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  1. in the alley's at the cross of course
  2. Well I am keeping a log here - http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/37880-ghostthruster-log-work-it/ The first week wasnt the greatest, i was away from home and only had a 20kg sand bag and 6kg medicine ball, i did 4 workouts for the whole week and didnt eat the best because I was away from home and couldnt prepare my meals like i normally would. Week 2 is going a lot better... starting to say no the temptation a bit more... its such a mind game i hate it!
  3. 3x8 - 50kg Bench Press - 2-3 Seconds down - 1 second up. 3x12 - 10kg DB Flat Bench Fly - 30 seconds rest between sets JungleFit Class 1km Run 30 Burpees 40 Box Jumps 100 Squats (Bodyweight) Ass to Grass 90 Pushups 50 Military Press (20kg) 20 Turkish Get-Ups 80 Mountain Climbers (each leg) 60 Kettlebell swings (16kg) 70 Donkey Kicks 10 Pull ups 500 Metre Row Completed in 34:56 - Oh god I am in so much pain!
  4. Monday 5x5 strength (all weight in kg) Barbell Squat - 70 > 80 > 90 > 95 > 100 Deadlift - 100 > 110 > 120 > 125 > Missed set at 130 Bench - 40 > 50 > 60 > 62.5 > 65 Lat Pulldown - 55 > 59 > 64 > 68 > 73 Cardio - Cross Trainer 20 Mins, 1 minute intervals going up in resistance every minute for the first 10 minutes and the back down for the 2nd 10. 3 minute warm up and down at the start/end (14 minutes intense cardio) Tuesday Pull up program - week 1 2 - 1 - 1 - 2 - 3 Arm Yourself - 40kg Close Grip (Tricep) Bench Press > 30 seconds rest &g
  5. i had a week off last week because i couldnt get to my gym It has now resulted in me going back to only getting to 125kg for 5... I have another 3 weeks before i am away from gym again... I think this time while i am away, i will need to take more than a 20kg sandbag.
  6. Do I Wanna Know? - Arctic Monkeys I never liked them when they first came out with the "bet you look good on the dancefloor" song, but there is something about this song/album which is awesome... besides the fact that Josh Homme had something to do with it.
  7. i have honestly seen too many to remember... Some stand out shows would be Bloc Party Chemical Brothers Tool A Perfect Circle Fatboy Slim Queens Of The Stone Age Muse Mudvayne Interpol Enter Shikari Editors I have also been to so many festivals over the years and seen about a thousand bands at them... i guess the stand out festival in Australia would be the big day out I have been every year since 2000 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Day_Out_lineups_by_year Next year will be my 15th year... some years i have been twice. Im seeing Porter Robinson in a month and also going to Soun
  8. Just keep going... You are going to drop the bar once or twice when doing your first rep. I have found if I over think it and prep too long I kinda psych myself out. But the main thing is keep good form...
  9. Hi, I am a 29 yr old male from Newcastle, NSW, Australia (just 2 hours up the road from Sydney) My main goal over the next 6 weeks is to get down or even lower than my lowest recorded weight, which will be 88kg. I got there after a 12 week challenge at the gym (over 12 months ago), and was not able to maintain it. Just jumped off the scales and im 91.7kg so aiming at 0.5kg a week. So my first goal will be to drop have a kilo a week 2nd - Eat right, i continue to make bad decisions when temptation is put in front of me. 3rd - Lift heavy, i just completed my first 150% bodyweight deadlif
  10. On my days between 5x5 i try and do some crossfit/HIIT training at the gym. At the moment I am reallly concentrating on getting a straight DL, so I doing some deadlift support work and very light weights...Elevated deadlifts (standing on weight plates), good morning, high leg presses.
  11. Congrats, its always great smashing those (lower body) goals... I love doing a nice clean heavy squat, while kids at the gym are doing bicep curls in the mirror...
  12. Congrats on your un-assisted Chin and so very close pull up. Over the past few weeks i have been running off this program http://twentypullups.com/20-pull-ups_ilka-helo.pdf It is awesome. Start at week -2 and go from there, the negative pulls up (so stand at the same height as the bar and just lower yourself down as slow as possible) help so so so so so (have i said so yet???) much I am now at week 3 and cant bust out and 5 full pull-ups I am going to back to week one and start again because after week 3 you should be able to complete 9.
  13. For the last 4 weeks i have been back on a strength program I was doing about this time last year... Pretty much 5 sets x 5 reps. I follow 4 compund movements of Barbell Back Squat Seated Close Inward Grip Row Flat Barbell Bench Press Deadlift I remember when I first started doing this last year, i picked up 60kg and I was in agony, my PT was telling me my form was out the window, breaking too quck with my back or knees locking out too quick... I have left the program once or twice to concentrate of events (14km run) and other things. This time I have come back better than ever J
  14. I love surfing and most water based sports... When i was on my honeymoon in Hawaii I was going to try SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) but decided to go for a traditional surf on a big foamie board and loved it. I live on the about 2 hours north of Sydney, we have a lot of lakes and stuff we can paddle board in around here, i am still dying to try it... just probably just go book in one day The only issue i have with SUP is that when you are actually out in the surf, they just sit out the back and catch all the waves before all the long/shortboarders.
  15. anyone doing Tough Mudder Sydney??? Notice the venue change to Eastern Creek... Thats great news for me and my crew traelling from Newcastle, knocks an extra 30 mins off driving Still gotta work out how we are getting down there still. Im doing it with 2 personal trainers so my ass is going to be well and truly kicked,
  16. I'm from Newcastle... Originally from sydney, don't really miss it
  17. GHOST THRUSTERS!!! Yo, Another nerd from Australia. Looking at trying to drop my body fat % by the end of the year to around the 10 mark. I'm currently 15%ish (next body fat test 1st of aug) Doing a lot of running training for a fun run then I'm doing my first tough mudder so have a few goals to smash this year
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