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  1. Hey, I was just thinking that I hadn't seen you around in a long time. I hope you are doing okay.

  2. Jakkals


    I have been absent for the past few challenges, and late for this one. 2019 has not been a good year for me, but I did manage to lose some weight over the year, and I exercised more than the year before. This year I have got one resolution: Stop hating people so much. I probably would not have much goal oriented challenges, but I have a daily checklist of 12 items I have to look at each day. The goal is to have a non-zero day every day. I will try to post more often than not.
  3. Hey Jakkals good to see you are still frequenting here!

  4. I do not really have any idea what happened during the last week. My brain is kept on a sort of even keel with medication, and I am sort of coping. My ankles are still not really well. I have skipped Parkrun for the past 3 weeks, it is not good for me not to exercise but I just do not have any energy. Insert bad word here.
  5. Sorta trying to get things done. I actually started to make something today that has been bothering me for over a year. Things are extremely slow at work. My father is being stupid. I listened to him apologising to someone for not paying an account and five minutes later tell an estate agent not to try and sell his rental property. He has been talking about selling it for more than 20 years. I need to talk to someone.
  6. I used to do yoga, I should start again, at present my computer/device condition is such that I cannot use it in the only room in the house with enough space. It is not my clutter. Thanks. I used to be better at the positive self talk. I've had a bad last two years, and no real relief in sight. Naweek I didn't even go to the workshop this weekend. I skipped Parkrun, took the dogs for a walk, went to watch rugby, and spend the afternoon shredding leaves and taking it to the compost heap. Sunday I did nothing. My ankle stil
  7. Donderdag Another day of things just not happening. And I think it is caused by the pain in my ankles. It will take a while to get that sorted out. Seriously considering not doing parkrun this week, not even walking. Pain sucks.
  8. I was sort of hoping things would kick off on their own, but for some reason my brain is still in winter mode. Woensdag Freezing cold and windy today. We had some rain last night, our second little bit for the season, but the cold was unexpected. I installed Tetris on my phone. 1. Very Zen. Managed that by staying away from a meeting, actually two. I just heard enough to know that I am glad I missed both. 2. Cleaning hasn't happened yet. 3. No writing 4. No freecell 5. Laziness is a strange concept
  9. Dinsdag Public holiday. I spend the morning welding up a stand for all my weights. Now I finally have a place to store them. And I have to start using them 1. Almost Zen. 2. Some cleaning and gardening 3. Didn't write things 4. No freecell, no youtube 5. Actually quite a non lazy day.
  10. Maandag Tuesday will be a public holiday. By 9 at only 4 people has arrived at work. 1. Very, very Zen 2. Teeny bit of cleaning 3. No writing 4. No freecell, no youtube 5. Lazy? Spend the day reading about dysfunctional families. I did nothing.
  11. Naweek Saturday morning parkrun: ended up walking halfway through when my achilles tendon start hurting. Time to nurse myself a little bit. 31st, 41 minutes. Then I went to watch our opening match for the rugby world cup. Afternoon nap Sunday I took the dogs for a swim, went to the workshop, afternoon nap. A lot of youtube, no freecell and I completed a book.
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