind of a big week for me, in terms of taking-care-of-selfage. I've been working at a job I love, in an organization I love, for a company I love for over 5 years, and I plan to stay as long as they'll have me. I recently realized that the only breaks from working I've ever had have been when I've changed companies. When I moved to this company, it coincided with my step-mom passing away (2 days before the big interview), and me taking over the care of my little daddy who had vascular dementia (so, you know, not really a 'break'). SooooOOOOOOOooooo, I girded my loins, made a plan, found my 20 seconds of courage, told myself that chickening out was NOT AN OPTION, and then asked my boss if I could take a 5-week leave starting on July 22. She said yes. She said YES! Oh. My. God. Book I haven't given up on the book, you know, exactly. But I haven't moved forward on it in any way, you know, either. Remodel Heard from the designer and the construction company. The preliminary estimate is ready for review. Time set up to meet next Tuesday. Sh*t's getting real. Mando Lately I've been wishing I knew how to play the mandolin. Other stuff Ankle is much better! Started little walks and gentle exercises. Hoping to do a bit more this weekend. Camper improvements list is taking a pounding. Looking forward to spending some of that 5 weeks out camping. Next week Finish 'Wired for Story,' dammit! Stop thinking about the mandolin and play the damn thing, dammit! List things we're cool with compromising on for the remodel, 'cause we're gonna have to, 'cause we don't possess a magical bucket that is perpetually filled with money. Really, Rebels. I mean...really. I never pictured working for a place that would be fine with me taking a break like this. I sorta can't believe it, and I'm sorta waiting for someone to tell me that I can't do it, afterall. Maybe I need some sort of plan to make it feel more real? Hmmmmm. Stay tuned for more excitement!
  19. Friday, July 1 Took a long weekend last week and went camping in our little Scamp in Sequoia National Park. That's the farthest we've ever towed it! And, holy smokes! Those trees are HUGE! Here's the haps for this week. BTW, I'm starting to feel better overall. The coughing and fatigue are ebbing, slowly, and I'm sleeping better. Baby steps. Book Read one of my favorite books with intention, paying attention to structure and rhythm. Definitely learned something about why I felt it worked so well. 'Wired for Story' still on the nightstand, though. Remodel More progress! Saw a preliminary bathroom layout, found out we'll have to move attic access. Found something called 'window film' which will give us an etched-glass look at a greatly reduced expense. Looks like we won't have to make the window smaller. Dollar savings! Dollar savings everywhere! Hey, maybe that means we'll be able to afford that pretty tile we saw! Mando Played my guitar and sang a bit in a few stolen private moments. Listened to my inspo playlist. Gazed at my beautiful instrument hanging on the wall. Other stuff Sprained my ankle royally on Monday night. After doing all this amazing hiking, longer and longer treks, I twisted it on our familiar after-work trail. Boo. Icing like a madman. Keeping spirits up by chipping through the Scamp-improvements list. Next week Start gentle walks and ankle exercises. Slowly, slowly. Chip away at the novelizing and mando'ing. Think about my competitive streak and how it pushes me to overdo things, stress out, and forget to focus on what's important. Onward!
  20. Friday, June 17 Did some stuff this week. Book Returned to 'Wired for Story.' Which really meant putting it out on my bedside table where I would see it constantly. Moving on. Remodel Made some real progress! Saw a rendering or two, gave some feedback, stayed strong and true on some stuff they recommended against (because it would be harder for them), and made some decisions. Jettisoned the longed-for dream of gigantic ice-cube spheres made AUTOMATICALLY by the refrigerator itself. Turns out, that's really expensive. Fell in love with some really expensive tile. Said hella no to a banjo countertop in the bathroom. What were they thinking? Mando Started listening to my mandolin inspiration playlist again. Jammed with friends on the guitar and sang a few all on my ownsome a couple of evenings. Getting the fingers back in shape on something I feel comfortable with. I know this doesn't sound like much, but it is. Other stuff Took a couple of short hikes with the spousal unit up in the redwoods after work. Did some yoga, took an early am walk through the harbor. Strolled to and fro instead of hustling like a maniac. Had lunch with a friend. Had dinner with other friends. Slowing down. Next week Keep up with the walking and hiking and yogaing. Chip away at the novelizing and mandoing. Knock off early next Thur to prep for li'l camping trip to Sequoia. Stay groovy, Rebels!
  21. Friday, June 10 Mid-year check-in! Joy! All over the place! What's going well I feel pretty good, overall! I have a much more positive and optimistic outlook. I feel like the homeopathy approach to my health is working. I obsess less about being perfect (hence the lack of updates for the last couple of weeks ). I've done some deep thinking about things I care about. I've FINALLY been able to return to the hiking that I love so well. I've made some book progress. I've made some remodeling progress. I've played some music with friends a few times. I feel the door is wide open for more joy. What could be better - things for the rest of the year Remodel - I want to loosen up the whole 'executing-on-a-vision' thing, and turn some decisions completely over to the spousal unit. This will make everything more fun across the board. Mandolin - I was on-track until I wasn't. Practicing in the morning is definitely the way to go for me. Now it's just making the time and doing it. Novel - I was on-track until I wasn't. I had a goal to finish something solid and readable by end of July, but when I realized that wasn't realistic, I just stopped. I'm shifting the 'readable manuscript' goal to the end of the year. There are some books on structure and story development I want to read, digest, and work through before my next pass. That all requires some shoulder-loosening lack-of-deadline-ness to free up my brain. Joy - I want to be okay with not being a thousand-percent-on-every-second-of-the-day-and-killing-it-at-work-and-thinking-endlessly-about-my-job-and-career-and-putting-a-dent-in-the-universe all the time. It's okay to pause during the day to go for a walk, pull a few weeds, or just go sit in the sun for a few minutes. There are enough dents in the universe. I want a calm mind and to enjoy my life and where we live a WHOLE lot more. Next steps Start next week clean! Have fun!
  22. Friday, May 13 I spent all last week in Yosemite and had a FABULOUS time! Wow! Natural beauty up the wazoo! Lots of hiking, lots of fresh air, lots of good food, lots of snacks, and a view of Yosemite Fall from our bedroom window. Yay! Unfortunately, re-entry into the real world this week wasn't particularly successful. Lots of dreariness, moping, regrets and my life's choices over the past couple of decades, longing for the outdoors, longing for day-long hikes, blah blah blah. End result: self-soothing with too much caffeine, too many sweets, and naps instead of healthy walks. I'll do better next week. Onward! Progress on all fronts: None.
  23. Friday, Apr 29 Tough week at work and I let it seep over into my real life. So, yeah, like, this week's update is, you know, like, really short. Progress on all fronts: None. Next week I'll be in Yosemite (!!!!) for the entire week (double !!!!) , so will be skipping the update on May 6. See youse guys on the week after!
  24. Friday, April 22 I like my new prioritizing-my-stuff-over-work-stuff approach to the day. At the end of the day, I definitely feel less...desperate. Book Plugging away, bird by bird. Fixed one scene and filled one gap. Moving on. Remodel Still thinking about floors. Now thinking about the width of the sink. Not much movement here, but lots of looking at pictures in image search. Mando Feeling like I'm starting to recover my mojo with that one older tune. Still plugging away on the newer tune, but realized that I REALLY need to revisit some of those pesky chords. Practicing different scales and arpeggios. Feeling like I want to revisit another older tune. Cherokee Shuffle? Other stuff Thurs, Apr 21 was John Muir's birthday. Took the day off to go hiking in the rain in his honor. Successfully deflected an unreasonable demand. Did it gracefully for a change. Good outcome. She can be taught! Next week Keep up with the walking and hiking and stretching and icing. Keep at the booking and mandoing. Withstrain self from buying any more plants. Spring planting needs to be officially done. The messy middle is here. Stay strong!
  25. Friday, April 15 Did some things. Made some decisions. Unmade other decisions. Side note: I've been RAVENOUSLY hungry all week. Like, crazy, wildly, hideous-dripping-maw-style hungry. Maybe all the walking? Dunno. It's crazy. Book Started on the timeline, and then realized my method was absolutely unusable. Like, really not helpful at all. Returned to my original notes and started fleshing out and filling in. Made my main character more vulnerable and less snarky. That works much better. Remodel On a rainy day, when we walked in the back door to the kitchen soaking wet and covered with mud, and then kicked our shoes off and dropped our wet jackets and clothes on the ceramic kitchen floor, we realized that a wood floor in there was not the thing. Now looking at flooring. We still love that one wood floor, and we're thinking about putting it somewhere else. Found a wholesale floor place where we can go look at all the things this weekend. Mando Okay! Tried out playing first thing in the morning, before turning my attention to work. Loved it! Kept going on the new tune and revisited an old one. I realized that I have some weird mental block around learning new chords. As in, I didn't go back and learn those minors. Then things got busy later in the week and I didn't do it after Wednesday...but this is definitely the way to go. Plus, on the days I practiced, I just sort of felt better overall. Let's see what next week brings. Other stuff Raining all week. Boo. Next week Finish that one book for work so I can start reading the books my friend recommended. Visit the floor place and stay open to everything. Make myself learn a new chord or two. Reward self with knocking off work early to laze around with our kitty. Onward, Rebel friends!
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