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  1. Maandag 20 September Bed, movement, garden. I should have cleaned, but didn't.
  2. Saterdag 18 September Bed, movement, gardening. I didn't even have the energy to do the movie thing. Sondag 19 September Bed, movement, cleaning, gardening. Lying awake until 2 in the morning and then getting hit by a nightmare. It is going to be a bad day.
  3. Vrydag 17 September Bed, movement, gardening, cleaning. The entire town's power went out. We also got our first order in 2 months, so I had a quick trip to buy some stuff. My father is weird.
  4. Donderdag 16 September Bed, movement, gardening, cleaning.
  5. Woensdag 15 September Bed, movement, garden, cleaning. Apparently I made Duo sad.
  6. Dinsdag 14 September bed, movement, garden, cleaning. Small things.
  7. Spring is in the air. For this challenge: 1. Post every day 2. Spend 15 minutes cleaning every day. 3. Spend 15 minutes in the garden every day. There is also Inktober coming up. If I ever get around to reading the rules that should also happen.
  8. Maandag 6 September Bed, movement. Still no hot water.
  9. Sondag 5 September. bed, movement. I did spray the fruit trees. Still no water.
  10. Saterdag 4 September Bed, Movement. Still no hot water. At least we have cold water.
  11. Vrydag 3 September bed, movement. Another day of plumbing weird patch-up jobs repairs. I would like to shower again.
  12. Donderdag 2 September Bed, and a half arsed attempt at movement. Correction, I do not hate plumbing. What I do hate, is my father always interfering, knowing better, insulting me and every single time I think we finally have a plan deciding we should change the plans, and not telling everybody. We are now back at the place we were on Tuesday, and things just got worse. And the cat just vomited in the house.
  13. Woensdag 1 September Bed, Movement. I hate plumbing.
  14. Dinsdag 31 Augustus Bed, movement. Still without hot water. Fiddled around with the plumbing, and spend a lot of time waiting for the plumber for advice.
  15. Maandag 30 Augustus Movement, bed. Spend the day trying to find the leak in the bathroom. Found it, but now the repairing part awaits. These galvanised pipes are now 47 years old, and should be replaced, but that means completely renovating both bathrooms, and we do not have money for that.
  16. Sondag 29 Augustus Bed made, movement. I finally have gotten an instagram account. I have no idea what I am going to do with it, since I never do instagram.
  17. Saterdag 28 Augustus Movement, bed. And another cold front came over. The cold I can live with, but it is windy. Saturday night movie was Lords of Dogtown. I didn't enjoy the movie much but after spending some time on wikipedia I now know more about skateboarding than ever before.
  18. Vrydag 27 Augustus Movement, bed, garden. And as if life is not really bad enough, a pipe started leaking in the bathroom. This is breaking tiles and cutting holes in brick time, and that is only if the fault is where we think it is. The house is now 47 years old, and need a good revamp.
  19. Nope, my father has decided that my life is not miserable enough and has made it impossible for me to even try. I have been lurking in the dark corners. Donderdag 26 Augustus spem push ups, movement, bed made and as close to non-zero gardening as possible. The swallows are back from Europe, and my light jacket is almost too warm.
  20. Woensdag 25 Augustus Gardening, bed, movement. We actually had a little bit of rain today. It is very early since our rainy season does not start until late September. We are almost at the shirtsleeve stage. I am over the cold.
  21. Dinsdag 24 Augustus Gardening, movement, bed made. I actually finished a book. Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson.
  22. Maandag 23 Augustus Got home a little bit late, was tired so no gardening. Movement done, bed made.
  23. Sondag 22 Augustus Sprayed the fruit trees, movement done, clean sheets on my bed and I had a Sunday afternoon nap. We had a quick outing to the dam this morning. The Ferrari club had a little get together and we could go and look. I am not into cars, but this was very cool.
  24. Saterdag 21 Augustus Bed made, movement, gardening. Saturday night movie was Back to the Future 3, I have now seen the trilogy for the first time ever.
  25. Vrydag 20 Augustus Bed made, movement, sort of gardening and I got in bed before 10.
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