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  1. Jakkals

    Jakkals,2019, nommer 1

    We had a massive thunderstorm yesterday afternoon. I drove through a big puddle and got something wet in my engine and managed to limp home at walking speed. This morning it was dry again and I could drive normally. We are still cleaning the workshop. It look better, it will not stay that way.There has not been any real orders. Yet. I can but hope. My back started hurting again last night. I think it is just stress related. I only managed to go to sleep at around one. Two nights running on 4 hours sleep is not good for me. I cut and cleaned my fingernails tonight. Small victories count. A few minutes on the elliptical, 5 minute meditation and 250 words. Too much of what most of my life has been like.
  2. Jakkals

    Jakkals,2019, nommer 1

    I am still trying to figure out what I like. "I just want to be alone" is not really a good option. Tempting however. I like Queen's music, and I have read a biography on Freddie Mercury. I liked the movie, and I loved the music sequences. Maandag It was a weekend of destruction. I cut the grass on all three properties, sprayed weed killer on anything that I couldn't cut, and finished off by poisoning the ants around the house. All of this in the hottest days we've had this summer so far. I have finally discovered a sport that I can watch and root for. I have watched all the video's of the Classic Tetris World Cup. And we started to work today. It was as bad as I expected it to be.
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    Jakkals,2019, nommer 1

    I am running out of ideas for challenge titles. This year I need to work on my co-dependency problems. Living with family members with personality disorders is not fun any more. And since I am also working with them, and we have been hovering on the edge of bankruptcy for the past ten years, I am beyond tired. I have suicidal thoughts every single day. It is not good, and I will cope, but being unhappy is not fun. I have no contact with anyone outside the internet, so have no support of any kind. I also finished my spreadsheet on my spending for the past year, and it is depressing how little I did to make my own life better. If more than half my income go into keeping the workshop running things are wrong. I also bought more than 200 second hand books, 41 large packets of crisps, 5 pizzas and I had fries 11 times. And since the charity shop opened I managed to get some decent clothing, something that has been bothering me for years. My weight is also not in a good place. I started last year at 96.8 kg, dropped to 91 kg, went up to 102 kg, and weighed in this morning at 99.9 kg. It is a long way from my lowest of 76 kg. My eating is actually on track, it is just my activity levels that are too low. I have started working on moving a bit more the past few weeks, and I am feeling better, but I need to do some proper exercise. My car is wonky. There is nothing I can do about it, but it is another worry that is nagging at the back of my head. My health is mostly good. I have not been to the doctor in more than a year, I have not seen a dentist is more than twenty years. There is some issues, yesterday my sciatica flared up again, and I could barely walk, but it got much better throughout the day. For this challenge I am trying to get back into some good habits: 1. Exercise. Do something that make me sweat every day 2. Journal Write a journal every day. 3. Meditate 5 minutes meditation every day. As a side challenge try not to kill anyone. We are starting our work year this coming Monday, and I am dreading it. Spending another year among stupid people I cannot stand is not something I am looking forward too. I am considering becoming an asshole just to drive them away. But getting rid of people in place with 40% unemployment is almost impossible. My to-do list for this holiday was longer than my arm. I did my first item, got sidetracked by my father, had to rebuild a machine, had a burst waterpipe and basically spend my entire holiday doing things other people wanted me to do. I need to work on this boundary thing.